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DevilDriver is a metal band from California, United States that formed in 2002. The group was started by Dez Fafara, formerly of the band Coal Chamber, as a result of frustrations stemming from the more mainstream direction his former band mates were attempting to take their music. After the demise of Coal Chamber, DevilDriver became his main focus. Their debut album, the self-titled "DevilDriver", was released on October 23, 2003 under Roadrunner Records.

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Into the Sea

There are multiple artists with this name: 1.
Perri - Vocals
Ned - Guitar
Chewy - Guitar
Leon - Bass
Ollie - Drums Into the Sea formed in late 2006 from ex and current members of Hope After The End, Alleged, As A Weapon & Break Even. Creating fast paced aggressive music driven by passion with elements of metal, punk & rock. The debut LP/Mini Album "Viva Death" recorded at Sovereign Studios with Aiden Barton was released in January 2009.

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The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is an American metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2005. They are currently signed to Warner Music Group. The Devil Wears Prada is a Christian band, consisting of members Mike Hranica (vocals), Chris Rubey (lead guitar), Jeremy DePoyster (rhythm guitar, vocals), Andy Trick (bass), Daniel Williams (drums) and James Baney (keyboards), all of whom are Christians. To date the band has released three full-length albums, one DVD, and five music videos.

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Formed In: 03/03/2011
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Facebook</a>
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Bandcamp</a> Band Lineup:
Jack McWhinney - Vocals
Josh Todaro - Drums
Stephen Patti - Guitar
Ben Mouritz - Guitar
Jacko Hewitt - Bass Biography:
Delawarewolves have been playing packed out shows across Australia along side some of the nations largest hardcore bands, as well as some international acts. The 5-piece hardcore band pumps up the crowd with a party atmosphere, sing-a-long choruses and an energetic new sound.

Hand Of Mercy

Hand Of Mercy are a 5 piece Hardcore from Sydney, Australia.
The band have released on EP titled "Trash The Party" and have release their second EP "Scum Of The Earth". For fans of the Ghost Inside, Carpathian & Bury Your Dead.

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Never See Tomorrow

Originating from the coastal city of Wollongong Australia, Never See Tomorrow have been making a name for themselves in a big way since they first debuted in 2006.
In their short time as a band, this young but talented 5 piece ‘metalcore’ act have set their hopes high and achieved much in the past year…Having played numerous amounts of shows up and down the Australian coast has seen the band develop a large fan base in the metal/hardcore scene. Whilst pulling a further amount of attention for their recent cover of Vanessa Carlton’s, 1000 Miles.

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Lamb of God

Lamb of God is an American metal band, originally formed under the name Burn the Priest. The roots of Lamb of God were planted in the year 1990, when Mark Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell were bros at Virginia Commonwealth University. The trio began playing at Adler's house in Richmond weathering chilly conditions. "There was no heat in the house," recalls Campbell. "We would hang around the kerosene heaters, get really drunk and write metal songs. Fumes and Black Label beer were definitely what fueled our early days."

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Soulfly is a metal band formed in 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. Led by founder, frontman, songwriter and only constant member Brazilian Max Cavalera, who formed the band after he left influental Brazilian death/thrash band Sepultura in 1996. The band has released seven studio albums, one tour EP, several singles, and two DVD videos. Soulfly incorporates diverse heavy metal styles with Brazilian tribal and world music.

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Ghost Town

5 piece hardcore/metal band from the Gold Coast, Australia. Sam - Vocals
Daniel - Guitar
Chris - Guitar
Jackson - Bass
Shaun - Drums Taking influences from such bands as Converge, Trap Them, etc...
They have played countless local shows.. Toured Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & Singapore. Releases:
This Is The Way The World Ends - EP (2008)
Calamities - Album (2010) Ghost Town is with Deadsouls records

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