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Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art Is Murder is a five-piece deathcore band hailing from New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. They have a 2005 self released demo titled This Hole isn't Deep Enough and a 2008 EP released under Skull And Bones Records titled Infinite Death. In July of 2010, they released their debut full-length album The Adversary in Australia and to iTunes.
Thy Art is Murder is categorized by their extreme sound, so heavy it is on the border of grindcore and technical deathcore. Their sound is centered around their exceedingly fast drum beats and a tag-team of down tuned guitars.

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There is more than one artists by the name of SIR: 1. Formerly a husband/wife duo (divorced during the production of "Trapped in a World of Make Believe") from Melbourne, Australia, Sir specializes in minimal, down-tempo, haunting pop/folk that, at its roots, is certainly more creepy than catchy. The music is cinematic & dreamy with a strong sense of unease. The arrangements generally include church organs, lonesome guitars, and vintage, dusty ambience. 2. Sir is a queercore band from Philadelphia, PA. Sir is fronted by Jesse Adams on vocals and trumpet.

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Ezekiel Ox

Ezekiel Ox is a musician from Melbourne, Australia. He fronted the band Full Scale from 1998-2005; after their break-up he formed Mammal with Pete Williamson, Nick Adams and Zane Rosanoski. Mammal disbanded in October 2009. In late 2009 he took part in a Full Scale reunion of sorts with Tristan Ross (guitar), Ben Brennan (bass) and Matt Crute (drums). This new incarnation of the band changed their name to Full Scale Revolution in 2010, performing several successful small-scale tours of Australia, before disbanding again on September 6 2010. Ox is currently active with several projects:

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A Mexican guitar was the catalyst for the formation of Intercooler in 2001. Had it been made in the US, perhaps the story would read a little differently. Jaded by the ‘struggling artist’ cliché, Joel Potter (bass) hung up his instrument and pissed off to the UK, perhaps resigned to the fact that running around in circles for the sake of music wasn’t worth it. Meanwhile, back in Oz, vocalist and guitarist Phil Ballantyne was getting restless.

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Dallas Frasca

It's no surprise that "Not For Love Or Money", the debut album by Aussie roots/rock powerhouse Dallas Frasca has a sense of exhilaration and dynamics throughout. That's because Frasca and her partner in crime, Jeff Curran (guitarist) wrote the tracks during a heavy-duty bout of touring. "It was recorded in five studios around the country over an 18 month period - and was basically written to have an empowering impact on the listener," reveals Frasca.

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Wolfmother is a Grammy Award-winning hard rock band formed in Sydney, New South Wales in 2000. The band originally consisted of Andrew Stockdale (guitar, vocals), Chris Ross (bass, keyboards), and Myles Heskett (drums), though Ross and Heskett left the band in August 2008. With the original line up Wolfmother released one album, Wolfmother, and six singles, the highest-charting of which was "Joker and the Thief" which reached number eight in Australia.

In 2004 Wolfmother began appearing at several high profile music events, such as Homebake and the Big Day Out. They also released their debut self-titled EP through Modular Recordings.

In 2005 the band made their way to Los Angeles, working alongside producer Dave Sardy (of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Marilyn Manson, and Oasis fame) to record their self-titled debut album, released in October 2005.

In 2006 Wolfmother dominated the Australian Recording Industry Association awards (ARIAs), taking Best Breakthrough Album, Best Rock Album, and Best Group.

In August 2008, after headlining the Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay, Australia, bass/keyboard player Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett resigned, leaving just singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale. Andrew planned to find new musicians before recording another album.

From February 2009 the new line up appeared in two secret gigs under the name Whitefeather. The band officially consists of Dave Atkins on drums, Ian Peres on bass and organ, and Aidan Nemeth as the surprise fourth member and a new guitarist. The new line up's first album, Cosmic Egg, was released in 2009.

Now drummer Dave Atkins has decided to leave the band to spend more time at home with his family; he will be temporarily be replaced by The Mooney Suzuki and Har Mar Superstar drummer Will Rockwell-Scott.

There is only Andrew Stockdale, Chris Ross, and Myles Hessket. The three new guys are only lies. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia.
Norse formed in 2005 with accumulated members from previous Australian metal acts Celestial and Blackthorn, their first release was a 4 track EP Titled 'The Unrelenting' combing many elements of extreme music, from within the extreme metal world.
Over the past 5 years, Norse have experimented with many scales and modes to achieve a very unique musical composition style, Combining Intense speed and well contsructed melodies whilst never diverting from their atmospheric tonal centre.

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