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Mammoth Mammoth

We are the loudest and greatest band in the history, of the history of the world. We rock so hard it sometimes kills unicorns. The size of the rock that we produce transcends what the human and animal brain can take in. The bowels empty, the cerebral cortex shuts down. To be truly MAMMOTH, both sonically and visually, each member is united in their willingness to bleed, bleed from the fingers, bleeds from the face and bleed from the goat bag.

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Justice Crew

Justice Crew are an all-male hip-hop dance and musical group from Sydney, Australia, who were the winners of Australia's Got Talent in 2010. The group consists of Emmanuel Rodriguez, Samson Smith, Omar Kamara, Lenny and John Pearce, Anastasios Repousis, Lukas Bellesini, Paulie Merciadez and Solo Tohi. They cover many forms of dance, from Krumping to B-Boy, Hip-Hop and Breaking. Justice Crew made their musical debut in August 2010 with the single "And Then We Dance". Tags: 
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