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Animals as Leaders

Animals as Leaders is a Washington, D.C. based instrumental progressive metal project by guitarist Tosin Abasi. Their self-titled debut album was released in April 2009 by Prosthetic Records. Animals as Leaders was formed "out of the ashes" of guitarist Tosin Abasi's previous band, Reflux. The heavy metal record label Prosthetic Records saw Abasi's guitar work and asked him to create a solo album for them.


Progressive metal band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1994. So far they have released four full-length albums, an EP and a demo. Discography:
Edge of Existence, full-length, 1996
Dawn... A New Beginning, EP, 1999
Promo, demo, 2003
9 Elements of Inner Vision, full-length, 2004
A World Full of Grey, full-length, 2007
The Unseen, full-length, 2008

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City Of Fire

IAN WHITE (GUITAR) Fire, when burning, is in a state of turbulence, unrest, reliance and dependence. When extinguished, it becomes calm and unattached, freed from its own limitations. Fire can only occur when properly provoked, much like the creative mind. Creativity, like fire, can only burn with sustenance - that essential element that keeps the fire burning.

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There are several artists under the name of Labyrinth 1. Labyrinth is an Italian progressive power metal band created in 1991 in Tuscany, with famous former members (who has left the band since) like Fabio Lione (singer, Rhapsody) or Olaf Thorsen (guitarist, Vision Divine). Formed as Vision, which was later changed to Morbid Vision, and finally Labyrinth in 1994. The band members used to use pseudonyms, many of which were anglicized versions of their own names.

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White Walls

There are at least two bands called White Walls: 1. A progressive metal outfit from Constanța, Dobruja (Romania) -
Their first album is released by asiluum as a free download on 1st october 2010. 2. A Punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
3. A band from Melboure
"DOOMGAZE" or DOOMGAYS - both applicable 4. Noise / Dark-Ambient from Newcastle, UK.

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Fragmenta are a Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Adelaide South Australia, formed in April 2007. It consists of Duncan Fisher on guitar and vocals, Zac Backs on guitar, Mike Ward on bass guitar and Cameron Hynd on drums. Fragmenta's sound takes influence primarily from Bay Area Thrash and Classic Heavy Metal combined with progressive and melodic songwriting styles while adopting the tight rhythmic qualities of modern metal stylings.

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There are four artists using this name: (1) Swedish band mixing classical electronica with trip-hop, industrial, big beat and indie rock. ( (2) Helm is the solo project of Luke Younger, one half of the London/Berlin noise duo Birds Of Delay and guitarist for avant-weirdos Spin Spin The Dogs. Drawing equally upon noise and ambient elements, the music on Impasse illustrates Younger’s continuing development within the field of experimental electronics and drone composition.

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Protest The Hero

Protest the Hero is a band from Whitby, Ontario. Formed in 1999, when they were just 14 years old, they originally used the name Happy Go Lucky, but changed their name before releasing their first EP, A Calculated Use of Sound, to Protest the Hero. This was followed by the release of their first full length, Kezia, on the indie label Underground Operations. On January 23, 2006 the band officially signed with Vagrant Records for Kezia's United States release.

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Alpine Fault

In February 2005, Auckland-based guitarists Antony Royle and Derek Wu teamed up with South African classical violinist Yvette Van Wyk to form an experimental symphonic metal project called Iraena’s Ashes. Joined in the studio by bassist Kris O’Brien and drummer Robert Bryson, the group recorded two tracks which would signal the beginnings of a new brand of Kiwi Metal.
Later that year, the 5 track ‘Severance’ EP was released by the band now known as ALPINE FAULT.

Synthetic Breed

Psychotic blasts of biomechanical fury, pulsating poly-rhythms and annihilating metronomic precision are the signature sounds of Australian based Metal band, Synthetic Breed. Demonstrating an extensive knowledge of the Metal genre; with songs composed by the cream of local Australian talent that expose some of the most explosive and talented players on the scene today, Synthetic Breed have performed with the best Metal acts that Australia has to offer.

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