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Fenech-Soler is a band from Kings Cliffe, United Kingdom, that formed around 2006*. The band consists of Ross Duffy, Ben Duffy, Daniel Soler & Andrew Lindsay. Fenech-Soler released their debut album on September 27th 2010 on B-Unique. It's an album that begins with a blast, its opener Battlefields launching with a heavenly chorus of voices, Golden Sun plays with rhythms that summon up the sultriness of desert heat; The Great Unknown takes a distant echo on French House in new, dizzying directions.

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The Killgirls

The Killgirls are a 5 piece dance/rock band from Adelaide, SA consisting of Tony Irish (drums/percussion), Adam Hood (synthesizers), Nick O'Connor (bass/backing vocals), Rusty Hutchinson (guitars/backing vocals) and Mario Spate (vocals/synthesizers). The band formed in 2007 and after a few line up changes, they have been molding their sound and building a loyal fan base.
They have played all of Adelaide’s indie haunts, supported UK International’s...

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Piano Is Drunk

Piano Is Drunk are a Sydney based 2 piece band consisting of Jamie Lumb and Solomon Barbar. They play a heap of random gear and are the soundtrack to your nights when you want to hit the Jager and wake up in Hyde park with only one shoe on...

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Recently signed to Sweat It Out records, upcoming artist DJ Swick is quickly earning his reputation in the mash-up scene. Located in Melbourne, he plays fresh and original remixes and mash-ups of classic beats with current tunes. For a taste of his fresh flavour, download his free mixtape '30 Minutes of Swick' here: http://www.mediafire.com/?44zx1gqnzex

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There are at least five artists who go by the name Dexter: 1. A 26 year old producer, DJ and MC from Germany. He digs Flylo, Madlib and Oh-No as much as library music, psych rock and Amiga Schlager. Dexter is one of the founding members of the Generation Tapedeck blog. His latest LP is "Hi-Hat Club Vol. 3 – The Jazz Files". 2. Dutch electro DJ and producer. 3. A chiptune artist from the UK 4. Brazilian rapper, a former member of 509-E.

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Jack Beats

The brainchild of Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts), Jack Beats represent part of the new wave of British house music. Wobbly basslines, big breakdowns and edgy accapella’s are cut, copied and pasted together to create a floor-filling brand of house. Citing influences as diverse as Timbaland, Rage Against the Machine, A Guy Called Gerald and SebastiAn, this British duo demanded our immediate attention after their gob-smacking take on Boy 8-Bit’s anthem Fogbank dropped earlier this year.

Don Diablo

Small town boy makes it big; that pretty much sums up Don Diablo’s career path up to this date. But who is this Don Diablo dude that everybody seems to be talking about? Well, for starters he is a producer, musician, imaginary friend, DJ, singer, writer, visualist, record label boss and to some people, the uncrowned King of hooligan house, but let’s start at the beginning. Don Diablo’s musical journey kicked off at the age of fifteen, when he started making music for short movies he was directing.

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Sébastien Léger

The son of two professional musicians, for 10 years Sébastien attended the academy of music learning technique and musical theory on piano and drums. Soon he began visiting record stores, where he was introduced to a new world of sounds and styles. What he liked most was what he heard from the likes of Daft Punk and other dance electronic music pioneers, and before long he stepped behind the turntables.

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Boys Noize

Boys Noize is the moniker of Alexander Ridha, a German electro-tech producer and DJ. It's also the name of Ridha's label, boysnoize records, set up in 2005. Ridha was born in 1982 and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Between the ages of 6 and 14, he practiced piano & drums. Once he reached fourteen he began to purchase records and produce music with software. At sixteen, he started to produce in a studio with a colleague who would later be known as D.I.M.. He taught Ridha engineering over the next 5 years. At 21, Ridha moved to Berlin, Germany.

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