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Mary Ocher

Born Mariya Ocheretianskaya in Moscow, former Soviet Union in 1986, grew up in Tel Aviv, currently resides in Berlin.
Has recorded "War songs" in early 2009 at home and re-recorded the very same album for the Berlin based label Haute Areal in 2010. it was released on March 11th 2011. The first single from the album is "On the streets of hard labor", second's "The sound of war" On December 2nd 2011 a 7" EP was released with 4 tracks, on the same label. Has recently finished working on second full-length album, "Eden" with King Khan.

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Legends Of Motorsport

Legends of Motorsport are one of Melbourne's finest loud, messy smash 'em up garage party bands. With great tunes about real life such as "Dinner And A Show" they are one of THE bands to see when visiting regular Melbourne venues such as The Tote or The Greyhound. Loud n' pukey.

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Kes Band

Kes Band is a trio from Melbourne: Karl E. Scullin (KES), (of Mum Smokes), and former member of Bird Blobs; Julian Paterson (Minimum Chips, Mum Smokes etc), and Lehmann B. Smith. Two Kes Band albums have been released to date, each features different musicians: Paddy Mann (Grand Salvo), Oliver Mann, Laura Jean, Biddy Connor (Sailor Days), and Nick Veneables (Jessica Says). Two albums - Kes Trio and Kes Band III - are to be released in 2010 following a Japanese tour with Tokyo band My Pal Foot Foot.

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Meow Meow

There are more than one artist who go by the name "Meow Meow." 1) Shortwave radio squeals, Beatles-esque tape loops and healthy doses of analog knob-twiddling all underscore the pure-sugar pop tones of Snow Gas Bones. Meow Meow exists somewhere between Brill Building tradition and grandpa's pre-war 78 rpms played with a broken stylus. With hypnotic visual projections, all members sharing vocal duties and swapping instruments, they've brought their kaleidoscopic live shows up the west coast, down to SXSW and soon to the UK and Japan.

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Look Who's Toxic

Petering out since 2002, and now mostly in their 30s, 'Toxic' as they're affectionately known to their fans have to perform under the additional strain of sore joints, disease and degenerative brain issues. They don't like doing it much either as they'd much prefer being at home in front of the television wildly hurling abuse at the stars of today. <a href="http://lookwhostoxic.com" rel="nofollow">http://lookwhostoxic.com</a>

The Bikini Beach Band

http://www.bikinibeach.co.uk/ The True Story of The Bikini Beach Band begins with one man - Jesus C. Escovedo - guitarist, revolutionary, ladies' man and 1956 All-Mexico Surfing Champion. Forced by his political beliefs to flee from his homeland, he escaped by stowing away on a cruise liner with only a guitar, a Hawaiian shirt and an autographed photo of Duane Eddy. He landed in Southampton, convinced Britain would welcome his music with open arms. Sadly, this was not to be.


Official Website - http://www.re-e.net re:enactment are a five piece band from Brisbane, Australia. They have a dense sound that combines jagged guitar with big droning synths and heavy IDM influences. The resultant sound is electronic pop rock, with some unusual effects and musical ideas thrown in. They have self-released two EP's at present, entitled Kittens & Regicide (which was also released as a limited edition USB stick featuring 18 songs & remix files)

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Daniel Lee Kendall

"Daniel Lee Kendall (DLK) did not plan for this. But it is the unexpected beginning to this story that is characteristic of DLK’s understated allure. It is quite simple really; after an evening spent drinking wine and enjoying the company of fine friends and fine musicians alike, Daniel penned a song. After lengthy toils in the seclusion of DLK studios (his bedroom) the best and only thing there was to do was share. Share with friends and strangers alike, these songs of hope and heartbreak. Listeners; prepare to be mesmerised, and taken on a very special journey indeed.

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