Naked on the Vague

Naked On The Vague (NOTV) were born out of discontent with the malady of nothingness. This nothing fuels their stabbing assault of doom laden experimental punk.
Bands releases: Chitty Chat (Sacred Bones 2009) 7", The Blood Pressure Sessions (DualPlover 2007/ Siltbreeze 2008) CD/ LP, Mickey Mouse Headache Tapes (Near Tapes 2009) C30 cassette/ CDR, Poltergeist Palm (Skulltones 2008) 7” vinyl, Sad Sun (Sabbatical 2007) CD, Naked On The Vague (Dual Plover 2006) 7” vinyl, and "Heaps of Nothing" (Siltbreeze 2010) - their first album as a band.

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Primitive Calculators

The Primitive Calculators were an Australian post punk band of the 1970s, known for their use of a screeching Mosrite Ventures model guitar, primitive synthesizers (a Wasp and Roland SH2) along with an electronic organ played through effects pedals, and an extra fast drum machine keeping time (Roland CR-78). Their frantic, low-fidelity sound pumped out of Marshall Combo amplifiers. Loudly. Their music was influenced by proto-punk New York acts like The Godz, The Velvet Underground, Texas 60's psychedelic punk...

White Lies

There are at least three artists who have used this name
1. A popular indie band from London, England
2. A singer from Belgium
3. A rock band from Devon, England 1) A three-piece London indie band formed from the ashes of Fear of Flying in late 2007. The line-up consists of singer/guitarist Harry McVeigh, bassist/lyricist Charles Cave and drummer Jack Brown. Unfinished Business (released April 29th 2007) was their first single, released on Jack Brown's label Chess Club Records. This single was released on a vinyl 7" format only and was limited to 500 copies.

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The Domino State

"The Domino State make brooding, intense music that knocks spots off much of the competition". Class of 2008 - Indie acts to hit the big-time over next 12 months." The Independent "In heart-in-lungs showstopper ’Iron Mask’, The Domino State have got one of the singles of the year...everyone should be falling over themselves to go see ’em…" The Fly "When we say that The Domino State really could join that list of life changing important bands its really not a case of PR hyperbole but a statement of fact.


Walter Gross and Bizzart form Screwtape. An experiment in lost and found sound and noises and samples of some of the weirdest and just most obscure shit I've ever heard. But one thing I've learned about Walter Gross and one thing I've trained myself to do, is to listen to the beats and melodies he hears in his head, and when you break down those walls that tell you what you're listening to is just noise, you'll hear it too.

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Epithets is a collective-type arrangement led by Nick Smethurst, formerly of Let's Not (but say we did) and Mr. Maps, and presently also of Carry Nation and Lion Island . For the self-titled debut release, the ensemble of players is made up of current or former members of Let's Not (but say we did), To the North, Carry Nation, Lion Island, Rialto Decibel Choir, The Paper and The Plane, chalkandcheese and others. It was recorded by Steve Bartlett (Skinny Jean, Mr. Maps)

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The Rapture

There are two bands sharing the name Rapture:
1. An American dance-punk group
2. A common mistake for a finnish death/doom band actually called "Rapture". 1)The Rapture are an American rock band formed in San Francisco. The band mixes influences of post-punk, dance-punk, acid house, disco, electronica, and more. The Rapture formed in 1998 by drummer Vito Roccoforte and guitarist/vocalist Luke Jenner. After relocating to New York, the original bassist left and was replaced by Matt Safer.

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Electric Jellyfish

Electric Jellyfish are a 3-piece collaboration from Melbourne, Australia. The band has extensively toured both Australia and the United States of America since 2007. Their 2008 EP The Woods was recorded entirely analogue by Head Gap studios in Melbourne, Australia, and pressed to cassette by American label Ecstatic Yod. Their 2010 self-titled LP was released in March on Twin Lakes Records.

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