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There are 3 bands known by the name Bloodsport. 1) A Chicago punk band in the mid-80s.
2) A Christian hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia.
3) Some ambiant electronic amateur.
4) A Sheffield-based afro-noise three-piece. They do have a space in their name, but last.fm doesn't recognise this. 1)
Bloodsport was an important, albeit lesser known, Chicago punk band in the mid-80s. Unfortunately, Bloodsport is most well known for the bands that the members were in before or after the band.

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While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps is a melodic hardcore/metalcore band formed in Sheffield in 2006. The band consists of Lawrence Taylor on Vocals, Mat Welsh on Guitar/Backing Vocals, Sean Long on Guitar/Piano, Aaran McKenzie on Bass and Adam Savage on Drums/Percussion. The band are currently signed with Small Town Records in the UK, Good Fight Music in the US, Shock Entertainment in Australia and Doom Patrol in Japan. WSS play a unique mix of melodic hardcore with strong metal influences.

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[1] - Perspectives (USA)
[2] - Perspectives (AUS) 1 - Perspectives are an experimental duo from Florida 2 - Perspectives from Sydney's Northern Beaches are an emotional hardcore band, having shared the stage with bands like La Dispute, Endless Heights, Hopeless, 50 Lions, Snakepit, Cold Youth and Clipped Wings. Having released their first demo last year they have since announced the release of a split with German band White Fields.

White Walls

There are at least two bands called White Walls: 1. A progressive metal outfit from Constanța, Dobruja (Romania) - www.myspace.com/whitewallsofficial
Their first album is released by asiluum as a free download on 1st october 2010.
http://asiluum.com/site/2010/10/01/white-walls-mad-man-circus/ 2. A Punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
3. A band from Melboure
"DOOMGAZE" or DOOMGAYS - both applicable 4. Noise / Dark-Ambient from Newcastle, UK.

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Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is a thrashy punk, hardcore band in the vein of many contemporary west coast hard core acts. Their abrasive vocals coupled with hilarious lyrics, delicious bass lines and tasty riffs make for an equally good show and listening experience. Members:
Brian- vocals
Mychael- guitar
Anthony- bass
Pope- drums

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Hold Your Own

Hold Your Own is a hardcore band hailing from the Central Coast, NSW Australia. They have released their debut EP What To Call A World and a second EP Dead Days.

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