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Look Who's Toxic

Petering out since 2002, and now mostly in their 30s, 'Toxic' as they're affectionately known to their fans have to perform under the additional strain of sore joints, disease and degenerative brain issues. They don't like doing it much either as they'd much prefer being at home in front of the television wildly hurling abuse at the stars of today. <a href="http://lookwhostoxic.com" rel="nofollow">http://lookwhostoxic.com</a>

Frank Fairfield

Fairfield, a street musician who plays banjo, fiddle, and guitar and sings traditional folk songs as you would imagine they were sung when they were first written, is only just getting used to the idea of playing music venues alongside rock musicians. He is also an avid collector of 78 rpm recordings of American folk and mountain music and is working on plans to build his own spring motor gramophones.

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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is an Australian musician, who played in Jab, The Models and Einstürzende Neubauten. Wednesday formed an Australian punk rock band in Adelaide in January 1976. The band's original lineup consisted of Bohdan X (Bodhan Kubiakowski) on guitar and vocals, Wednesday playing bass guitar, synthesizer and tapes, and Johnny Crash (Janis Friedenfelds) on drums and vocals. The band took its name from the first initials of the founding members. The band relocated to Melbourne in August 1977.

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The Transatlantics

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, The Transatlantics are an eight-piece deep funk and soul outfit inspired by the great soul performers of the late 60's and early 70's. The Transatlantics have played support to the likes of Roy Ayers (USA), Eddie Bo (USA), Russ Dewbury (UK), Ohmega Watts (USA), Nick RecordKicks (Italy), Nostalgia 77 (UK), The Bamboos (Melb) and in 2009 have appeared at major festivals including the Big Day Out, Parklife and Playground Weekender. They have released two 7" singles and have a debut album due for release in September 2009.

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Ben Smith Band

The Ben Smith Band is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Ben Smith, and musicians Tim O’Connor and Pat Kearney. Signing to indie label Dust Devil Music in 2006, the Band have released their EP 'Whiskey Sunset' followed by the new album 'Sometimes Always Never' in May 2007. The band came together with songwriter Ben Smith, to create a new level for Ben’s writing. The Maton/ABC 2004 Songwriter of the Year with the collaboration of the band, is able to build, heighten, and energise the emotion of his songs.

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The Vignettes

vi·gnette /v?n--y?t/ [vin-yet] Since their inception in 2006, The Vignettes have been rising through the ranks of the Sydney live scene with their twisted take on garage rock and visually entertaining show impressing all in their wake. But with a sound that would give any larger band a run for their rock n roll dollars, two is all it takes for The Vignettes. Born out of a chance meeting between Joel and Katie at a New Years Eve party, The Vignettes experimented with a number of different line-ups before stripping it back to only two.

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The Spoils

A band from Melbourne, Australia, playing a rock/gypsy/circus/caberet style (with lashings of folk/country) that might be likened to Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen crossed with Nick Cave, sprinkled with a bit of Paul Kelly and Marlene Dietrich.

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