The Ivys

Based on Sydneys Northern Beaches, 2009 saw the release of their massively fancied debut EP INSIDE OUT and their critically acclaimed national tour with UKs KEANE. 2010 brought some changes to the line up and a regeneration of an already unique sound bringing new songs, new directions and a massive lift in energy. Lead singer and songwriter Luke Hannaford has been working on new material for most of this year, tapping a raw and rich vein of ideas that leaves the band with tough choices about what they should take into the studio.

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Sugar Army

Trying to describe Sugar Army is both joyfully easy and nightmarishly hard. On the one hand you can talk in hyperbole and superlatives, and cover the essential description – that the band is quite unarguably beyond compare – but to try and describe their sound in detail is infinitely more difficult. As you listen to The Parallels Amongst Ourselves, you’ll come to understand just why this is the case, and that it is a very cool problem to have. Right from the spine-tingling opening of Parallels, it’s pretty obvious that this journey is one into unfamiliar territory…

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Pel Mel

Pel Mel were an Australian post-punk music band. They formed in Newcastle, Australia in mid 1979 and moved to Sydney, Australia in late 1980. They toured and recorded until 1984. They had some success in Sydney's inner-city music scene and released their debut single <a title="Pel Mel &ndash; No Word From China" href="" class="bbcode_track">No Word From China</a> in 1980. By the time they released their 1983 album <a title="Pel Mel - Persuasion" href="" class="bbcode_album">Persuasion</a>, they had developed a light indie pop sound. The album had limited commercial success and Pel Mel disbanded shortly afterwards. Some of the members played in the the band The Limp.

Electric Jellyfish

Electric Jellyfish are a 3-piece collaboration from Melbourne, Australia. The band has extensively toured both Australia and the United States of America since 2007. Their 2008 EP The Woods was recorded entirely analogue by Head Gap studios in Melbourne, Australia, and pressed to cassette by American label Ecstatic Yod. Their 2010 self-titled LP was released in March on Twin Lakes Records.

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The Broken Hearts

Formed a couple of years ago by Nisha Thirkell, Amber Jane and NJ Whitey. The Broken Hearts girls are well known faces on the London/European DJ and Burlesque scene and are regular DJs at club nights such as Stunners International, Rakehell's Revels and the Café de Paris. Playing an upbeat, eclectic mix of 1920s oddities, '30s – '50s swing, '60s girl-group pop and classic rock 'n' roll, the girls have brought excitement to dance floors across Europe. Their first single 'Black Cat' was released on Mute Irregulars, and sold out immediately.

Box Elder

Box Elder is a band from Adelaide Australia. Their sound has evolved between noise and indie pop influences including bands such as Pavement, Sonic Youth, Frusciante, Joy Division, the Strokes etc along that vibe. Shows may include second drum kits, glockenspiel, harmonica, synthesizer and a variety of percussion instruments, layered on top of three guitars, bass and drums. Oh, and delay. Their first EP 'Rewind the Fall' was recorded, mixed and mastered in their homes and will be physically available soon. Plans for recording of tracks for an album are evolving alongside new material.

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Run Squirrel

Run Squirrel is a 4 piece rock outfit from Newcastle, Australia. Featuring members from many other well known Newcastle folk, punk, post-hardcore and metal bands (Like... Alaska, Captain My Captain, Caverns, Bats & Battleships) their eclectic tastes mash together to form a cohesive and intense sound akin to At The Drive-In, Brand New and other bands in and around the various "post" genres.

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