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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Able is an Australian band comprised of Joel Houston, Marty Sampson, Luke Munns, and Michael Guy Chislett (of The Academy Is...), who broke up in 2001 after winning the Channel V Leg Up Competition so that they could pursue their activities with the Hillsong United band.
2) Able is the name of an ambient electronic artist from Denver CO. His music is on the netlabel
He fuses acoustic with minimal sounds and field recordings to create highly enjoyable, nostalgic sounding music.

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The Wallflowers

The Wallflowers (US)
A rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States
The Wallflowers, best known for hits like One Headlight and 6th Avenue Heartache from their 1996 album Bringing Down The Horse. Their lead singer, Jakob Dylan, is the son of folk legend Bob Dylan. The Wallflowers started out in 1989 playing alongside other aspiring rockers at Canter's delicatessen in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. The band signed to Virgin Records and made a self-entitled album, the cover of which had a picture of all the band members' feet, and drummer Peter Yanowitz' dog.

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That 1 Guy

Imagine the brainchild of Dr. Seuss, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Stanley Kubrick and Rube Goldberg, and you begin to understand the spectacle of a That 1 Guy performance by Berkeley, CA-based, classically trained musician Mike Silverman. As inventor and player of The Magic Pipe, That 1 Guy’s show has to be seen to be believed, as he single-handedly (and foot-edly) plays his amazing instrument, made out of miked steel pipes with a single, thick bass string wired from top to bottom, not to mention an Appalachian handsaw, an electric cowboy boot and belching smoke.

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Fair Maiden

Fair Maiden was born in 2008 as the lo-fi solo baby of Adelaide SA songstress
Ellen Carey (Birth Glow, Clue to Kalo, Jemima Jemima). Ellen’s sweet and unsettling mystical folk project soon spread its thorny limbs to encompass brother Joel Carey (Wolf & Cub, Peak Twins, Lost Animal), Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, Kitchen’s Floor, Peak Twins) and ex-Birth Glow bandmate Stephanie Crase (Batrider, Hit the Jackpot, No Through Road). New album out late 2012..... Tags: 
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The Medics

A Dutch indie/rock band from Utrecht, formed in the spring of 2008. Along the way, The Medics have been labeled as 'Morrissey on speed', but gain also heavy influences from bands like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and The Killers. Early 2009 The Medics released a three song EP. In October 2010 The Medics released the first single called City. Listen to this single + two remixes.

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The John Butler Trio

The John Butler Trio is an eclectic roots/jam band from Australia led by guitarist and vocalist John Butler. Two of the band's albums, Three (2001) and Living 2001-2002 (2003), have gone platinum in Australia, each reaching the top ten of the Australian album charts. John Butler was born on April 1, 1975 in Torrance, California to an Australian father and American mother. He moved to the small Western Australian town of Pinjarra on 26 January 1986 when he was eleven.

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Doves are an alternative rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom consisting of Jimi Goodwin (vocals, bass) and twin brothers Jez Williams (guitar) and Andy Williams (drums). They are joined on stage by Martin Rebelski (keys). They are known for their large, epic sound, which combines dovetailing guitar lines with driving percussion and a penchant for atmospherics. Unusually, both Williams brothers have also contributed lead vocals.

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In The Wake

There are a few bands with the name In The Wake. Hopefully you can tell our musics apart [1] In The Wake, a four piece band from Wichita, Kansas, performs/writes/records original music. With each member of the band having different musical influences the music that ITW writes has a unique sensibility that appeals to a broad audience. In The Wake's live shows are very high energy, the band demands attention with raw, but refined performances.

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