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From Adelaide.
We'r called Remassacre.
We are a 5 piece heavy hardcore metal band.
We have a demo out and are looking forward to releasing an EP some time at the end of the year or start of next year. They're Demo has 4 songs.
1.You Stand For Nothing
3.A Door best left closed.
4.Naughts and burning crosses They are a fucking sick band haha

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Segression was a heavy metal band from Wollongong, Australia. Originally known as Eezee and playing sleaze metal, the group decided to change its name after moving into in a thrash direction in mid-1994. As Eezee, the band had recorded an EP in 1993 and the 1995 album Rise From Darkness. The group had also played support shows with Morbid Angel, Machine Head and Deicide. The line-up at this time was Christiaan Rand (bass, vocals), Chris Sellin (guitar), James Broadbent (guitar) and John Buckley (drums).

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Def Wish Cast

The first two Def Wish Cast hard core hip hop releases have become legendary. Both "Mad as a Hatter" 1991 and "Knights of the underground Table" 1992 are available for instant download or hard copy from Def Wish Cast hail from the west of Sydney and were contracted to my record company while still at school. Both recordings were engineered and produced by me Def Wish Cast, and Robert Bleeker at "Total Sound" Studio [].

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Muscles is an electronica musician from Melbourne, Australia. In October 2010 Muscles releases his new single, 'Girl Crazy Go' and new 5 track EP named, 'Younger & Immature'. Muscles' debut album Guns Babes Lemonade was released in Australia on 29 September 2007. The album entered the Australian ARIA Album Chart at #14 on 8 October 2007, reaching #3 on the Australian Artist Chart and #1 on the Dance Album Chart in its first week.

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Parachute Youth

Matt K Von And Jonny Castro are Parachute Youth, a super hot Australian duo originating from Sydney and Adelaide respectively, who met two years a go at a boring shindig, six or seven guys just bonging around the couch. After thirty minutes they left the less - than - party, went home, got arty and made their first track, titled "It Can't get better than this". By default the bong had created an incredible team

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Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art Is Murder is a five-piece deathcore band hailing from New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. They have a 2005 self released demo titled This Hole isn't Deep Enough and a 2008 EP released under Skull And Bones Records titled Infinite Death. In July of 2010, they released their debut full-length album The Adversary in Australia and to iTunes.
Thy Art is Murder is categorized by their extreme sound, so heavy it is on the border of grindcore and technical deathcore. Their sound is centered around their exceedingly fast drum beats and a tag-team of down tuned guitars.

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II is the one-man Black Metal project of DNAR. Formed in France during 2007.
ii (pronounced "i i") are a duo from Melbourne, Australia, who chart a course through guitar-based atmospherics, noise, instrumental pop and sound art. Comprising Alex Nosek (guitar, synthesiser, computer) and Jon Tjhia (guitar, synthesiser, computer, drum set), the group focusses equally on improvisation and premeditation, with an interest in breaking from melodic and harmonic structure.

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Alice Through The Windshield Glass

Formed in late 2007, Sydney's Alice Through The Windshield Glass ruthlessly fuse tech-death metal and hardcore, creating a menacing brand of modern death metal. Comprising of their 5 original members, the band have developed a predominantly deathcore sound with a writing style not commonly seen in Australia. Grant Eidintas and Adrian Sahid's guitar riffage have an evident European flair, accompanied by unrelentless waves of blast beats and double kick rhythms by Tim Cetin.

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Strange Tenants

Over 20 years on, as their legendary status has grown, most people are aware that Strange Tenants were the pre-eminent Australian SKA band of the 1980s. What is often overlooked today, however, is that at their peak, they were one of the most popular and successful live bands of any style. In the early 1980s, hundreds, sometimes thousands of fans - referred to by the music press as "the Tenants' army" - swarmed to their gigs up and down the east coast of Australia. Strange Tenants also did national tours with international acts such as U2, Style Council and UB40.

The Fearless Vampire Killers

The Fearless Vampire Killers are a hot surfy blues rock band from Melbourne who love to jive and vamp. Founders Seán Ainsworth, Al Marx and Dylan Lieberman formed the group while attending high school together in 2005. With 'not so bad' instruments and regular rehearsals, the band soon started playing gigs, mainly at friends' parties and school fetes, but it wasn’t long until the band exploded into the Melbourne music scene impressing the real hard arse, glass-throwing punters.

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