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Hell Crab City

Sydney, Australia band, Hell Crab City do rough and tumble pub-rock n' roll. Featuring ex-members from The New Christs, Panadolls, WWXXIV, Jim Cobain, and S-Bahn, their debut album "Nicotine Blues" is relentless garage-punk, rocknroll. Loud, dirty and nasty. In 2010 the band released its second album, "Full Bore" on Turkeyneck Records. Miles ahead of their debut in sound and balls out ferocity. Dual guitars blazing over the top of a powerhouse rhythm section.

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The Panics

There are two artists listed under The Panics. 1.) The Panics are a band from Perth, Western Australia who started out while Jae Laffer (singer /guitarist & keyboards) and Drew Wootton (Guitar) were still at high school. They added Drew's younger brother Myles Wootton on drums, Paul Otway (Bass) and Julian Douglas (Keyboard/ Guitar and Vocals) soon after. They were signed to the UK-based label LittleBIGMAN Records, a label set up by Pete Carroll and Gaz Whelan co founder of The Happy Mondays.

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Regurgitator is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia which formed in 1994. It consists of lead singer/guitarist quan Yeomans, bassist BEN ELY, drummer Peter Kostic and newly recruited keyboardist Seja Vogel. A blend of rock and electronica, they captured a devout following and have been credited for invigorating the Australian indie pop scene in 1996 with their debut album titled Tu-Plang. Regurgitator have undergone several changes in musical direction over the years, including a move towards hip-hop and away from their rock roots, which have not always been popular with some fans.

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Jonathan Boulet

Jonathan Boulet is the 20 year old Australian wunderkind whose music is both poignant and intelligent, but with a beauty so sincere it feels like a crime not to embrace. Boulet writes anthemic folk-pop born out of a world of endless campfires and tribal jam sessions. The prodigiously talented Boulet wrote, recorded, produced and played almost every instrument in his tiny garage studio, using whatever means necessary to accomplish this triumphant Self Titled debut

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1 - Against are an Australian (Brisbane) Hardcore band that have graced stages with some prolific bands such as Throwdown (USA), Numb (JAPAN), Ensign (USA), Day of Contempt, Identity Theft, Life Love Regret, Stronger Than Hate, Restraint, Mourning Tide and The Nation Blue. They have a metal sound with old school hxc style. forceful guitars and high pitched screaming. these boys know how to entertain, and will not be "Left For Dead" under any circumstances.

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The City Lights

The City Lights are a band from Sydney. They released their debut album "Escape From Tomorrow Today" in May 2004 on Ivy League Records in Australia and on Bittersweet Records in Spain and followed it up in August 2007 with "El Sol" on the same labels. They have just finished a brand new album called "I Just Got To Believe" with a release date of 14th September 2012. They have had a bit of a revolving door of great musicians coming and going…. HISTORY

Kirsty Stegwazi

Kirsty Stegwazi is a Melbourne-based solo artist. Her distinctive vocals and pop melodies are unpredictable and catchy, complemented by her idiosyncratic guitar style. Over the years, Kirsty has toured with the likes of Ben Harper, Cat Power, Sean Lennon, the Indigo Girls, and Chris Knox.

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