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Seasick Steve

Steve Wold, more commonly known as Seasick Steve, is an American bluesman, although he rather would be called "a song and dance man." He plays guitars (mostly personalised), and sings. When asked about his nickname, Steve said: "because it's just true: I always get seasick." He is a 21st Century blues man, who reaches back to the old traditions but also has a punk sensibility, and a gravelly, soulful voice.

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Mama Kin

There are two Artists: 1. Mama Kin , Australia
There is something primal and infectious about soul delivered this way.” Nick O’Byrne, AIR Independent Reviews
Fresh from a rollicking run of summer headline dates and festivals, WA soulstress Mama Kin is pleased to announce the release of her second single, To My Table, a song that bristles with New Orleans swamp and a foot-stomping groove.

From the debut album...

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Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris, CBE, AM (born 30 March 1930), is an Australian/British musician, singer, composer, painter, and television host and personality. Biography Named after Rolf Boldrewood, an Australian writer his mother admired, he was born in Bassendean, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, Australia, to Cromwell ("Crom") Harris and Agnes Margaret Harris (née Robbins) who had both emigrated from Cardiff, Wales. He is the nephew of Australian artist Pixie O'Harris, (1903-1991), i.e. Rhona Olive Pratt, née Harris.

The Whitetop Mountaineers

The Whitetop Mountaineers is made up of Martha Spencer and Jackson Cunningham from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. They are both members of the Whitetop Mountain Band. As a duet act, Martha and Jackson have toured across the United States and abroad (Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England and Australia) playing concerts, festivals, workshops, and dances. Their shows consist of old timey country harmony singing, bluesy mandolin/guitar, old time fiddle/clawhammer banjo tunes, and flatfoot dancing. Tags: 
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Gypsy & The Cat

Gypsy & The Cat are a pop duo from Melbourne, Australia. Lionel Towers and Xavier Bacash began writing and recording together in 2008. They are currently preparing a debut album for release in 2010. A handful of tracks made the blog circuit during the summer of 2009, including "Til Tomorrow," "The Piper's Song," and the estimable "Jona Vark."

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Beth Dariti

Beth Dariti (born Elisabeth Leondariti in Athens) is a Greek/British musician, based in North London. Raised in a musical family, she soon picked up music and began playing the piano at the age of 6. Beth started taking classical guitar lessons at the age of 10; 3 years later her family moved from Greece to England where she developed her percussive guitar style. Started playing with Adrian Roye in 2004 and they have both established their names in the London circuit, mostly playing as a duo, in many venues...

The Pogues

The Pogues are a popular Irish folk rock band of the 1980s and 90s. They have a strong following, essentially invented celtic punk and had a large influence on the larger celtic fusion scene as well. The Pogues were founded in King's Cross, a district in north London, in 1982 as Pogue Mahone — "pogue mahone" being the Anglicisation of the Irish póg mo thóin, meaning "kiss my arse." The band specialized in Irish folk music, often playing with the energy of the punk rock scene from which several of the members had their roots.

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Carus Thompson could easily take a well earned break. Either solo or with his band Carus & the True Believers he has toured the world relentlessly for the last ten years, garnering substantial followings in the U.K, Germany, France and Australia. He has sold over 30,000 CDs independently, supported luminaries such as Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, John Butler and The Waifs and been a regular a many of the major festivals.

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Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine is an American songwriter and musician from Brooklyn, New York, who is known for alternately introspective and political lyrics and melodic acoustic guitar tunes. He cites his influences as Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Guns N' Roses, Brother Paramo and Nirvana, among others. He grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, and has spent significant time in Manhattan and Queens as well. Devine graduated Fordham University at Lincoln Center in 2001, majoring in journalism. He also played in an indie/punk/emo band called Miracle of 86 after the (Miracle) New York Mets.

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