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Tahuna Breaks

Tahuna Breaks are an uplifting reggae / funk / soul band based in Auckland. They formed following inspiring jams that stretched from a garage in Onehunga to the remoteness of Piha on Auckland’s west coast. With influences varying from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, James Brown, UB40 and New Zealand’s very own dub and reggae movement, Tahuna Breaks are a fine tune roots blend of funk and reggae with that distinctive New Zealand summery sound.

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King Kapisi

King Kapisi is a Hip-Hop artist prominant in the New Zealand/Australian Hip-Hop music scene. His real name is Bill Urale. He was the first Polynesian Hip-Hop artist who received the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Award for Songwriter of the Year for his single 'Reverse Resistance' in 1999.
He released 3 albums: "Savage Thoughts", "2nd Round Testament" and "Dominant Species" and has his own clothing label "Overstayer Clothing".

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Formed in Wellington - New Zealand in 2007, Ornithologist was initially conceived in jest as one of the 2 fellow Akaname members' many hypothetical side-projects (most of which would usually get lost among the "what-if's" of hazy late night bong-theory). The crux: instrumental interpretations of birdsong - composed of the silliest imaginable guitar gymnastics played in tandem over cheesy retro drum-machine programmes; with a kink somewhere between 80's electro-pop, 90's trip-hop and all metal sub-genres conceivable; all to be performed live while adorning silly bird masks.

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Alex The Kid

Alex date: 2077 A futuristic world; where humans colinise the moon and spend their summer vacations future boarding on near by ice planets. Their children’s best friend is an artificial robot named Omnibot 2000, while daily meals come from a thin toothpaste like tube.
Humankind is destined to fall into the same darkness that has befallen their ancestors before them. Having dealt with all human bigotry and discrimination (even after the first wave of phy-borns), humanity is now stricken with a new challenge.

Steve Cook

The world's latest offering has arrived in America with guitar in hand. Steve Cook, a singer/songwriter with a distinctive music & vocal style captures the audience rendering a musical journey spanding soulful ballads to powerful and uplifting poetic performances. His lyrics and arrangements are timely thoughtful and filled with melodies. His songs have an indelible effect with the unique 12 string guitar sound & style resonating a new era of popular music.

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King Cannons

Originally a 4-piece, King Cannons formed at the end of 2007 in Auckland City, New Zealand. Percussion and keys came soon after and at the beginning of 2009 after a myriad of obstacles along the way, including a short re-location to London, King Cannons relocated to Melbourne, Australia. Following the whirlwind success of their first single “Teenage Dreams”, King Cannons have risen to become one of Melbourne’s finest Rock & Roll acts.

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Jurassic Penguin

Razzlefinn can't play drums. Rusty gave Easy E Aids. Matt Watts left the band to join As I Lay Dying Jesus Christ returned and saved Chris from the Rapture Sam mouthed off to the wrong dude and is no longer with us. We eat people like David Tua with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, oinions on a sesame seed bun. For lunch. The correct time to eat that shit. We're tough. We are from Henderson. It's mandatory.

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The Clean

The Clean are an influential indie rock band that formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1978. The Clean soon forged a distinctive and quirky sound, inspired by punk filtered through to the relatively isolated New Zealand. Although they released several chart-topping singles in their native country, The Clean are a little-known cult band outside of New Zealand, although their influence is surprisingly far-reaching.

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There are two bands with this name: 1) Another name for Australian noise goofery, Reunion Sacred Ibis. 2) Some cunts from New Zealand.

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Sola Rosa

Since 1999 Sola Rosa’s Andrew Spraggon has been tantalising listeners with otherworldly aural experiences, honing his craft and taking Sola Rosa from a self-released one man project to fully-fledged live powerhouse along the way. A number of highly-regarded albums have been released under the Sola Rosa moniker - 2001’s Solarized, 2003’s Haunted Out-takes, and Moves On in 2005 – each one picking up numerous nominations and getting Spraggon onstage for award acceptance speeches at both the NZ Music Awards and b-net Music Awards.

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