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Beyond Terror Beyond Grace

Forming in 2004, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace play a unique blend of Scandinavian influenced- grindcore, black metal, ambient and atmospheric death metal. Since their formation the band has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the metal world including Carcass, Obituary, The Black Dahlia Murder and Pig Destroyer, played shows across Australia on multiple occasions including an Australian tour in February 2010 with New Zealand’s Ulcerate and released two albums; Extinction|Salvation in 2007, and Our Ashes Built Mountains in March 2010.

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Insidious Torture

Insidious Torture is Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore from Australia (Melbourne, Victoria)
Insidious Torture formed in late 2008. A Melbourne based 3 piece, Death Metal-Grind outfit, featuring Matt "Skitz" Sanders on drums, Dan O'Grady on guitars and Storma on vocals. Debut E.P out soon! Current line-up:
Storma - Vocals
Dan O'Grady - Guitar (Damaged (Aus), Terrorust)
Matt "Skitz" Sanders - Drums (Damaged (Aus), Abramelin (Aus), Invocation (Aus), Hellspawn (Aus), Deströyer 666, Cemetery Urn, Terrorust, Humonic, Sadistik Exekution)

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Aborted Jesus Milkshake

Aborted Jesus Milkshake Taking entertainment to unwelcome and unpleasant new realms. Australia’s premiere Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band, Aborted Jesus Milkshake, want you to witness firsthand the death of all things resembling enjoyment. Heralded as simultaneously the best Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band in Australia, they are also largely believed to be the worst overall band in Australia, beating many other popular contenders for the title, such as Short Stack and The Veronicas.

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Cerebral Bore

Cerebral Bore are a Death metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although the name was used with different members in 2004, the cerebral bore that exists now wasn't born until 2006. From then, the main focus of the band has been to write brutal music and bring it to metal fans all over the planet.
The Band recorded the E.P. "The Dead Flesh Architect" in November 2006, and played their first show the same month.

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