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There are several bands using this name: 1) Relentless is a Punk band from Joensuu, Finland. 2) Relentless are a five piece hardcore band from Sydney playing aggressive in your face music and. They have been together since mid 2006. They have finally got a secure line up with all five members commited and are all level minded about the music they are playing. Debut album "Set In Stone" out now through Dogfight Records. 3) Relentless is a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Sweden. 3)classic hardcore band from long island

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Soulfly is a metal band formed in 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. Led by founder, frontman, songwriter and only constant member Brazilian Max Cavalera, who formed the band after he left influental Brazilian death/thrash band Sepultura in 1996. The band has released seven studio albums, one tour EP, several singles, and two DVD videos. Soulfly incorporates diverse heavy metal styles with Brazilian tribal and world music.

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[1] - Perspectives (USA)
[2] - Perspectives (AUS) 1 - Perspectives are an experimental duo from Florida 2 - Perspectives from Sydney's Northern Beaches are an emotional hardcore band, having shared the stage with bands like La Dispute, Endless Heights, Hopeless, 50 Lions, Snakepit, Cold Youth and Clipped Wings. Having released their first demo last year they have since announced the release of a split with German band White Fields.

The Weight

The Weight is: 1) Country / Soul / Powerpop band from NYC - http://www.myspace.com/theweightnyc/
Members include: Joseph Plunket, Uncle Will Noland, Jay Ellis, Fletcher "Poor Boy" Johnson, and Johnny Carpenter 2) A Progressive rock band from Sweden consisting
Rikard Sjöblom (lead vocals, keyboards), Petter Diamant (drums), Robert Hansen (bass) and Mattias Finn (guitar).
They had released one album in 2005.

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4 Dead

.... sounds like the end of the earth.... tastes like chicken. "Ultra-violenthardcore/metal band 4DEAD are Canberran quintet with enough firepower to topple Parliament House. Violent and pummelling, they're the musical equivalent of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast. Banned from most venues in the nation's capitol, thanks to their chugg hardcore and mosh-metal sound (not to mention the insanity it can often insight), 4DEAD are a band who put their bodies on the line every time they take the stage, delivering a dangerous and theatrical show where anything can (and has been known to) happen.

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Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold is a band from Huntington Beach, California, United States. They started out as a metalcore band, but have since moved towards hard rock. The band was formed in 1999. Avenged Sevenfold's first album, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, was recorded when the band members were eighteen years old. It was originally released on their first label, Good Life Recordings. After lead guitarist Synyster Gates (also known by Brian Haner Jr.) joined the band, the introductory track "To End The Rapture" was re-recorded with Gates playing, and the album was re-released on Hopeless Records.

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Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is a thrashy punk, hardcore band in the vein of many contemporary west coast hard core acts. Their abrasive vocals coupled with hilarious lyrics, delicious bass lines and tasty riffs make for an equally good show and listening experience. Members:
Brian- vocals
Mychael- guitar
Anthony- bass
Pope- drums

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Trivium is a band from Orlando, Florida. Their first album, Ember To Inferno, was released on Lifeforce Records in 2003, while their second album Ascendancy was released via Roadrunner Records on March 22nd, 2005. They recently released their third album, "The Crusade", on which the band's sound changed slightly, replacing screaming with clean singing and settling on a heavily Metallica-influenced style.

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The Broderick

The Broderick are a Hardcore band out of Melbourne, Australia. Their debut E.P 'Illusion Over Despair' was released back in 2007 on Washed Up Records and was rated among the best hardcore releases of '07 by the listeners of SHORT. FAST. LOUD on Triple J. They're currently writing a full length due for release towards the end of 2010. Check out www.myspace.com/thebroderickhc for tour dates, news etc. Members:
MARC - Guitar
BEN - Bass
ASH - Drums
LOGAN - Vocals

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