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Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria is an English post-hardcore/metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire, formed in 2007. Founded when rhythm guitarist Ben Bruce contacted old friends after moving back to England from Dubai, the current line-up consists of Bruce, vocalist Danny Worsnop, lead guitarist Cameron Liddell, bass guitarist Sam Bettley and drummer James Cassells. Current members: Danny Worsnop - lead vocals, keyboard (2008–present)

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The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder are a metal band from Waterford, Michigan, formed in 2000. Their band name is derived from the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as; Black Dahlia, Black Dahlia Murder or BDM. Current Line-Up:
Trevor Strnad – lead vocals (2000–present)
Brian Eschbach – guitar, (2001–present)
Ryan Knight – guitar (2008–present) (ex-Arsis)
Ryan Williams – bass guitar (2005–present)
Shannon Lucas – drums, percussion (2007–present) (ex-All That Remains)

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American-born Taiwanese DJ and Producer, Andrew Chen aka Shogun, has captivated audiences worldwide with his DJ skills and productions. As the former resident DJ of Ministry of Sound Nightclub, he has played alongside the world's top DJs, such as Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, and BT. His exclusive nine hour sets at the superclub set the standard for epic nights that can only be described as an emotional and amazing journey.

Hand Of Mercy

Hand Of Mercy are a 5 piece Hardcore from Sydney, Australia.
The band have released on EP titled "Trash The Party" and have release their second EP "Scum Of The Earth". For fans of the Ghost Inside, Carpathian & Bury Your Dead.

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Ill Niño

Ill Niño is a band from New Jersey. The band was founded in 1998, they had released a demo EP in that same year with Jorge Rosado on vocals and Cristian Machado playing bass. The EP was entitled El Niño, when they were originally called El Niño, after the weather phenomenon. It wasn't until 1999 that they had officially formalized. After Rosado's return to his band Merauder, the band held auditions for a new vocalist, but ultimately decided that the best decision was for Cristian Machado to step up to vocals.

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Prepared Like A Bride

Prepared Like A Bride is a Gold Coast based post-hardcore band. The 5-piece outfit appeared on the local scene in August 2009 but their experiences as band members dates back much further. With a strong Christian message behind their music, Prepared Like A Bride’s soul purpose is to see people’s lives changed through the friendships they make and the music they produce. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Mastodon is an American progressive metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 1999. The band comprises bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds, guitarist Bill Kelliher and drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor. They have released five full-length albums to date, expanding their musical borders from early raw Sludgy riffs to later psychedelic multi-layered songs, yet maintaining progressive style with unusual time signatures and odd instrumentation.

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Lost In The Moment

Lost In The Moment are a hardcore/post-hardcore band from Bathurst, NSW. They're the self proclaimed 4th best hardcore band in Bathurst, enjoy playing music and being attractive.

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Ghost Town

5 piece hardcore/metal band from the Gold Coast, Australia. Sam - Vocals
Daniel - Guitar
Chris - Guitar
Jackson - Bass
Shaun - Drums Taking influences from such bands as Converge, Trap Them, etc...
They have played countless local shows.. Toured Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & Singapore. Releases:
This Is The Way The World Ends - EP (2008)
Calamities - Album (2010) Ghost Town is with Deadsouls records

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