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Born Danny Chung and raised in Philadelphia, Decipher experienced more ups and downs in his youth than many go through in a life time. To call his family broken would be a huge understatement. Conceived by a woman he would grow up calling “aunt” and a man that may have fathered him but was never a father, his biological mother was left with no choice but to give him up to be raised by her sister. In addition to all the family drama came financial struggles as well.

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The Haunted

There is more then one artist that goes by this name. The Haunted is a Swedish heavy metal band, formed in 1996 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The original members were Patrik Jensen (also member of Witchery) (guitar), Jonas Björler (bass), Adrian Erlandsson (drums), Anders Björler (guitar), and Peter Dolving (vocals). Both of the Björler brothers and Erlandsson were members of seminal melodic death metal band At the Gates, a pioneering force in the Swedish death metal scene.

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Aeon Of Horus

Aeon of Horus is a progressive/technical death metal band formed in Canberra, Australia in 2006. Their style consists of of fast and heavy technical riffs, blasting drums and powerful growls. Aeon of Horus have released one self titled demo/EP and one full length album entitled, "The Embodiment of Darkness and Light" to positive acclaim. After parting ways with guitarist Barry Feeney and bassist Chris Pratt in 2009, Aeon of Horus announced on the 19th of September 2010 that the band had found a new guitarist and bassist.

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Sadistic Intent

Sadistic Intent is a Death Metal horde hailing from Los Angeles, CA which was formed in the Fall of 1987. Taking influence by the original Death/Black Metal groups such as <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Slayer</a>, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Possessed</a>, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Dark Angel</a>, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Destruction</a>, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Venom</a>, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Sodom</a>, <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Celtic Frost</a> and so forth. The Cortez brothers went through a few line-ups in order to form the metaphorical puzzle which would articulate their vision into a reality.

Insidious Torture

Insidious Torture is Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore from Australia (Melbourne, Victoria)
Insidious Torture formed in late 2008. A Melbourne based 3 piece, Death Metal-Grind outfit, featuring Matt "Skitz" Sanders on drums, Dan O'Grady on guitars and Storma on vocals. Debut E.P out soon! Current line-up:
Storma - Vocals
Dan O'Grady - Guitar (Damaged (Aus), Terrorust)
Matt "Skitz" Sanders - Drums (Damaged (Aus), Abramelin (Aus), Invocation (Aus), Hellspawn (Aus), Deströyer 666, Cemetery Urn, Terrorust, Humonic, Sadistik Exekution)

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Ghoul is a crossover Thrash death Metal band formed in United States of America (Oakland, California) in 2001. Official Website
Official Myspace 2) Ghoul was a legendary punk/hardcore band from Japan.
They formed in the middle eighties and were active until their frontman Masami
formed another band called SQWAD in early 90s, and soon after that he died.

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There are at least 3 artists known as Postal. 1) Postal is one of the rappers in the Norwegian rap crew absurd oppspinn. 2) An alternative/melodic death metal band from Belarus. 3) POSTAL was a jazz-groove quintet from Columbus, Ohio. Under the direction of Stephen Wood, POSTAL released one album in 2003, "The Theory of Chaconne." 4) Postal is a thrash/death metal band from Poland.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1)DEVIANT from Denver, CO USA. The meshing of rock guitar riffs, electronic melodies, and driving industrial drums were the initial factors behind the building of the electro-rock trio, Deviant. Formed in 2002 by vocalist/lyricist London, multi-talented musicians D' MacKinnon and Marcus "Daisho" Wilkerson, Deviant immediately garnered a local following in Denver after their first live performances and album release. Deviant successfully merged the modern sounds of electronic music with accessable songwriting and emotional lyrical content.

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There are two bands called Test: 1) Test was Polish band established in the spring of 1971 in Warsaw, Poland by the following musicians: Wojciech Gąssowski, Andrzej Mikołajczyk, Aleksander Michalewski, Tomasz Dziuban, Bogdan Gorbaczyński i Ryszard Gromek. Test is considered as a forerunner of the hard rock in Poland. Test gave the debut concert in Stodoła club in 1971 followed by tour through Soviet Union. In 1976, Test gave their last live concert in the Stodoła club.

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