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Cerebral Bore

Cerebral Bore are a Death metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although the name was used with different members in 2004, the cerebral bore that exists now wasn't born until 2006. From then, the main focus of the band has been to write brutal music and bring it to metal fans all over the planet.
The Band recorded the E.P. "The Dead Flesh Architect" in November 2006, and played their first show the same month.

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There are at least 2 artists with the name Mardraum: 1. Mardraum is formed in Osijek in early 2009. with a goal to play music that they like and reanimate the Death Metal scene in their own town and beyond. God Dethroned has biggest influence on their music and they like their work. This music is filled with energy and speed with pleasant melodies, heavy riffs and real Death Black vocals. Lyrics talks about true human fears, insanity and end of the world as we know it. The band is named after Enslaved album Mardraum which translates to nightmare in Norwegian. Tags: 


Vomitor are a death/thrash metal band from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 1999. The trio typically explores themes such as Satan, death, and nuclear terror. To date, Vomitor have two full length albums, 'Bleeding the Priest', which was released in 2002, and 'Devils Poison' which was released in 2010.

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Death Vomit

There are two bands sharing this name: (1) brutal death metal from Jogjakarta, INDONESIA. Formed in the middle 1995, Death Vomit wrote their own Death Metal materials. After a few demos, vomiting the debut album 'Eternally Deprecated' (1999). This album was self released (Demented Mind Records) and succesfully crushed Indonesian Death Metal scene.
Re-released in 2002 under licensed by Extreme Souls Production and more spread the hatred all around Indonesia.

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Ghosts Over Japan

Originally under the name Hysterias Canvas back in mid 07' as a 4 piece, the band were quick to write a 4 track after their first live show played in Mackay. With the main influence being hardcore and metalcore the 4 track Demo was well recieved and sold out within the month. With the addition of Jason-Dean on guitar, the bands sound was now moreso capable of creating deeper sounds and heavier riffs which naturally progressed the groups sound and maturity towards music writing.

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Meshuggah, whose name is taken from the Hebrew and Yiddish word for “crazy”, is a five-piece band from Umeå, Sweden, founded in 1987. The band's style is most easily described as extreme/technical metal with some jazz influence. They use extended polymetric passages, complex drum patterns, angular, dissonant guitar riffs, and harsh vocals. Their lineup has always been consistent, apart from bass which has been handled by many people since the band’s inception.

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There are at least six bands called Absolution: (1) a New York hardcore band; (2) a Los Angeles metal band; (3) a death metal band from Warwickshire, UK; and (4) a metal band from Manchester/Warrington, UK. (5) a heavy rock/metal band from Staffordshire, UK; and (6) a deathcore quintet from Australia. 1) Absolution was a hardcore band from New York City. Formed in early 1987, Absolution was made up of a diverse group of individuals.


Death/Thrash metal from Rijeka, Croatia. They issued one demo tape, "Kill the God" in 1993. and were lyricaly antichristian-oriented.

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There is more than one band called Infected. 1. Infected is a band from Sinzig, Germany, who defines their style as modern death metal. Up to now the 5 friends released one EP titled "Coma". The Line-Up consists of Nico Kaden (vocals), Marcel Sonnenberg (guitar), Christoph Mönch (drums), Marcel Pinger (bass) and Malte Müller (guitar). Infected was founded in 2004 but a few changes in the line-up were to follow. But since 2005 the current line-up has not been changed except for Malte Müller, who joined the band in 2008.

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