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Feed Her To The Sharks

Feed Her To The Sharks are a metalcore band based in Melbourne, Australia.
They released their debut album in early 2010 called "The Beauty of Falling".
They are said to be one of the most underated metal acts in the new generation of metalcore bands. Their massive breakdowns, tech riffs and powering vocals are making them one of Australia's biggest metalcore acts today.

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At War With Gods

Six members with six different heavy music backgrounds. At War With Gods have established a sound that encapsulates elements of frantic thrash pace and devastating breakdowns. The dual vocal attacks range from traditional hardcore to brutal death metal. With diverse influences ranging from Terror to Sworn Enemy to Cannibal Corpse to Slayer, At War With Gods have created a unique sound while staying true their roots.

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Through Plagues

Through Plagues is a Brisbane based melodic death metal band consisting of Clarke(Guitar), Jamie(Bass), Joel(Guitar) pete(drums) and Luke(vocals). Through Plagues is a band with a vision to make fast melodic heavy music with influences such as The Black Dahlia Murder Darkest Hour and more. Download our First EP release for free (including artwork and lyrics) through our bandcamp page. The 5-track release titled ‘From The Depths’ was mixed by the band and mastered by Brian Hood at 456recordings.

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The Red Shore

The Red Shore is a deathcore/death metal outfit from Geelong, Victoria, Australia, drawing their influences from bands such as Hate Eternal, Devourment, Decapitated and Behemoth. Constant touring and a fierce live presence, teamed with the release of their 2008 album 'Unconsecrated', have established the band a strong following not only in their home state, but throughout Australia and also select international recognition.

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In Hearts Wake

IN HEARTS WAKE are a Metalcore band that began in Febuary of 2006. IHW are comprised of 5 great friends (all 18, all born in 1990) that originate from Byron Bay Australia. Most of IHW’s band members have grown up and played music together from as young as 11 years old, but don’t let their ‘young’ age fool you. IHW combine a diverse range of musical elements and techniques to create their own passionate sound.

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American-born Taiwanese DJ and Producer, Andrew Chen aka Shogun, has captivated audiences worldwide with his DJ skills and productions. As the former resident DJ of Ministry of Sound Nightclub, he has played alongside the world's top DJs, such as Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, and BT. His exclusive nine hour sets at the superclub set the standard for epic nights that can only be described as an emotional and amazing journey.

The Plot In You

The Plot in You is a metalcore 5-piece originally starting as a side-project of former Before Their Eyes (Rise Records) guitarist/vocalist, Landon Tewers, quickly became his main focus. Forming in Findlay, OH after parting ways with BTE, a solid line-up for the band was formed and work on their debut EP was underway. "Wife Beater" (InVogue Records) was both heavy as well as haunting, where lyrically Tewers gives you a look inside the lives of people he has come into contact with over the years.

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Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a melodic death metal/metalcore band currently signed to E1 Music. The band is officially based in Washington, DC, but several of the members live in Richmond, Virginia. Their sound is akin to classic European metal acts such as At the Gates and In Flames, but it is noted for the incorporation of elements of punk and hardcore music. Over the years they have toured with many influential acts, including The Crown, ZAO, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Thrice, and Soilwork. They also played 2004's Ozzfest.

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Protest The Hero

Protest the Hero is a band from Whitby, Ontario. Formed in 1999, when they were just 14 years old, they originally used the name Happy Go Lucky, but changed their name before releasing their first EP, A Calculated Use of Sound, to Protest the Hero. This was followed by the release of their first full length, Kezia, on the indie label Underground Operations. On January 23, 2006 the band officially signed with Vagrant Records for Kezia's United States release.

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"Sevenskies are a Hardcore band from Cairns, they formed in May of 2009 and have been working hard ever since to write the best heavy music they can. They recorded their first EP in February of 2010 in Sydney at Freefall Studios and the popularity of their music hasn't stopped growing since then. They have gone through their fair share of difficulties along the way, including a lineup change, but that hasn't stopped them from reaching for the top." - Quote Triple J Unearthered

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