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Brutal Death Metal

Gallows For Grace

Gallows For Grace is a technical death metal band from Perth, Australia. Formed in early 2006, Gallows for Grace is the creation of five like minded musicians aspiring to produce a new sound. As a result, their music has evolved into an original, energetic, brutal and melodic blend of death metal, metalcore and thrash metal with an extremely dark undertone.
A blazing onslaught of technical riffery, lightning fast drumming and crushing guttural vocals, GFG's debut EP attempts to push the boundaries of death metal by blurring the line between traditional and modern styles.

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Psycroptic is a technical death metal band from Hobart, Australia. The band is currently signed to Nuclear Blast and has so far released four full length albums. They formed in 1999 by brothers Dave (drums) and Joe (guitar) Haley who had previously been involved in a band called Disseminate. That group had recorded a demo in 1998 before disbanding. Shortly afterward, the Haleys created Psycroptic with Cameron Grant on bass and vocalist Matthew Chalk, who soon after became a drummer with established local death metal act M.

Impending Doom

There are two bands with the name Impending Doom: 1) An American deathcore band from California
2) A black/death metal band from Germany (now split-up) ----- 1) Impending Doom is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California. Brook Reeves and Manny Contreras started the band in 2005 with ex members Chris Forno, Isaac Bueno, and Jon. After releasing the The Sin and Doom of Godless Men EP, Greg Pewthers joined on third guitar.

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Incarcerate is a five piece metal outfit originating from in and around Hobart, Tasmania. Combining determination, many various styles of metal/music and adding their own style of playing skills and abilities to the mix. Thus creating Incarcerates unique and individual sound. The band was formed around 2004 with intentions to play some gigs and meet new people during the process. During the time from 2004 up until now the band has gone through many changes member wise and style wise. After many ups and downs with members, the line up finally feels right.


There are several bands called Devastator. There is a thrash/death metal Devastator from Newfoundland, Canada; thrash metal band Devastator from Malaysia; death metal Devastator from Poland; two American bands - one a black/thrash band from Florida and the other a speed metal band from California; thrash metal band from Italy and lastly a German death metal Devastator, for which the following biography was written.

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Cock and Ball Torture

Cock And Ball Torture was formed by three ex-members of Carnal Tomb. The band's style may be compared with their countrymen Gut, the German legend of grindcore, as it is mid-tempo grindcore with pitch-shifted vocals and lyrics based on porno. Their style has slowly changed since the beginning, through porngrind to brutal death metal. CBT appeared as a trio in early 1997 and after six months of rehearsals visited a local studio to record a promo tape "Cocktales" which appeared in several underground zines, getting very good reviews.


Atmospheric, unorthodox death metal from Auckland, New Zealand. Formed in 2000. 2008 / 2009 - Everything is Fire
In 2008 Ulcerate the band's line-up changed considerably - after much consideration the decision was made to opt for a return to the lower pitched vocals utilised during the band's demo period, and so bassist Paul Kelland stepped up to take over the vocal duty from Ben Read. A new second guitarist Oliver Goater was found to replace Michael Rothwell after a more-than-amicable split. With a new, streamlined line-up, the band prepared for album no.2 ...

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