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Forming in 2010, comprising of members in local bands from the north and south of Perth, Western Australia, and sharing a love of Hardcore/Metal/Drum and Bass/Techno and everything electronic, Hooks4Hands teamed up with Drum and Bass producer GPower to fuse hardcore/metal with Electro Drum and Bass on a mission to create an intense hard hitting sonic soundscape a step away from other genres. Having just finished a 5 track demo, Hooks4Hands with their spectacular mask wearing, laser shooting live show will be releasing their debut 10 track album "Ignite Me" in July 2012.


There are at least two bands with the name Loveshy 1) Canberra Hardcore. 2)LoveShy is a UK pop duo, made up of Aimee Kearsley and Emma Beard. In 2002, they competed as soloists in TV show Popstars - The Rivals, making the last ten female singers, but failing to make the top five, who became Girls Aloud. The other five, minus Javine, then formed girlgroup CLEA (an acronym of their initials). CLEA scored three UK top 40 hits between 2003 and 2005, later becoming a trio.

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Hatebreed are a metallic hardcore band from Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. The band was founded in November 1994 by Jamey Jasta, Dave Russo, Larry Dwyer, and Chris Beattie. Hatebreed's sound can be classified as metallic hardcore, they are influenced by death and groove metal and their sound has heavily influenced many modern metalcore, hardcore and crossover bands. They began by recording a three song demo and selling it to locals.

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Risk and Reason

Hardcore band from the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Formed in mid 2008, featuring members from No Way Out and Pigs! Bail!. Four-track demo out now.

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Blkout are a hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia, Australia formed in 2007. Originally the band was signed to Perth label Suppression Records, however, just before the release of their debut LP Total Depravity in mid 2009, they signed to Australia's long serving, and arguably best hardcore/punk label, Resist Records. Blkout have supported numerous international and Australian bands on tour, including Parkway Drive, Rise and Fall, Miles Away, Fc Five, 50 Lions, Break Even and Trash Talk among others.

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1)Deceiver is a hardcore band from Indianapolis, Indiana. 2)Deceiver is a Finnish Thrash/Power Metal band formed in Turku, in 1990. Before split up, Deceiver´s line up changed radically and they made few (unofficial) demos. 3) Deceiver is a Swedish thrash metal/heavy metal band formed in Strängnäs, Sweden in 2004. 4) Deceiver is a Dutch industrial hardcore producer. 5) Deceiver is a German Power Metal band. 6) Deceiver is an experimental hardcore band from North Carolina.

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