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Emerald Vale

Emerald Vale is a 5-piece Australian Metalcore/Deathcore band. They where founded in 2009 on the gold coast by drummer Grady Hopkins and Guitarist Ryan Valois, soon they started to recruit new members with a second guitarist Cody Waldon, vocalist Zane Keating and finally Toby Adams on bass. In late February 2010 the band released a 5 song demo with which they have begun to build up a solid fan base around south east Queensland. Emerald Vale have gained much speed due their intense live sets and their unique blend of metalcore and deathcore

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Extortion are a Hardcore/Powerviolence band from Perth, Western Australia.
- Demo Tape (2005)
- Extortion 7”/CD (2005)
- Degenerate LP/CD (DEEP SIX/Common Bond, 2006)
- Control 7”/CD (DEEP SIX/Trial And Error, 2007)
- Sick LP/CD (Common Bond, 2008)
- Split w/ Rupture 5" (2008)
- Split w/ Agents Of Abhorrence 7" (DEEP SIX, 2008)
- Terminal Cancer EP (Shortfuse, 2009)
- Split w/ SEPTIC SURGE 7" (RSR, 2009)
- Split w/ Jed Whitey 7" (distort, 2009)

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Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly are a hardcore band out of Wollongong, Australia. Mary Jane Kelly have released two E.P's to this date, the first one released was Marionettes in 2007 (this was considered a demo by the band themselves), and Our Streets Turn White was released on the 11th of October 2008 through Trial and Error records. "Like There's No Tomorrow", 2010, is their latest release, an 11 track record also released through Trial and Error records.
Members (2009):
Justin B - vocals

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Alana Bruce

Alana Bruce is a 25 yr old Melbourne based musician, who has been involved in a variety of projects. Trained in both classical and contemporary music, Alana began her musical exploration at a young age, learning the piano as a child and the guitar as a teenager. Exposed to a wide range of musical styles, including Classical, Jazz, Rock, Samba and Bossanova at high school, she graduated in the top 10 in the state for VCE solo performance piano. Delving further into composition, Alana broadened her musical vocabulary through her exploration of a diverse range of sounds and styles. Tags: 
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The Waifs

The Waifs (originally styled as The WAiFS) are an Australian folk rock band formed in 1992 in Albany, Western Australia, by Josh Cunningham (guitar, vocals), and sistersVikki Thorn (née Simpson) (harmonica, guitar, vocals) and Donna Simpson (guitar, vocals). Their tour band includes Ben Franz (bass) and David Ross Macdonald (drums).

The band's 2003 album Up All Night reached the top five of the Australian Albums Chart, it achieved double platinum status and won four ARIA Awards in October. Two further top five albums were issued, Sun Dirt Water in 2007 and Temptation in 2011. The Waifs have three top fifty singles, "London Still" (2002), "Bridal Train" (2004) and "Sun Dirt Water". The band supported Bob Dylan on his 2003 Australian tour and then his 2003 North American tour, including a gig at the Newport Folk Festival.

The Waifs founded the independent label Jarrah Records in July 2002, co-owned with fellow musician John Butler, and their common manager Phil Stevens, which handles their Australian releases. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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There are at least 10 artists with this name: 1) Samsara is a small Indie/Noise band from Freiburg, Germany. In its current constellation "Samsara or the breakdown of everything that might have been real" exists since November 2005. They compose music you might call "Indie-Noise". In addition, they are not a cover band, never were, never will be.

2) Samsara a French Oriental/Post-Rock band from Toulouse. 3) Samsara is a hardcore band from Australia.

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The Panics

There are two artists listed under The Panics. 1.) The Panics are a band from Perth, Western Australia who started out while Jae Laffer (singer /guitarist & keyboards) and Drew Wootton (Guitar) were still at high school. They added Drew's younger brother Myles Wootton on drums, Paul Otway (Bass) and Julian Douglas (Keyboard/ Guitar and Vocals) soon after. They were signed to the UK-based label LittleBIGMAN Records, a label set up by Pete Carroll and Gaz Whelan co founder of The Happy Mondays.

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Dialectix (born 1986) is from Blue Mountains, Australia. Establishing himself as an essential member of the Sydney scene, Dialectrix broke out in 2004 as part of Triple J Unearthed winners Down Under Beats, realising the skills ever present since his beginnings as an MC at the age of 14.. Featuring heavily on their albums Hiphoperation and Under Raps along with label mate Chasm’s Beyond the Beat Tape...

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Mike Noga

Mike Noga is one of Melbourne's most prominent and active musicians, currently the drummer for The Drones, percussionist/drummer for Mick Turner, and former drummer in the Legends Of Motorsport and Sandro. Orginally from Southern Tasmania, Australia he moved to Melbourne at the tender age of 18. His first solo album ‘Folk songs’ was recorded and produced by J. Walker (Machine Translations). The album features guest appearances by Kirsty Stegwazi (The Bites), Andy McKenzie (Legends Of Motorsport) and Mr.

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Rubix Cuba

Its the 25th anniversary of the Rubiks Cube Rubix Cuba: an 80's commercial fad crossed with a communist stalwart. A contradiction. Whilst appearing happy on the outside and in their music, Rubix Cuba are a deep and melancholy band (not that you'd guess it) with songs from the heart...which they wear on their shirtsleeves!! The Rubix Cubans bring a ball of energy to any stage and are bouncy, photogenic and annoyingly catchy.

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