black metal


There are at least three with that name, the first was a (fucking sick) Beatdown Hardcore band from Preston City in the north west of england the second being a power metal band from LA, California, and the third one being an alias of DJ Ruthless, a jumpstyle DJ from the Netherlands. 1)"RUTHLESS, A STRAIGHT UP, ANGRY AS FUCK, NO HOLDS BARRED, BEATDOWN BAND FROM THE NORTH WEST OF ENGLAND." 2007 - 2009 RIP
Ruthless also produced an EP called "Preston City Beatdown"

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There are at least 15 artists with this name: 1) A Finnish black/thrash metal band.
2) A Russian drum and bass producer.
3) A Christian rap/hip-hop artist.
4) A Japanese dance-pop/hip-hop boy band.
5) A South African soul-rock band.
6) A rock band fronted by vocalist Marge Raymond.
7) A Polish rock band.
8) An Estonian band.
9) A Serbian girl band.
10) An American hard rock band.
11) An American R&B female singer.
12) A Swedish hip-hop artist.
13) A British glam rock group.
14) A Stanic funk/reggae/salsa rock band.


Creeping is a Stoner/Black Metal band from New Zealand. Featuring members of Stoner outfit The House of Capricorn, Creeping play black metal infused with wicked groove and rock elements similar to bands like Craft and Darkthrone meets Kyuss + a lot of drugs! Lyrical themes involve grimness and darkness. 2007 they released their debut album on Australian label Asphyxiate Recordings titled "Funeral Crawl". MEMBERS:
Marko Pavlovic - Bass and Vocals
Scotty Blomfield - Guitars

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Sanguinary Misanthropia

Purveyors of existential Nonbelief, the ominous SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA channel the Great External Chaos and the Sinister Acausal Energy to create Traditional Satanic Black Metal. Their inspired musical creations are presented in the guise of extreme, militant Black Metal, performed with a conviction and a passion that frequently transcends the mundane realm to lurk upon the threshold of Gnosis. Hir who has ears to hear ought to listen...

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There are several bands called Devastator. There is a thrash/death metal Devastator from Newfoundland, Canada; thrash metal band Devastator from Malaysia; death metal Devastator from Poland; two American bands - one a black/thrash band from Florida and the other a speed metal band from California; thrash metal band from Italy and lastly a German death metal Devastator, for which the following biography was written.

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Adamus Exul

Forming in 2008, Adamus Exul have since performed alongside many of Australia's best extreme metal acts, as well as supporting New Zealand's Anno Domini Mortus and the legendary Destroyer 666 as they have toured down under. Following a self-released five track EP, Adamus Exul are set to unleash their first full-length monstrosity, entitled 'Death, Paint a Vision' in the later part of 2010. A self-titled EP containing five tracks and cover art is currently available through White Noise Productions

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The Art

Hailing from NEWTOWN, Australia, The Art has busted down the doors of the rock scene by performing with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Sonic Youth, and NIN. After Touring America, their most current Aussie dates brought them home to Big Day Out and allowed them to share a stage with Them Crooked Vultures. Having recently completed recording their debut album in Austin, Texas with Chris "Frenchie" Smith (Jet, Trail Of The Dead, Dandy Warhols), they have returned home to join the Pixies on their Australian/New Zealand tour.

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Order of Orias

Order of Orias is a post black-metal 5-piece from Melbourne, Australia. Their style is somewhat similar to bands such as Emperor and Dissection, mixing great technique with wrathful black metal riffs. Their lyrics deal with opposition, rebellion and illumination. Discography: Offering (2009) - Demo
(email orderoforias@hotmail to purchase a copy $5 AUD + postage) Members: A.Spencer - Vox
D.Adelberg - Guitar
G.Hamono - Guitar
R.Prain - Bass/Backing Vox
L.Wilson - Drums

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