Orphans of the sky

Hey all late 2010 update for you all... wow what a fuckin year it has been for us... member changes, international supports and awesome national supports due to line up changes comes style changes.
now blending a more death metal orientated sound to the likes of Job For A Cowboy and The Black Dahlia Murder, we have still got the little element of deathcore in our sound however that is due to the older songs being in our current set

Rise For November

Rise for November are one of the most pissed off and heavy bands out there today, our aim is to bring the heaviest mosh tunes to the stage and shake the ground with our brutality and bone crushing breakdowns. R4N was born in mid 2009, since our insertion we have played 40 + shows and been on 4 tours in just 8 months with many awesome bands from around Australia. We have big plans for 2010..2011 which include extensive touring around OZ, touring Asia at the end of 2010 as well as recording in the United States in early 2011.

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As Silence Breaks

From their myspace:
After nearly two years since their inception As Silence Breaks are nearing closer to unleashing their take on the melodic hardcore/metalcore genre upon the world. With a release date for their debut full length CD penned in for winter 2009 the future is definitely now for the young and aspiring guys from Sydney. With a sound sitting comfortably between both beauty and aggression ASB have made a sound both unique yet highly accessible; through this universal appeal they are...

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There are at least six bands called Absolution: (1) a New York hardcore band; (2) a Los Angeles metal band; (3) a death metal band from Warwickshire, UK; and (4) a metal band from Manchester/Warrington, UK. (5) a heavy rock/metal band from Staffordshire, UK; and (6) a deathcore quintet from Australia. 1) Absolution was a hardcore band from New York City. Formed in early 1987, Absolution was made up of a diverse group of individuals.

The Beholder

There are 2 artists known as The Beholder. The hardstyle DJ
The Beholder is an alias for Jeroen Streunding, probably better known as the man behind the hardcore-formation Neophyte. Jeroen uses his alias The Beholder for his hardstyle releases. The Death Metal/Grindcore band from Wisconsin
With a onslaught of pulverizing drum work, face melting guitar parts, chunky bass lines and dueling guttural vocals straight from hell, THE BEHOLDER was everything a deathgrind band should be and more.

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