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Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel

Country band, from the country. Fair dinkum. Live in Melbourne now and tour a bit. Won an award. Young, fun, enthusiastic. Great musicians. Sal has a fabulous voice and stage presence. She plays banjo sometimes. Banjo! Tags: 


Morgan Lewis, better known in the hip-hop world as Morganics, is an MC, Beatboxer, Bboy producer. He is also involved in hip hop theatre and teaching beat-boxing and MC'ing to community centres, jails, schools, theatre companies and remote Aboriginal communities. Known for the hit 'Down River' by the Wilcannia Mob featuring three young Aboriginal boys rapping to a beat-boxing soundtrack, Morganics continues to encourage others to use their own words, terms and language as he does to try to make hip hop our own.

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Synperium are a deathmetal band from the southern highlands of nsw(sydney Austraila). Playing technical deathmetal with influences from decapitated, nile, necrophagist, spawn of possession, origin and death to name a few..... Synperium has always been a band that has progressed and evolved, bringing tight, technical and intense metal to australian audiences. in 2007, synperium released the EP "transfiguration" , and began spreading its music around the world via mailorders and the internet.
2008 saw the band sign to local australian record label, Just say Rock Records.

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Kinematic have been making music for a while and it's something they love doing. They've created a mix of sonic treats, ranging from thoughtful folk music to distortion laced indie rock, with a whole bunch of indie pop songs that fall somewhere in between.

Kinematic are unsigned and independent. They’ve managed to self-produce a string of single, album and video releases and the band are justifiably proud of that. They do everything … writing, recording, producing, releasing, promoting … which means they have the freedom to do whatever they want, and to do it their own way.

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Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin (born 1975) is an Australian comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, musical director and a self proclaimed rock 'n' roll megastar. He was born in Northampton, England, and grew up in Perth, Western Australia. He attended UWA (University of Western Australia) before launching onto the world stage at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival by winning the Best Newcomer Perrier Comedy Award.

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Jess Locke

Jess’ growing live set brims with subtle, resilient melodies, and savvy, considered lyrics. They not only drive, but are also suggested by, the vocal melodies. Her songs are crafted like poems, little machines of intelligence, love, melancholy desire and concision. While drawing on influences from well-known artists like Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith and Cat Power, Jess has developed her own assured and confident voice that takes these artists’ work as a point of departure rather than an ideal to be achieved. She’s very much her own artist.

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Justice Crew

Justice Crew are an all-male hip-hop dance and musical group from Sydney, Australia, who were the winners of Australia's Got Talent in 2010. The group consists of Emmanuel Rodriguez, Samson Smith, Omar Kamara, Lenny and John Pearce, Anastasios Repousis, Lukas Bellesini, Paulie Merciadez and Solo Tohi. They cover many forms of dance, from Krumping to B-Boy, Hip-Hop and Breaking. Justice Crew made their musical debut in August 2010 with the single "And Then We Dance". Tags: 
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Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson is singer/songwriter based in Melbourne. He released his debut album Wish It All Away in August 2008. "Makes it clear he sings from his heart, not somebody else's" 4/5 Sydney Morning Herald
"Would sit comfortably on the shelf next to your Pete Murray CD's" 3.5/5 Sunday Telegraph Currently recording the follow up album, under playing in Melbourne as Dave Anderson & The Wine Merchants.

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Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is the frontman of Australian rock band You Am I. He has released several solo albums of a more folksy nature to his You Am I work: with the Twin Set:
What Rhymes With Cars And Girls? (1999) with the Temperance Union:
bonus disc to You Am I's Dress Me Slowly (2001)
Spit Polish (2004)
Ghost Songs (2005)
Dirty Ron (2005) Solo:
The Luxury of Hysteria (2007)

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