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Metals is Christopher Coe and Candice Butler. Chris is a Melbourne based producer/writer/DJ who has been composing, performing and releasing recordings under the Digital Primate moniker for several years now. His most recent release "Keep Calm and Carry On" was mixed by The Mad Professor. Raised in South Australia, Candice was a published poet at age 11 and grew up on stage and TV, performing as a dancer and actor throughout her childhood. Tags: 
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The Broderick

The Broderick are a Hardcore band out of Melbourne, Australia. Their debut E.P 'Illusion Over Despair' was released back in 2007 on Washed Up Records and was rated among the best hardcore releases of '07 by the listeners of SHORT. FAST. LOUD on Triple J. They're currently writing a full length due for release towards the end of 2010. Check out for tour dates, news etc. Members:
MARC - Guitar
BEN - Bass
ASH - Drums
LOGAN - Vocals

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Short Stack

Short Stack is a pop group from New South Wales, Australia, which formed in 2005. The band started when its three members, Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb met at Hunter School of the Performing Arts. That year, they entered Youthrock, a competition for school-based bands. They failed to pass the first round of the competition, which motivated the band to work harder and subsequently placed 3rd when they entered in 2006.

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Stone Parade

The voicemail is simple "Just past the laundromat then turn left, you'll hear us when you get there". Alex is a man of few words. Inside a poorly lit factory, behind walls of guitars, old paintings and broken amps I find drummer Billy Handley hanging out his washing and cleaning up dirty dishes which have been left on the sink against his wishes. He's not a happy camper as his sign above the sink clearly states "Wash up your own stuff morons!" You see...

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LOREN is the name for more than an artists. 1. LOREN is the performer of some songs from the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies as well as the opening and ending theme songs of SEGA's Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II games. 2. LOREN -: AUSTRALIAN based singer/songwriter. Down to earth and humble, Loren is a hard-working troubadour revealing a musical ambition that dazzles. Courtesy of five releases and a huge live presence, he is a testament to what one can create within an independent music scene.

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There is more than one artist with this name 1. Anchors are a fast, melodic punk band from Melbourne, Australia. Their self-titled debut EP is available through Gormandise Records. Their second EP 'Songs For Lily' is available for free download at 2. Anchors is a Pop / Punk / Rock band from the Downriver area (south of Detroit, Michigan). Separately, they've been around a long damn time.

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Friends With the Enemy

Friends With The Enemy are a fast melodic punk band from the Gold Coast, Australia. Formed in Oct 2009, FWTE released their debut EP 'New World DisOrder' in Sept 2010, followed by a tour in America, with shows supporting Guttermouth and Versus The World. Also supporting Guttermouth in their recent tour of Australia. In February 2011 Friends With The Enemy won Triple J’s Unearthed competition to play Soundwave Festival, sharing the stage with Iron Maiden, Pennywise, Social Distortion, Millencolin, New Found Glory, Sum 41, and many more..

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Hold Your Own

Hold Your Own is a hardcore band hailing from the Central Coast, NSW Australia. They have released their debut EP What To Call A World and a second EP Dead Days. Tags: 

Lime Spiders

The Lime Spiders are an Australian band which play a hybrid of garage and psychedelic rock. Lead Singer Mick Blood formed the band in the early '80s with guitarist Gerard Corben, bassist Tony Bambach and drummer Ricky Lawson. The Spiders released their monumental single 'Slave Girl', on the Citadel label, in 1983. In the years to follow, the Spiders issued one amazing single after another: 25th Hour, Out of Control, Weirdo Libido, My Favourite Room, and Volatile. Slave Girl would go on to be one of the best selling independent singles of the 1980s.

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