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MC Wrec

Jon Bailey aka MC Wrec is regarded as one of Britains most exciting artists and music entrepreneurs. Known as one of the hardest workers on the circuit, this versatile young grafter shot to fame in recent years after becoming the front man to the multi award winning live act London Elektricity and his work with accliamed eclectic acts The Nextmen, Stanton Warriors and Timo Maas. The Surrey born vocalist who spent time growing up in Berlin, London, Southampton and Brighton, discovered his love for music at a very young age.


Dizz1 has been drumming since age 8, started scratching at 17 and has been making beats for about 7 years. He was invited to the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008 and has toured internationally performing everywhere from the Sydney Opera house to London’s Corsica Studios. He is currently working on a project with Om'Mas Keith from Sa-Ra creative partners (his raps on Dizz1’s beats) and has worked in the studio with Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek (live project in the works) and Stereotyp (Vienna).

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Adventure Land

There's only a few things you will never forget. Your first kiss, your first broken heart and the song that gave you hope again. A melody that brings your heart to life, lyrics that give you hope, a sound that passes by your ears and goes straight to your spirit. Thats why we sing, thats why we write. Music is more than just a sound, it's something that can inspire you unlike anything else. Music is an adventure.

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Geoff Achison

Now residing back in Australia, Geoff Achison has clearly earned a loyal US following since moving to Atlanta from Melbourne in 2007. Guitar Player Magazine readers voted Achison one of the “Top Ten Hottest New Guitarists” in the world in 2008. Having taught himself to play in the isolation of rural Australia, he has developed a blues/funk style all his own. Unaware of how the sounds he was hearing on his limited record collection were produced, he invented some of his own techniques - without the aid of pedals or gadgets.

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Hexadecimal is Nottingham-based breaks duo Scott Reeder and Ben Harvey. With numerous critically-acclaimed releases, a residency at the multi-award winning Nottingham breaks night "Spectrum" and a 2007 Breaks Poll gong under their belt, the breaks world now knows all about Hexadecimal. Hexadecimal have smashed their way through the Nottingham breaks scene and are causing similar sonic destruction as they take their sound out of town.

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Official Website - http://www.re-e.net re:enactment are a five piece band from Brisbane, Australia. They have a dense sound that combines jagged guitar with big droning synths and heavy IDM influences. The resultant sound is electronic pop rock, with some unusual effects and musical ideas thrown in. They have self-released two EP's at present, entitled Kittens & Regicide (which was also released as a limited edition USB stick featuring 18 songs & remix files)

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The story behind the Stickleback project is one of shifting compromises. Songwriter Ronnie Duisters' musical carreer started out with playing the clarinet in the local orchestra, due to a shortage of available saxophones. Even though his dream had to take a detour, he tried to learn as much as possible and developed quite a taste for melody. Especially dramatic and emotional musical pieces had his preference.

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Inside the Whale

Inside The Whale was founded in the Danish town Aarhus back in 1991. At that time most of the members had already played together in the band “It's It” for about two years.
Inside The Whale was in the finals of the “DM I Rock” (Danish Championship for rock bands) in both 1992 and 1993.
The “DM I Rock” 1993 was exceptional that year, as this final also featured two other great bands Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and Kashmir.

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