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There are two bands called Mindsnare.
1) Hardcore Band from Melbourne, Australia
They formed in 1993 as Mad Circle with the original lineup being Matt, Brad, Anibal and Bomber. In '94, Nigel replaced Anibal and Beltsy joined on second guitar, making the band a 5-piece for a short time. In October 94 they changed their name cause of American hip hop band Maad Circle and also recorded 8 tracks which were released by Deported.

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Cauldron Black Ram

Cauldron Black Ram is an Australian black/death metal band with a thematic focus on pirates. The band was formed in Adelaide, Australia in 1996.The band is made up of Esh on vocals and drums (Stargazer, Misery's Omen), Alim (Mournful Congregation, Stargazer, Misery's Omen) on guitar, and Ishum on bass guitar. Cauldron Black Ram's sound has often been described as a fusion of old school death metal, with elements of doom, sludge and black metal. The band has also expressed a significant influence from USBM act Grand Belial's Key.

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There are three different bands with the name Traces 1)Traces(Now Saturnian) are a Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal band from the UK, formed by guitarist Dave James, bassist Daniel Scrivener and his brother James Scrivener on keys, and were shortly joined by Sam Greenland on drums. Taking influence from such bands as Wintersun, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, the success of their demo track Vivisection managed to secure them a deal with Siege Of Amida Records in 2007 only a few months after their formation.


There are at least six bands called Suffer: 1. Suffer is an Australian hardcore punk band. They're from Perth and have released one demo, CDR/tape titled Blood Wars, a split with 7" Pathetic Human and have just released their first full length LP 'Lone'. 2. Swedish Suffer formed in 1988. The band had a raw, yet somewhat technical sound, unlike many "straight to the point" bands. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 1994 after releasing only one album, "Structures", a few EP's, most notably "Global Warming", and two demos.

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Rise of Avernus

RISE OF AVERNUS are a doom metal five piece from Sydney, Australia. The brainchild of guitarist / vocalist Ben Vanvollenhoven (Ex-STODOWA) and vocalist / keyboardist, Catherine Guirguis (KATABASIS, Ex-BLACK HORIZON), the music is based around the incongruent, yet complimentary combination of Guirguis’ classically inspired piano melodies and Vanvollenhoven’s monolithic riffs. Through their duelling vocal personas, Guirguis and Vanvollenhoven explore dark, poignant themes with impassioned arrangements and a unique down tempo theatricality.

Against the Tide

An awesome melodic rock band whose songs are just as likely to get stuck in your head as they are to melt your face, AGAINST THE TIDE was formed in the summer of 2009 by bassist Mike "Mazz" Mazzeo, lead guitarist Dave Madura and drummer Kevin Reviello. After adding rhythm guitarist Mike "Skatz" Scasserra, the group sought out to find a singer. Within a short matter of time, they came across singer/songwriter Lauren Ashley Grygo.

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The dark metal industrialists WITCHGRINDER rose from the deepest, darkest graves of Melbourne in mid-2009. Bringing you a unique new style of terror, their music is inspired by the 80s metal sound of Metallica mixed with the strong, industrial grooves of Ministry, Rammstein and Static-X; from the classic horror/sci-fi stories that make your skin crawl, their lyrics and samples give a spooky, Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson feel to the music.

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Cerebral Bore

Cerebral Bore are a Death metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although the name was used with different members in 2004, the cerebral bore that exists now wasn't born until 2006. From then, the main focus of the band has been to write brutal music and bring it to metal fans all over the planet.
The Band recorded the E.P. "The Dead Flesh Architect" in November 2006, and played their first show the same month.

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