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Pain Is A Narcotic

Pain Is A Narcotic is a four piece band from the depressing town of Mount Barker, South Australia. PIAN is Depressive and Suicidal Black Metal with a lyrical theme of suicide, depression, and destructive intent. Rythm (guitar and vocals): Livlös (Lost In The Delusion Called "Life")
Lead Guitar: Michael Stanford (The Cold Truth)
Drums: Luke Woolcock
Bass: Levi Siegmann (Betray the Oracle, The Cold Truth) Official 2011 Demo:

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Raven Black Night

It was late 1999 in Adelaide, Australia when these four warriors of the night met. Without speaking they knew what had to be achieved. In their minds they had a plan to bring the world sounds of love, hate, war, peace, doom and destruction. There was the White Knight, with his powerful vocals and his soul bleeding guitar rifs and leads. He would be the one who leads these four into battle. Next is the Duke, who could keep the ancient beats with meticulous timing for the musical mayhem that would follow.

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In 1992 Rampage landed his first recording deal with Dallas Austin on Rowdy / Arista Records and released Beware of the Rampsack. In 1994, he recorded Flava in Ya Ear (Remix) with Craig Mack, Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes. In 1996, he recorded the Platinum Single "Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check" with Busta Rhymes for the platinum album The Coming.
One year later he landed his second recording deal with Elektra Records and released his Gold solo LP Scouts Honor by Way of Blood.

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August Burns Red

There are a galaxy's worth of metal bands active today, but stare at all of those stars long enough and some lines start to form; everything starts to take shape. The Constellations begin to bloom. Just three years ago, Lancaster, PA's August Burns Red were, to the naked eye, just another young band jockeying for position in the modern metal scene. Then came Messengers, the band's 2007 full-length release for Solid State Records, and a new front-runner emerged.

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Kingdom of Sorrow

Boasting a line up that includes members of such influential metal bands as Hatebreed, Down, Crowbar, and more, Kingdom Of Sorrow has arrived to stake its claim as the band that lives up to its super group status. The seeds of Kingdom Of Sorrow were sown over a decade ago when a 16 year old Hatebreed front man (and avid Crowbar fan) Jamey Jasta introduced himself to Down/Crowbar guitarist Kirk Windstein at a show at Pearl Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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Sirius: (1) Portuguese Black Metal band 1998-2002; (2) German Trash Metal band; (3) Norwegian rapper from Vestfold; (4) Greek Uplifting Trance artist; (5) Hong Kong Hard Rock Band (1) The black metal band Sirius was formed in 1998 and eventually attracted the interest of Samoth (ex-Emperor, who signed the band to his Nocturnal Art Productions label. Classic symphonic black metal is the order of the day here...

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There are at multiple artists with the name Rust
1) A Finnish alternative metal band
2) A British psychedelic rock band with an album released in 1969
3) A Greek heavy metal band formed in 1984
4) An Australian street punk band
5) A Norwegian rock band
6) A 90s San Diego, CA band
7) A 13 year old British Rapper with tunes on youtube
8) A Finnish grindcore/mincecore band 1)
These four Finns demonstrate an incredible amount of talent, dedication and versatility in their music best described as alternative metal.

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Meltdown could refer to one of several bands:
1) Meltdown is a Hardcore/Thrash Metal band with members based in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They have released two eps and a 7" with the most recent being "Demolition", released in the summer of 2007 on Malfunction records. The band often play shows with Shipwreck and other MVHC related bands.
2) Short-lived project of former/present members of Crainium, Crom-Tech, All Scars, Emergency, and Metamatics, circa 1996.

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Old Ghosts

Hardcore punk from Buffalo, NY. Formed in early 2011, former members of Dead Hearts, xEnvyx, The Control, The Grail and The Pavers.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 2011 demo
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> website Harks from the West Country, The River Kennet Delta. There is also a band from London sharing this name, as well as a progressive post-hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia.