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Sceptic is a Polish death metal band founded in 1994 by Jacek Hiro (ex-Decapitated, Dies Irae, Virgin Snatch). Marcin Urbas (one of the fastest 200 meter sprinters) handled the vocal duties for the first 3 albums (Blind Existence, Pathetic Being, Unbeliever's Script), but is currently a session member due to his sport career. Weronika Zbieg (Totem, Doctrine X) handled the lead vocal duty on the latest album, Internal Complexity.

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1. Denise Katrina Matthews (born January 4, 1959), better known as Vanity but sometimes credited as Denise Matthews-Smith or D.D. Winters, is a Canadian-born singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model, and full-time preacher. She was the lead singer for the Prince-mentored female trio Vanity 6, which recorded the 1982 R&B hit "Nasty Girl". Matthews formally gave up her stage name "Vanity" and became a born-again Christian in 1994, the year she almost died from the effects of snorting cocaine.

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Sceptic & Dseeva

Sub Conscious Records announce the release of Sceptic & Dseeva's sophomore album Calm Before The Storm via Green Distribution - Available December 9th online at Waterfront Records & iTunes and at all good independent Leading Edge, JB Hi Fi, HMV and Sanity stores around Australia!!!
Artist - Sceptic & Dseeva
Title - Calm Before The Storm LP
City of Origin - Sydney AUS
Released - December 9th 2011
Musical Style/Genre - Hip Hop/Rap
Label - Sub Conscious Records
Distribution - Green Media

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There are two bands that go by the name Hung: 1: Hung is an Extreme Progressive Metal band from the United States. The violinist Lyris Hung gives the name to this band which is quite an original mixture of melodic death and black with progressive elements, plus the unusual addition of a electric violin. 2: Hung was a high school band formed by Chad, Jordan, Mark, and Dan. The played several Ann Arbor, MI shows before disbanding to form several other bands including So&so and the Down-Low and Paranoid Nation.

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Opeth is a progressive metal band from Sweden that is influenced by many diverse musical styles ranging from jazz, 1970s progressive rock, death metal, and blues. Their recent releases have deviated from their traditional death metal influenced style, with more emphasis on progressive elements. Vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt is also noted for utilizing both clean singing and death growls, often in the same track.

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Gods of Eden

Genre : Technical Death Metal / Progressive Metal
Current Location : Sydney, Australia
Band Members :
Ian Dixon - Vocals
Danni Perez- Guitars/Acoustics/Synths
Andy Suppradit - Guitars
Mike Barillaro - Bass/Backing Vocals
Blake Barillaro - Drums Gods of Eden are a band pushing the limits of creativity and technical ability. Starting out as the solo project of guitarist Danni Perez in 2010, the band has developed into a full five piece line up that combines a fanatic love of heavy metal with an alternative view of modern society’s dystopian ideals.

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Aeon Of Horus

Aeon of Horus is a progressive/technical death metal band formed in Canberra, Australia in 2006. Their style consists of of fast and heavy technical riffs, blasting drums and powerful growls. Aeon of Horus have released one self titled demo/EP and one full length album entitled, "The Embodiment of Darkness and Light" to positive acclaim. After parting ways with guitarist Barry Feeney and bassist Chris Pratt in 2009, Aeon of Horus announced on the 19th of September 2010 that the band had found a new guitarist and bassist.

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Alarum is a four piece technical fusion-metal band from Melbourne, Australia. They combine influences of death metal, progressive metal, jazz, and thrash.
They are stylistically quite similar to early-90's pioneers Atheist and Cynic. They are also known to play Death covers in live shows -- another band which influences them greatly. Alarum are currently working on their third album, Natural Causes set for release in early 2010.

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1) Gojira is a progressive death metal band from Bayonne, France. Their lyrics focus on life, ecology, and spiritual themes. They were formed in 1996 by brothers Joe Duplantier (vocals and lead guitar) and Mario Duplantier (drums), Christian Andreu (guitar) and Jean-Michel Labadie (bass guitar). They had initially named their group Godzilla, but due to legal constraints had to change their name. They therefore chose to re-name their band Gojira - the original Japanese version of their name (in Japanese Gojira means gorilla-whale or gorilla the size of a whale).

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'neath is a progressive/death metal band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Initially drawn together through a combination of adolescent naivety and musical curiosity, 'neath have evolved from sheer neighbourhood-clearing clamour into a modern progressive death metal band who are continually evolving towards a sound of their own. Inspired predominantly by European death & doom metal, 'neath are constantly searching for ways to distinguish their sound within the metal genre...