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Empyrean may refer to one or more artists under the same name. 1. Empyrean is an extreme metal sextet from Brisbane, Australia with widely spanning inspiration from melodic, dark and symphonic soundscapes. They released their debut album, Quietus, in 2008. 2. A quintet of unlikely colleagues drawn together by a common desire to create evocative and deeply meaningful music, Empyrean, have spent the last few years establishing themselves at the forefront of the Florida music scene with their 2006 self titled EP.


There are ten artists with this name: 1) nomad is a folk/hip hop artist, he is from belgium and is also a member of Cavemen Speak, Gunporn and Nuccini! all off the label shadowanimals.
His solo album Lemon Tea was big sucess, it was released on Hue in japan. 2) A Polish Death Metal band. NOMAD was founded in 1994. A little bit later a second vocalist, Bleyzabel, joined the band and in the beginning of 1996 the group entered SALMAN Studio in Bialystok to record its first demo entitled DISORDER featuring over 30 minutes of brutal death metal.

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Malignant Monster

Malignant Monster is raw, cutting-edge, blood-soaked, blackened thrash metal from Perth, Western Ausralia. Malignant Monster entered the metal world with the release of their, independently distributed, 2003 demo “Welcome to Your Doom”. Despite the fact that they were only a two-piece, used a drum machine, didn’t record bass and had never played live, Malignant Monster began to attract a large underground fanbase and their raw home-demo received an overwhelming response from international metal media.

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Black Jesus

There are three artists with the name Black Jesus:
1) Black Jesus is a metal band from Melbourne with members of Extortion, Fall Out, Delta Reds and Jed Whitey. The band was formed in 2009 out a mutual desire to play crushing riffs and pulverising live shows. Since their inception they have produced a 4 track demo titled "Black Jesus Saves" which has received underground acclaim within the dead metal music scene.

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Guild of Destruction

Guild Of Destruction are a four piece band comprising one guitar, bass, drummer and vocalist - loud enough that they are constantly taken for a five or six piece. Born in Melbourne’s western suburbs the band has released a demo – Welcome to the guild an E.P. – Cursed and being commercially released through Grindhead Records in March of 2007 their first album Into Oblivion recorded and mastered at Melbourne Records by Ren “the shark-lady killer” and Adam “Adambomb”.

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Goatwhore is a blackened death metal band from the swamps of New Orleans, LA. They were formed by well known musicians from the Louisiana metal scene. They first came together in 1996/97 when Sammy Duet (former Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist) and Zak Nolan (former drummer of Goatwhore, now replaced by Zack Simmons) jammed together as a little sideproject when Acid Bath was taking a break. They soon made some four track demos.

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The Haunted

There is more then one artist that goes by this name. The Haunted is a Swedish heavy metal band, formed in 1996 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The original members were Patrik Jensen (also member of Witchery) (guitar), Jonas Björler (bass), Adrian Erlandsson (drums), Anders Björler (guitar), and Peter Dolving (vocals). Both of the Björler brothers and Erlandsson were members of seminal melodic death metal band At the Gates, a pioneering force in the Swedish death metal scene.

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