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Astriaal is a black metal band from Brisbane, Australia. The band formed in the winter of 1998 as a three piece with Baaruhl on both vocals and guitar. Astriaal released their debut demo 'Glories of the Nightsky' in October 1998 with Baaruhl playing both bass and guitar. Since the addition of bass player Murtach in 1999, Astriaal's line-up has remained solid. The band's first live show was as support to Nazxul in November 1998.

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Dirty Charlie

1) Underground rapper from San Luis Obispo, California.
2) Hardcore Punk band from Brisbane, Australia. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 2) Dirty Charlie was born and raised in San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California. Dirty Charlie has been apart of many different underground rap groups such as Homicidal Youth, Forbidden Records, Virus Music, and the So High Clique.


Pikelet is a band from Melbourne, initially just the name for solo artist Evelyn Morris (Baseball, True Radical Miracle), who begun playing music in indie and hardcore bands as a drummer and vocalist. After leaving these bands, she started overlapping acoustic guitar, piano accordion, voice and alternative percussion techniques with a looping pedal, and created a handmade demo CD, 'Chair + Lamp', unofficially released in mid-2006, followed by another self-released EP, entitled...

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Adrian - Vocals
Simon - Bass
Jonny - Guitar
Josh - Guitar
Nic - Drums Strong new metalcore band from western Sydney. On the rise very fast and becoming well known for their great live performances. Currently writing their followup to "Hollow Existence", a full-length album called "Discoveries"

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1 - Against are an Australian (Brisbane) Hardcore band that have graced stages with some prolific bands such as Throwdown (USA), Numb (JAPAN), Ensign (USA), Day of Contempt, Identity Theft, Life Love Regret, Stronger Than Hate, Restraint, Mourning Tide and The Nation Blue. They have a metal sound with old school hxc style. forceful guitars and high pitched screaming. these boys know how to entertain, and will not be "Left For Dead" under any circumstances.

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Segression was a heavy metal band from Wollongong, Australia. Originally known as Eezee and playing sleaze metal, the group decided to change its name after moving into in a thrash direction in mid-1994. As Eezee, the band had recorded an EP in 1993 and the 1995 album Rise From Darkness. The group had also played support shows with Morbid Angel, Machine Head and Deicide. The line-up at this time was Christiaan Rand (bass, vocals), Chris Sellin (guitar), James Broadbent (guitar) and John Buckley (drums).

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Kill For Satan

Kill For Satan comprises members from well known and respected Australian metal acts (Armoured Angel, Psychrist, Exceed). KFS formed in 2002 initially as a cover band playing tribute to classic eighties thrash bands such as Slayer, Exodus, Bathory, Venom, Dark Angel, Sodom, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Destruction and many more. As a natural progression, KFS began writing original material in early 2004 for their first release. Thy Kingdom Undone features seven tracks of the Metal of Death in the vein of the bands they had previously paid homage to.

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Please be aware that the tracks StayFeelregret, Flatline and Lock and Load are by Smudge (UK).. please head over to for their profile. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thankyou Smudge Australia
Smudge is a pop band which formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. The group is fronted by vocalist and guitarist, Tom Morgan who co-authored The Lemonheads breakthrough 1992 album It's A Shame About Ray as well as a number of other hits for that group.

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Noiseworks was an Australian rock band that formed in Sydney in 1985. The lineup of Noiseworks was Jon Stevens (lead vocals), Stuart Fraser (guitar), Steve Balbi (bass), Justin Stanley (keyboards) and Kevin Nicol (drums). Considered to be one of Australia's more successful rock bands of the late 1980s, their self-titled debut in 1987 had a series of successful singles, such as "No Lies," "Take Me Back," and "Welcome to the World.

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