Prepared Like A Bride

Prepared Like A Bride is a Gold Coast based post-hardcore band. The 5-piece outfit appeared on the local scene in August 2009 but their experiences as band members dates back much further. With a strong Christian message behind their music, Prepared Like A Bride’s soul purpose is to see people’s lives changed through the friendships they make and the music they produce. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall formed in 1996 in Springfield, Massachusetts and rose up as a prominent member of the bustling Massachusetts metal and hardcore scene that has recently produced bands such as Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, and Unearth. Guitar duo Jonathan Donais and Matt Bachand got together in '96 and had the original lineup complete within a year. These members were vocalist Philip Labonte, now with All That Remains, bass player Paul Romanko, and drummer David Germain.

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Formed In: 03/03/2011
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
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<a href="" rel="nofollow">Bandcamp</a> Band Lineup:
Jack McWhinney - Vocals
Josh Todaro - Drums
Stephen Patti - Guitar
Ben Mouritz - Guitar
Jacko Hewitt - Bass Biography:
Delawarewolves have been playing packed out shows across Australia along side some of the nations largest hardcore bands, as well as some international acts. The 5-piece hardcore band pumps up the crowd with a party atmosphere, sing-a-long choruses and an energetic new sound.

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside is a melodic hardcore/metalcore band from South Bay, California. Their first release of "Now Or Never" on Mediaskare Records in 2006 was under their old name "A Dying Dream". With the name change occurring at the start of 2007, The Ghost Inside began to make their mark on the hardcore scene. April 15th 2008 marked the date when they released their debut full-length record titled "Fury and the Fallen Ones"

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My Own Enemy

My Own Enemy is a band from the South-East suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
One of the hardest working and well known live acts of the region, they have played with many bands at many venues all over Melbourne.
Complex, thrash-influenced guitar riffs and pounding double-kick drums pair with the intense screaming/singing blend of vocals to bring a fresh metal sound to the local music scene.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band from Morris Plains, New Jersey. The band performs a fast-tempo, technically proficient style of heavy music popularly known as mathcore. The band recorded their second EP with Relapse Records in 1998 entitled Under The Running Board. A year later, this was followed with the album Calculating Infinity, which was met with great acclaim from both underground and mainstream press.

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Three piece Metal band from Melbourne Australia. In 1999 they released their EP "Finally" in 2001. They have toured with Stone Sour, Machine Head, Mayhem and Destruction. Performed at Metal for the Brain and have appeared on JTV and Triple J's Full Metal Racket. Their debut album "The Meaning Unseen", released in 2005, was mixed by the famed and respected Fredrik Nordstrom in Sweden. Their melodic death metal style is a mix of the US and Gothenburg sounds with some clean vocals and both chugging riffs and the melodic riffs with good hooks.

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August Burns Red

There are a galaxy's worth of metal bands active today, but stare at all of those stars long enough and some lines start to form; everything starts to take shape. The Constellations begin to bloom. Just three years ago, Lancaster, PA's August Burns Red were, to the naked eye, just another young band jockeying for position in the modern metal scene. Then came Messengers, the band's 2007 full-length release for Solid State Records, and a new front-runner emerged.

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Stick to Your Guns

Stick to Your Guns is a 5 piece hardcore band from Orange County, California. Very heavily influenced by the orange county hardcore scene, their music, message, style, and sound can perhaps be compared to bands like Bleeding Through and Throwdown. Currently they are signed to Century Media/Sumerian Records and have released two full-length albums to date. They will be releasing their third full length album June 1, 2010, titled "The Hope Division". Members:

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Storm the Sky

Storm The Sky was launched in September 2011, receiving an overwhelming amount of publicity for their EP teaser music video, launched alongside the page, helping them to gain over 1000 Facebook ‘likes’ in their first five hours. The band has now released their 7-track self-titled EP, recorded at Electric Sun Studios in Sydney, with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and the immense hype has continued.

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