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Hardcore band
from, Shelton, Hamden,
United States Pissed Off Connecticut Hardcore. They have played with such bands as Death Threat, Terror, Ramallah, The Fearless Vampire Killers, The Hope Conspiracy, Doomriders, Ignite, Down To Nothing, Comeback Kid, Pale Horse, Black My Heart, Death Before Dishonor, Sinking Ships, Modern Life Is War, Guns Up, Shipwreck, and First Blood just to name a few. Be on the look out for a East Coast Winter Tour.
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KillaQueenz are one of the most promising Hip Hop acts coming out of Australia right now. They are renowned for their high energy shows and unrivalled dedication to the art. Hailing from Uganda and Belize, Kween G and Belizean Bombshell draw inspiration from their respective homelands to bring a fresh sound to the Australian Hip Hop scene. The girls first met at the 2000 Olympic Games where they were individually performing and through a passion of Hip Hop music KillaQueenz was formed.

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“It’s not too bold a statement to say goodbyemotel are one of the finest indie rock bands currently plying their trade.” Inpress Magazine. goodbyemotel have just finished recording their new EP "Wish Your Way”. It was recorded and produced by Julian Mendelsohn, who has worked with greats such as Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys, INXS and Jimmy Page. The recording experience was amazing and produced four new tracks. Tags: 
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The Optionals

The Optionals are a rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band has played with acts such as The Porkers, Gazoonga Attack, Leatherface(UK), Frenzal Rhomb, Bouncing Souls(USA),Unpaid Debt, Zombie Ghost Train, and Stockholm Syndrome.

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Darren Sylvester

Darren Sylvester is an accomplished Melbourne visual artist and photographer turning his efforts to brilliant 80's inspired synth pop. He draws much inspiration from New Order, but there is much to be found in his self titled debut album such as the heartbraking wall of sound tribute found in the song 'Phil Spector'. Darren will be one to watch in 2010 having gone relatively undiscovered in 2009 which is amazing given the man has such talent. Tags: 
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Sydney based dj/producer. Armed with a unique ear, deep collection and the skill for combining diverse sounds edseven has built a reputation as one of Sydney's premier freestyle selectors. Production wise edseven's musical scope and influences are evident as he writes everything from off kilter hip hop to broken dancefloor business. Production credits include a digital 12" on Straightup Recordings, remix work for Knowfoowl records artists Rephrase, Cookin' on 3 Burners and Unique records artist dj Regal(Bronx Dogs/Wiseguys member).

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