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Vomitor are a death/thrash metal band from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 1999. The trio typically explores themes such as Satan, death, and nuclear terror. To date, Vomitor have two full length albums, 'Bleeding the Priest', which was released in 2002, and 'Devils Poison' which was released in 2010.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Innsmouth are a death metal trio from the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, formed in 2008. They deal mainly with themes from H.P. Lovecraft's horror fiction universe. Currently, they only have one demo release, called 'The Departure Of Shub-Niggurath' (2009). 2. A black metal band from the Dominican Republic, formed in 2004.
The band Innsmouth formed at the end of year 2004 in Santo Domingo.

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Born Danny Chung and raised in Philadelphia, Decipher experienced more ups and downs in his youth than many go through in a life time. To call his family broken would be a huge understatement. Conceived by a woman he would grow up calling “aunt” and a man that may have fathered him but was never a father, his biological mother was left with no choice but to give him up to be raised by her sister. In addition to all the family drama came financial struggles as well.

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Astriaal is a black metal band from Brisbane, Australia. The band formed in the winter of 1998 as a three piece with Baaruhl on both vocals and guitar. Astriaal released their debut demo 'Glories of the Nightsky' in October 1998 with Baaruhl playing both bass and guitar. Since the addition of bass player Murtach in 1999, Astriaal's line-up has remained solid. The band's first live show was as support to Nazxul in November 1998.

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Mhorgl is a Melodic Black Metal from Western Australia and have slowly evolved into a very unique mix between Raw Black Metal with a handful of Melodic interludes or verses hence making them Experimental - to that context. They have odd structures and generally create an unconventional song style with an offbeat sound yet, a Melodic atmosphere. Originally conceived in 2004 as an extremely raw, monotone and violent Black Metal project, Mhorgl has slowly evolved becoming more epic in nature while retaining the aggression which will always be the basis of it's vision.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. A technical/experimental death metal band from Australia.
2. An independent progressive rock band from Edmonton, Canada.
3. An atmospheric prog-metal band created by members of Cynic, from Miami, USA.
4. A dreampop/electronic/ambient band based in Staffordshire, UK.
5. A hardcore breaks/nu rave act from London, UK.
6. An electronic/ambient artist from California, USA.
7. An Egyptian/British rock band based in Cairo, Egypt.
8. Mistag of the soundtrack to the video-game from Valve Corporation. See below

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Bane of isildur

Hailing from the burning southern lands of Australia comes Bane of Isildur, furiously brandishing their own brand of Triumphant War Metal. Taking their name from the subject of so many glorious battles in J.R.R Tolkiens master piece, Bane of Isildur has moved from strength to strength with a sold out debut EP, a demo out in 2009 and full-length album due for release in 2010. Uniquely, Bane of Isildur's performance remains technical and melodic while remaining full of a fury rarely seen in today's age of heavy metal.

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There are at least 15 artists with this name: 1) A Finnish black/thrash metal band.
2) A Russian drum and bass producer.
3) A Christian rap/hip-hop artist.
4) A Japanese dance-pop/hip-hop boy band.
5) A South African soul-rock band.
6) A rock band fronted by vocalist Marge Raymond.
7) A Polish rock band.
8) An Estonian band.
9) A Serbian girl band.
10) An American hard rock band.
11) An American R&B female singer.
12) A Swedish hip-hop artist.
13) A British glam rock group.
14) A Stanic funk/reggae/salsa rock band.