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Formed In: 03/03/2011
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
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<a href="" rel="nofollow">Bandcamp</a> Band Lineup:
Jack McWhinney - Vocals
Josh Todaro - Drums
Stephen Patti - Guitar
Ben Mouritz - Guitar
Jacko Hewitt - Bass Biography:
Delawarewolves have been playing packed out shows across Australia along side some of the nations largest hardcore bands, as well as some international acts. The 5-piece hardcore band pumps up the crowd with a party atmosphere, sing-a-long choruses and an energetic new sound.


'neath is a progressive/death metal band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Initially drawn together through a combination of adolescent naivety and musical curiosity, 'neath have evolved from sheer neighbourhood-clearing clamour into a modern progressive death metal band who are continually evolving towards a sound of their own. Inspired predominantly by European death & doom metal, 'neath are constantly searching for ways to distinguish their sound within the metal genre...

the Native Cats

The Native Cats are a duo based in Hobart, Tasmania consisting of Julian Teakle (ex-Frustrations and Bad Luck Charms) on bass and Peter Escott on vocals, both program backing music.
The Native Cats frequently gig in Hobart and tour regularly to Melbourne. Escott's distinctive tenor and Teakle's punk credentials lend the band a musical distinctiveness that brought them to the attention of NME in March 2009 who singled them out as a band to keep an eye on.

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Kid Kenobi

Kid Kenobi is an Australian DJ who won People's Choice NSW DJ of the Year in 2001 at the Australian Dance Music Awards, and Technics Australian DJ of the Year in 2001-2005. He has been featured in FHM, Rolling Stone, Ralph and Urb and also writes for some music papers. Kid Kenobi has fans all over the globe and a large following in Australia. He has also mixed so many CDs for Ministry Of Sound Australia that they made him his own "Sessions" series. He recently mixed the Ministry Of Sound Clubber's Guide to 2007 with Goodwill.

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Electro-dance-slide_didg-slide guitar-flute-drums. I just heard these guys live at the Newtown Festival, Sydney, for the first time ever this weekend. They came down from the sunshine coast - north of Brisbane, where the tropical heat has obviously had a good influence on them. Sometimes dreamy and slow, sometimes upfront crowdpleasing pumpers - these guys rock! With four studio albums, OKA shows a wide variety in their music. Absolutely mind blowing. OKA is also a pop group from Finland.

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Tumbleweed is firstly a highly influential Australian rock band from the 90's, a country rock band from Norway and a bonecrushing instro/surf band from Sweden. Tumbleweed (Australia) filled the stoner-rock void in Australia during the heavy grunge years of the 1990s. As the opening band for Nirvana on their 1992 tour of Australia, Tumbleweed was able to reach out into the mainstream with their crunchy-psychedelica and the subtle vocal stylings of singer Richie Lewis.

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Arcane is the name of multiple bands: Arcane from Belfast, Ireland and play heavy rock/metal influenced by such bands as Tool, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and many more. Another is a progressive metal band based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Arcane is a 5 piece metal band from Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Two groups originate in the United States, one plays Thrash Metal, while the other is a Hip-Hop Group. Another is from Ulm in Germany. More Infos @

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John Williamson

John Robert Williamson Order of Australia (born 1 November 1945 in Quambatook, Victoria (Australia) is an Australian country music singer-songwriter. He is well-known for playing in Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL) clubs at various venues around Australia. Williamson has released over thirty-two albums, ten Music videos, five DVDs, and two lyric books. He has received more than twenty-three Golden Guitar Awards at the Country Music Awards of Australia and has won two ARIA Music Awards (A.

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Clandestien are a hip hop group hailing from Perth, Western Australia. The group consists of MC's Graphic and Tomohawk, and DJ Mortar. They are part of the Perth hip hop crew Syllabolix, who's artists appear on many tracks. Clandestien are widely known for their raw, abrasive lyrics and beats, and violent often disturbing content; though their songs are often full of political and social messages.

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