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Dead Light District

Five piece metal band from Bendigo, Australia formed in late 2009. Influenced by bands such as Lamb of God and Overkill.
The band consists of -
Brodie Stevenson - Vocals
Justin Morris - Guitar
Jackson Evans - Guitar
Glen Brown - Drums
Mitch Charlton - Bass Former Members -
Ryan Sens - Drums
Tom Lidall - Bass The band can be found on -
Myspace -
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Atreyu is a five-piece metalcore band from Orange County, California, United States that formed in 1998. The band consists of vocalist Alex Varkatzas, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Marc McKnight and drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller. The band was originally named "Retribution" but, when they found out that another band from Hemet, California had been using the name, they changed their name to Atreyu," after the character from the fantasy movie The Neverending Story (by Michael Ende) .

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Coerce, a four piece band from Adelaide and Melbourne Australia. The debut full length record titled 'Silver Tongued Life Licker'. Released as a LP w/ CD package on June 13th 2009. Coerce is:
Michael Deslandes
Matthew Adey
Karl Roberts
Justin Bond Web home & Music:
Contact: Their debut full length Silver Tongued Life Licker is a human tale and social summary, STLL shows all shades of a black and white rainbow.

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se bon ki ra

"Se bon ki ra", a Haitian proverb meaning Good is Rare, is a reflection of the current state of world affairs, human nature, governing bodies and the universe in general Presenting Australia’s next up and coming metal project featuring ex and current members from Sector III, Chakkra, Hammad, Fury, Obdurate Seduction and Truth Corroded. Since sebonkira's first show in November 07 they been busy on the local scene.

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Feed Her To The Sharks

Feed Her To The Sharks are a metalcore band based in Melbourne, Australia.
They released their debut album in early 2010 called "The Beauty of Falling".
They are said to be one of the most underated metal acts in the new generation of metalcore bands. Their massive breakdowns, tech riffs and powering vocals are making them one of Australia's biggest metalcore acts today.

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Ill Niño

Ill Niño is a band from New Jersey. The band was founded in 1998, they had released a demo EP in that same year with Jorge Rosado on vocals and Cristian Machado playing bass. The EP was entitled El Niño, when they were originally called El Niño, after the weather phenomenon. It wasn't until 1999 that they had officially formalized. After Rosado's return to his band Merauder, the band held auditions for a new vocalist, but ultimately decided that the best decision was for Cristian Machado to step up to vocals.

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Hand Of Mercy

Hand Of Mercy are a 5 piece Hardcore from Sydney, Australia.
The band have released on EP titled "Trash The Party" and have release their second EP "Scum Of The Earth". For fans of the Ghost Inside, Carpathian & Bury Your Dead.

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Metallica is an American metal band formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, United States when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in The Recycler. Metallica’s line-up originally consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine. Mustaine was later fired due to problems with alcoholism and drug addiction - he went on to form the band Megadeth. Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett took his place.

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Orphans of the sky

Hey all late 2010 update for you all... wow what a fuckin year it has been for us... member changes, international supports and awesome national supports due to line up changes comes style changes.
now blending a more death metal orientated sound to the likes of Job For A Cowboy and The Black Dahlia Murder, we have still got the little element of deathcore in our sound however that is due to the older songs being in our current set