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Shane Nicholson

The Brisbane-born Shane Nicholson is an accomplished singer-songwriter with two critically acclaimed, yet commercially unsuccesful albums under his name - 'It's A Movie' and 'Faith & Science' - and a best-selling duet album with wife Kasey Chambers under the name Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson 'Rattlin Bones'. He also released 2 EPs and an album with his band Pretty Violet Stain, who broke up in 2001.

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Totally Gourdgeous

Totally Gourdgeous play instruments made from gourds, but that's just the start of it.
Penelope Swales (guitar), Carl Pannuzzo (drums), Mal Webb (bass, mbira and bugle) and Andrew Clermont (violin, mandolin and guitar) sing songs (written by them and a few dear friends) of love, fellowship and environmental sanity. Folk-Funk-Philosophy. Outrageous eclectic beauty, united under gourd. Imagine Joni Mitchell and James Brown getting down in Bob Marley's pumpkin patch in glitzy costumes.

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Hailing from Brisbane (Australia), Nefaria is the epic hard hitting metal result of years of hard work and musical dedication. Following the demise of previous projects, guitarist Pete and bass player Brett continued to work on writing and sharpening their existing material. The search began for like-minded musos to start a new project and with the arrival of Adam on drums and Dave (aka Neckbeard) on vocals, Nefaria was born.

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oh ye denver birds

The title "Oh Ye Denver Birds" was taken from a phrase out of the book "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac. Oh Ye Denver Birds is a project formed by Dominic Stephens in late 2008 and has now become a quartet. Oh Ye Denver Birds is known as an ambient, alternative folk band with elements of surf rock and accapella and is based in Brisbane. Some have written "haunted alternative folk with pop sensibilities...Ambient melodies from the early morning, earthly percussion and choir-like harmony". Somewhere between Grizzly Bear and The Beatles.

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Parades are a young art rock band from Sydney who wisely choose to create their own music with no outside input or interference. Featuring Dan Cunningham, Tim Jenkins, Michael Scarpin and Jonathan Boulet – Parades’ debut album Foreign Tapes is out now via Dot Dash Recordings. The album is expansive and ambitious; a haze of pop harmonies, post rock guitars and electronic meanderings. Drum Media did a great job describing the band when they said

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Please be aware that the tracks StayFeelregret, Flatline and Lock and Load are by Smudge (UK).. please head over to for their profile. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thankyou Smudge Australia
Smudge is a pop band which formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. The group is fronted by vocalist and guitarist, Tom Morgan who co-authored The Lemonheads breakthrough 1992 album It's A Shame About Ray as well as a number of other hits for that group.

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