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the fingers malone ensemble

"the fingers malone ensemble" is the production and stage name of Colin O'Reilly, a musician, composer and producer from Fingal Head, Australia. He is now based in London. He is best known for his production and drumming for 'The Winnie Coopers' (Australian hip hop band) and, more recently, his drumming and MPC playing for Ash Grunwald (Australian blues artist). His solo work is varied and ranges from live jazz arangements to fully programmed hip hop style beats. Although much of the work sounds like samples almost no samples are used.

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Miraq (Tibor Janzsó) was a sole production emerging after Miraque i Myro's release, that was deeper experimental work alone. Please go forward to Miraque i Myro's page for new productions and updates, as this name has been terminated.

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Stranglehold were a Punk band from Boston. They started in 1982 and broke up in 1984,in between they released one 12 inch and one 45 rpm for Taang! Records, they toured the country with The F.U.'s who they shared a practice space with and also played with the likes of the Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Dr Know,Iron Cross, Marginal Man, 45 Grave and TSOL.. Myspace:

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Chris Poulsen Trio

In March 2004, drummer Trent Bryson-Dean sat in on a gig with a jazz band called SCAT. He was very quickly impressed with the playing of Chris Poulsen (Fender Rhodes) that day and vowed to Chris and bassist Jeremy O’Connor that he would book a gig for the trio as soon as he possibly could.
True to his word, Trent was able to secure a gig at the Brisbane Powerhouse five months later in August. (With great wisdom he chose to name the group Chris Poulsen Trio rather than name the group after himself – a mere drummer!) The gig proved to be a great success...

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The Vanguard

In order to create the Vanguard, Zeus pinned a gigantic map of the world to the wall in his office. He picked up four golden darts. Blindfolded, he reached for the first dart, drew his hand back and flung it to the map. "Ah I see, the singer shall be from the mountains of Virginia," and so, Aaron Barr was born. Flying through the air, the second dart dropped down in Przemysl, Poland. "How cute, a potato baby will be the guitarist.

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