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The Horror

There are three bands called the Horror 1. The Horror is a hardcore punk band that started life in Leeds when 4 members of Voorhees and 1 member of Imbalance before splitting and then reforming some years and are now based in London. Their latest elease "the spoils of war" came out in 2009 Their myspace is at http://www.myspace.com/thefukkinhorror
2. The Horror are also an electroclash outfit from South East London


01) REASON (BUFFALO, New York) Reason is a Straight Edge hardcore band from Buffalo, NY featuring former members of The Control, Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Plagued With Rage, Still Ill, They Live, No Reason and No Time Left. http://www.myspace.com/reasonstraightedge
_________________________________ 02) Reason (HUNGARY) was founded in 1994 by Attila Horváth, Gábor Dudás and Attila Barna. The early days were characterised by an experimenting attitude towards music, however, in three years’ time the band developed its own style.

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Winter Solstice

1. Winter Solstice (American Metalcore Band)
2. Winter Solstice (Australian Folk Band) 1. Winter Solstice was a Christian metalcore band from Lynchburg, Virginia. They were signed to Metal Blade Records and have disbanded, as of July 2006. Some of the former members have come together with members of Everything Falls Together and formed a new band, Ghost of a Fallen Age. The lead singer is now in the band We Were Gentlemen

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Vegas In Ruins are a newly formed Metalcore band hailing from their hometown of Sydney, Australia. Since disbanding from their previous project, Vegas In Ruins have formerly introduced themselves with new musical ideas and hope to bring a new taste to the Australian metal genre. Recently dropping there debut EP "Wolves" which can be picked up at www.vegasinruins.bigcartel.com Vegas In Ruins are a band to keep tabs on.

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Emerald Vale

Emerald Vale is a 5-piece Australian Metalcore/Deathcore band. They where founded in 2009 on the gold coast by drummer Grady Hopkins and Guitarist Ryan Valois, soon they started to recruit new members with a second guitarist Cody Waldon, vocalist Zane Keating and finally Toby Adams on bass. In late February 2010 the band released a 5 song demo with which they have begun to build up a solid fan base around south east Queensland. Emerald Vale have gained much speed due their intense live sets and their unique blend of metalcore and deathcore

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Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die is a five-piece southern metal band from Buffalo, New York, founded in the winter of 1998. Though popularly classified as hardcore, Every Time I Die's sound also contains strong elements of metalcore, southern rock and mathcore. Beginning with a noisy, chaotic sound close to mathcore they increasingly added fat grooves and twin leads to the mix with each release. Also of note are Keith Buckley's intelligent and often cryptic lyrics. The band announced on July 14, 2008 that they have left Ferret Music and have recently signed with Epitaph.

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The Beholder

There are 2 artists known as The Beholder. The hardstyle DJ
The Beholder is an alias for Jeroen Streunding, probably better known as the man behind the hardcore-formation Neophyte. Jeroen uses his alias The Beholder for his hardstyle releases. The Death Metal/Grindcore band from Wisconsin
With a onslaught of pulverizing drum work, face melting guitar parts, chunky bass lines and dueling guttural vocals straight from hell, THE BEHOLDER was everything a deathgrind band should be and more.

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