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Metallic blast and noisy rock riffage coated in weird sci-fi sheen. Imagine pounding through the battle of Hoth on a Ton-Ton with Fenriz decapitating enemies by your side. Featuring dudes from Melbourne/Canberra hardcore/noise rock outfit Brisk. Tags: 
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Oscar + Martin

Phoenix, ashes, you know the story. Formerly members of Melbourne art-pop weirdos Psuche, Oscar Thorne and Martin King continue their former bands' sonic voraciousness (drum machines, synthesizers, children’s toys and Thorn’s tape loop experimentation), but add a swishy, concise pop sensibility and some hot new beats into the mix. The result: joy x1million.

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Songs are a Sydney based band (featuring members of New Zealand's post-punk wailers This Night Creeps and Ela Stiles of sisterly-duo The Said Sos) that do only simple things. From their single-syllable handle to their hand-drawn artwork to their music itself; it all has to be simple. Born in mid-2007, Songs have only been playing to the public as of this year (2008). They have signed a deal with Sydney label Popfrenzy (home to other acts such as The Gossip, Black Mountain, Jeremy Jay, The Ruby Suns and a whole bunch more) and have since played shows with Deerhunter...

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Kingfisher is a Dutch math/post improvisation-jam band from Delft, Leiden and Utrecht.
Influences range from bands like Toe and Owls to Ghosts and Vodka and I'm not a gun. Bandmembers include: Edoardo-guitars, Pim-bass, Sebastiaan-drums

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Omar Offendum

OMAR OFFENDUM is a Syrian-American MC/Beatmaker - born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Washington DC, and living in Los Angeles. He started his musical career off as 1/2 of The N.O.M.A.D.S., co-produced the critically-acclaimed "FREE-THE-P" Mixtape, participated in "The Arab Summit" project, co-authored the "Brooklyn Beats 2 Beirut Streets" performance-lecture, & was featured on several major news outlets (BBC/ Yahoo/ ABC News/ Aljazeera/ Reuters). Tags: 
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Cleptoclectics, aka Tom Smith, samples things, plays various instruments, and extrapolates via granular synthesis to create dense, idiosyncratic music. Warm textures, a distinctive tonal range, and staggered rhythms develop into a subtle form of reverie. Cleptoclectics has released music on assorted labels and compilations, remixed various artists, and has performed alongside Mark Pritchard, Peter Hollo, Laurens Pike, Underlapper, Seekae, Kusum Normoyle, Naked on the Vague, Flying Lotus...

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Amanda Merdzan

Amanda Merdzan is a singer/songwriter, from Perth -Australia, with a 'heart-on-sleeve/indie/folk' style that sends her songs bursting with raw honesty and emotion. With a strong emphasis on lyrics, her stories are told sparing no intimate details, taking you to the core of her content. Amanda Merdzan started writing, as the front-woman, for her former band, who launched their EP in 2007, playing to over 300 people at their launch.

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