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Daemon Foetal Harvest

DAEMON FOETAL HARVEST was conceived in early 2006, by the two founding members, guitarists, Alex and Keith. Heavily influenced by old and new school death metal, Daemon Foetal harvest is a blend of viciously twisted rhythms, subtle melodic overtones and intricate lead work. The band then underwent a series of lineup changes, until cementing the current line up of Rod on bass, Craig (BATTALION) on vocals, Daniel “KINGSLAYER” (SECRATAIN, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS, THE FUROR) on drums, and Alex and Keith on guitars.

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LACERATED (formerly Beyond a Lie) are a 5-piece Experimental Hardcore/Death Metal group that formed in July 2009 in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Drawing influences from diverse musical backgrounds, Lacerated bridge the ever-present gap between rhythm and melody that leave a style not easily compared. On April 2nd, 2010, Lacerated entered Complex Studios™ to record their debut demo "...On a Pale Horse" which was produced by Roman Koester (The Red Shore).

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there are many bands under the name "Tortured" 1)Tortured are a 5 piece canberra based death metal band that has grown in canberra from late 2006. With the first live performance not untill 2008, gave them 2yrs to write the songs that would make a dramatic impact on the australian metal scene. Since then Tortured have decimated the stage along side some of Australia's finest metal acts. Tortured released copies of their demo early 2009 and only made 500 copies which were sold out very quickly. Tortured are currently in the studio recording the debut full length album.

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There are 2 artists with the name malignus,
1) Black metal band band from Finland (formed 1997)
2) Technical death metal band from Melbourne, Australia 1)
Malignus was born at the end of 1997 in Haapajärvi, Finland. Original line-up was Ahmis (vocals and
guitar), Arto Räisälä (guitar), Tomi (bass) and Latex (drums). First changes happened when Arto Räisälä left the band. Tomi moved from bass to guitar and Rage joined Malignus to fill the empty place of bassist. A.Komu was also rarely seen playing keyboards at

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Corpsickle was summoned from the ground by meddling occultists at the turn of the millenium. The unimpressed summoned fiends, the zombie of necrophilia and corpsemaster general immediately slew these panda worshipping occultists and enlisted the services of the master of maggot mayhem and unleashed 2 demos of zombified death metal, Eaters of Pus in 2000 and Violating the Dead in 2001. After the second release the fiends returned to their previous antics, ZON started making sweet love to the dead, CMG slayed poofters and defiled virgins and MOMM returned to his tomb.

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Synperium are a deathmetal band from the southern highlands of nsw(sydney Austraila). Playing technical deathmetal with influences from decapitated, nile, necrophagist, spawn of possession, origin and death to name a few..... Synperium has always been a band that has progressed and evolved, bringing tight, technical and intense metal to australian audiences. in 2007, synperium released the EP "transfiguration" , and began spreading its music around the world via mailorders and the internet.
2008 saw the band sign to local australian record label, Just say Rock Records.

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