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More than one artist shares this name. (1) Voyager (Australian)
VOYAGER is an Australian melodic progressive metal band.
VOYAGER, from Perth, Western Australia, was founded in 1999 and released its debut album "Element V" in 2003. Their most recent album is "I am the reVolution", released in October 2009 via Dockyard 1 (Germany). The album has received critical acclaim. VOYAGER have toured Europe twice and around Australia a number of times. Voyager Myspace

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UK-based metallers Tesseract will celebrate the dawn of a new decade with something truly special when they unleash their debut album ‘One’. The record will mark the realisation of a bold, experimental creative vision that began in 2003 as a solo writing project in the mind of guitarist Acle Kahney and has subsequently spawned one of the most hotly tipped metal bands in the UK. Since the formation of the band’s five-piece line-up in spring 2007, Tesseract have picked up richly deserved props from peers (Textures, Meshuggah) and press (Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Scuzz) alike.

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There are at least three artists with the name Elegy: 1. Elegy are a progressive metal/power metal band from the Netherlands. They formed in 1986. 2. Elegy was the name of a melodic death metal band from Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa. They are now known as Riddare av Koden after changing their name due to copyright issues with the original Dutch band Elegy as mentioned above. 3. Elegy produced a series of minimal electronic EPs for the labels Likemind, ART and B12 in the mid-1990s.

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Arbrynth are a folk inspired metal band from the outer east of Melbourne, Australia. Drawing from a vast array of influences, Arbrynth have developed a sound that reflects the colour of folklore, woven with their heavy metal roots. The result of this unlikely combination of darkness and light is a style of music which takes the listener on a journey of love and loss, set against a backdrop of nature and earth.

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1) Crowned. Australian Atmospheric Black Metal.
2011 release Ainulindale
Email for a free CD 2) Crowned, a 3-piece metal band formed in 2004 in Saratoga Springs NY is composed of Sam (19,guitar) and Justin C(18, drums) and Justin W(19, guitar). They originally covered several songs under the name "Excoriated" and changed their name in early 2005. All of Crowned's discography is up for free download. Check their myspace at
The latest EP, re-mixed by Sam, can be downloaded here

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There are four bands with the name Monuments: 1. The first was a minimal synth band from the early 80's. Members: Andrea Costa and Mauro Tavella from Torino - Italy. 2. Monuments is a progressive\math metal band from UK.
Band's line-up:
John Browne - Guitars, production
Adam Swan - Bass
Mike Malyan - Drums
Olly Steele - Guitars 3. A progressive hardcore band from Germany (

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1) Severin hailed from Washington, DC. and played shows from 1990-1993. Severin releasing four singles; three on Superbad Records, and one on Sub-Pop. In 1992, the band released their only full-length, "Acid To Ashes, Rust to Dust" on Dischord. Characterized by weaving and dueling guitar melodies puncuated by frenetic rhythms, Severin broke genres with urgent pop hooks and dischordant structures.
2) Séverin is a french artist creating synth-style music. Best known for his album Cheesecake.

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Formed in early 2005 in Brisbane, Australia. DEAD LETTER OPENER met whilst they were studying music and technology at a Brisbane University, and initially formed the group to complete a recording project imperative to two of the members studies. The potential of becoming a full-time was realised almost immediately and DLO set out to finalise their debut EP and secure national distribution for it. Managing to record and produce the entire EP as a band with help from a friend from University, who is now their full-time live sound engineer...

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Formed around 1990 in Los Angeles, California, United States, by drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, vocalist Maynard James Keenan, and original bassist Paul D'Amour, Tool is a band that is most noted for combining industrial rock with a wide variety of progressive structures, irregular time signatures and lyrics that range from angry diatribes to meditations on philosophical and social matters.

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Rise of Avernus

RISE OF AVERNUS are a doom metal five piece from Sydney, Australia. The brainchild of guitarist / vocalist Ben Vanvollenhoven (Ex-STODOWA) and vocalist / keyboardist, Catherine Guirguis (KATABASIS, Ex-BLACK HORIZON), the music is based around the incongruent, yet complimentary combination of Guirguis’ classically inspired piano melodies and Vanvollenhoven’s monolithic riffs. Through their duelling vocal personas, Guirguis and Vanvollenhoven explore dark, poignant themes with impassioned arrangements and a unique down tempo theatricality.