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Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat are an indie-rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They formed in 1999 as a synthpunk band with Matt Marnik, who eventually left the band, on lead vocals. Steve Bays (vocals and keyboards) took over lead vocals, significantly changing the band's sound. The rest of the band is currently composed of Paul Hawley (drums), Parker Bossley (bass), and Luke Paquin (guitar). Paquin replaced former guitarist, Dante DeCaro, while Bossley recently replaced bassist Dustin Hawthorne. The band's name was contrived by drummer Paul Hawley.

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Pete Murray

Pete Murray is an Australian singer-songwriter whose second album Feeler released on 21 July 2003 went to number one on the Australian charts on 29 March 2004 and has so far achieved six time platinum status. The third single "So Beautiful" has made the Australian top ten in the singles charts in 2004. Pete Murray was also nominated for two ARIA awards in 2003. In 2005 he released the album See The Sun with the lead track "Better Days", followed shortly after by "Class A" and most recently "Opportunity."

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Foxy Shazam

Deep in the vast midwest Cincinnati's Foxy Shazam has spent the past year prior to their 2005 independent release (The Flamingo Trigger) writing, recording and carving their groove into the regional music scene with their loud atchable musical nonsense backed up by thier tideflunkty and marzegatie stage show. Foxy Shazam has strived to become a band that can take a non-directional sound and make it directional; utilizing blasphermizized piano and sloppy oof bass and guitar licks to create very organized noise which collides doosledly with a tastefully skewed pop sensibility.

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Laura Imbruglia

Quirky, punk/folk musician from the suburban Central Coast, just north of Sydney, Australia, an area that continues to provide a setting for some of her tart, witty lyrics. Laura Imbruglia performs both as a solo act and with a band. She is also the younger sister of Natalie Imbruglia. Known for her sense of humour ("Don’t Stray From My Site" – email lover, don’t stray from my site. be the server to my heart. let’s make megabytes of love. Yahoo! we're compatible.), Imbruglia has been active since releasing an EP with Mr Hollow Body back in 2003, titled It Makes a Crunchy Noise.

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Karnivool is a five-piece progressive rock group based in Perth, Australia that was formed by Ian Kenny in 1996, who at the time filled the roles of both guitarist and vocalist for the band while they played Carcass and Nirvana covers. Their name stems from the band being initially described by local fans as "a bunch of clowns". Their style of music can be classified as both progressive rock and alternative rock, with alternative metal undertones. Major influences of the band are Nirvana, Radiohead, Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Tool, Soundgarden and Carcass.

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TV On The Radio

TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn, New York, USA-based band that was formed in 2001. Their music is difficult to classify and is often described as art rock or post-punk, but is educated by a diverse spectrum of styles including freeform jazz and a cappella music, psychedelia and trip-hop, modern soul and classic '90s indie rock, giving them a unique and original sound. The core members are Tunde Adebimpe (vocals, loops), David Andrew Sitek (guitars, keyboards, loops) and Kyp Malone (vocals, guitars, loops), but the band is accompanied by additional members when performing live.

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Heaven the Axe

"A band who's name says it all. The Heavenly sound of melody, with the Axe attack of real power. They've got the gritty attitude we've come to expect from all Aussie bands, but definitely have their own edge." - Malcolm Dome (METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE/TOTAL ROCK RADIO UK) "One of the hottest talents in Australia today - I'm a huge fan." Andy Grace National Night Show Host at WS FM / GOLD 104.3 (Major Australian Commercial Broadcaster)

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Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe (born Nicholas Drain Lowe, 24th March 1949, Walton-on-Thames, England) is a singer-songwriter, musician and producer. A pivotal figure in U.K. pub rock, punk rock, and new wave, Lowe has recorded a string of well-reviewed solo albums. Along with vocals, Lowe plays guitar, bass guitar, piano, and harmonica. He is perhaps best known for his songs "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding" and "Cruel to Be Kind", as well as his production work with Elvis Costello.

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Devo is an <a href="">American</a> <a href="" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">rock</a> group formed in Akron, Ohio, United States in 1972. The band split in 1991 and returned in 1996. The band currently consists of Gerald Casale (vocals, bass), Mark Mothersbaugh (vocals, synthesizer), Bob Mothersbaugh (guitar), Bob Casale (guitar, keyboards) and Josh Freese (drums). The band released their first album in 20 years, "<a title="Devo - Something For Everybody" href="" class="bbcode_album">Something For Everybody</a>" on June 15, 2010.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Former The Runaway's guitarist Joan Jett began forming the Blackhearts, a backing band for her burgeoning solo career, with manager Kenny Laguna's assistance circa 1979. Since then the roster has included the current lineup of Thommy Price on drums, guitarist Dougie Needles and bassist Enzo Penizzotto and numerous predecessors like Gary Ryan, Eric Ambel, Danny Furious, Lee Crystal and Kasim Sulton.

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