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Jack On Fire

Powered by a steady musical diet of old time country legends and modern day guitar bands, Ben Blakeney is the skilful master and commander of Perth ex-pats Jack On Fire. The core of the band have a rich history, with Blakeney, Samantha Wass (acoustic guitar/keys/accordian) and Dave Thikerttle-Watts (bass) having played together in eight piece West coast dreamy popsters, Institut Polaire. Jack On Fire is completed by Wass' old friend George Hyde, a fellow country music aficionado, and superb guitarist.

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Bag Raiders

BAG RAIDERS Sydney dancefloor princes Chris Stracey and Jack Glass have already built up a Bag Raiders hype storm. Here's why. "Fun Punch", the lead single from the Bag Raiders EP, was resolutely flogged by all those in the know and landed the duo on "best of 2007" lists and compilations galore. The Power Rangers inspired film clip received over 700,000 views on YouTube! The Raiders then forward-rolled into 2008 with the release of a second EP on the Bang Gang label, "Turbo Love".

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Emerging from the depths of Sydney's underground comes Bioweapon, a brand new hardstyle group born from the hottest talent from all walks of the dance music world. The two minds behind the project are Inverse, Orbit1. Inverse and Orbit1 being world renown hardcore djs having remixed for such artists as Watergate, Alphabeat, Riva, Dj Seduction and Sharkey. With releases on Nukleuz, Warped Science, Thin n Crispy and countless other hardcore labels and even had tunes featured on Konami's DDR games, their manic energy and studio expertise are in great demand globally.

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The Spoils

A band from Melbourne, Australia, playing a rock/gypsy/circus/caberet style (with lashings of folk/country) that might be likened to Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen crossed with Nick Cave, sprinkled with a bit of Paul Kelly and Marlene Dietrich.

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After shaking the foundations of Australia’s extreme metal underground for over 10 years, founding members of Melbourne black metal warlords, Anarazel, Dean (vocals) and Roman (drums) have joined forces with guitarists Scott (ex-Severed Crow) and Josh (ex-Agave Maize), and bassist Andrew (ex-Grim Lock) to produce a formidable new outfit, Malichor. The 5-piece whose name translates to “the tainted blood of gods”, brings a variety of influences to the table, ranging from old school thrash, to 90’s style death... Tags: 
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Belle Haven

Good day dear sir/madam, We hope this letter finds you well. Unfortunately, if you are reading this then all six members of Melbourne metalcore band Belle Haven are dead; mercilessly cut down by rogue cybernetic robots while playing a brutal set at an awesome venue. Please be advised that the zombie Belle Haven will still be performing shows in Melbourne and abroad. Check out the band page for upcoming events, songs, videos or to volunteer your brains to be consumed so that we may continue our rampage of undead destruction.

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Just Say Go!

An Australian Youth Crew Hardcore band, disbanded in late 2007.
Sing-a-long oriented. In late 2003, 4 kids got together in a small practice space in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley with the intentions of having fun and playing hardcore with heart and message. Drawing influences from the likes of Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, Bold, Chain of Strength, In My Eyes, Time Flies, Mouthpiece, and other youth crew bands, led to a fast paced, energetic sound.

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Garage Pressure

Garage Pressure is made up of Farj and Paul. They are dubstep and grime dj/producers, hosting the Garage Pressure Show on FBI Radio (94.5 FM in Sydney, Australia) and weekly podcast. They run Aquatic Lab, Australia's first dubstep label. Farj and Paul are dedicated to developing and promoting new sounds in the growing dubstep and grime scene. An archive of the podcast can be found at their official website:

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