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The Bullet Holes

The Bullet Holes are Owen Hopwood (Guitar & Vocals), Sean Bass (Bass & Backing Vocals), Brad Stevens (Drums & Backing Vocals.) Sounds Like: Jimmy Eat World, The Living End
Artist Website: The Bullet Holes are an explosive three-piece band outta Perth, Australia. Over the past year, they've taken the Perth local scene by storm, playing over 40 gigs, taking out first place in both "Gozzy Rock" (headlined by "I Killed the Prom Queen") and "Ampfest", received high rotation radio play (Nova...

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Reverend Beat-Man

here's the reverend beat-man story: "Hell make your back crack, your liver quiver, and your knees freeze. And if you dont dig that youve got a hole in your soul, so lets give a big warm welcome for the Rev, your Beat-Man, everybodys Blues Trash Preacher, the fabulous Reverend Beat-Man" Born in 1967 a year before the summer of hate, makes his first recordings as a 13 year old under the name Taeb Zerfall and putting it out on his own Zerfall Tapes label.. then 1986 founded the Monsters, and in 1984 changing the name from Taeb Zerfall to Lightning Beat-Man the Wrestling one man show.

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The Living End

The Living End formed in 1994 after lead singer/guitarist Chris Cheney and bassist Scott Owen were introduced to each other by their older sisters at Wheelers Hill Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia. Cheney, obsessed with 80s rockabilly group the Stray Cats, convinced Owen to learn the double bass instead of the piano and they started playing gigs under the name Runaway Boys after the title of a Stray Cats song. The group went through a succession of drummers before settling on Joe Piripitzi.

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Spellbound is group founded by Los Angeles based songwriters & producers Bobby Moon and Paul Thomas. Spellbound's music is a fusion of Funk and Tropical grooves. With over a dozen CDs released under their indie label Selfish Recordings they are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary with a brand new CD "United Front." There are 8 other bands with the name "Spellbound". 1) Spellbound are an Irish psychobilly band formed in 1986. 2) Spellbound is a German Thrash Metal band.

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The Quarters

The Quarters are a three piece Rock 'n Roll band from the home of rock; Melbourne, Australia. After a year of playing smaller local venues, The Quarters have been in and out of several different recording studios with new and improved orginals everytime. They are currently preparing to record a full length and take it on the road. The Quarters were handpicked (lube included) by Grinspoon to support them as well as Gyroscope, Little Birdy, The Butterfly Effect and more at Breakout Festival '07. The crowd at Festival Hall saw Stephanie's underwear everytime she bent down.

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Mad Sin

Mad Sin is a psychobilly band that has been around since 1987. It is based in Berlin. The band was founded by Köfte DeVille, who has stayed with the band the entire time while the band itself has gone through several lineup changes. Elements of punk metal with unique growls and screams are heard throughout the band's music. DeVille joined guitarist Stein and bassist Holly, they struggled around with the help of some friends, who organized gigs in several shady bars of Berlin.

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dan sultan

Dan Sultan was born with pure and extraordinary talent and is quickly gaining the momentum and recognition that he deserves. He was nominated for a 2006 Deadlys Award “Most Promising New Talent”, which has now been followed up by nominations in 2007 for Artist of The Year and Single Release of The Year for "Your Love is Like a Song". Dan was invited by Paul Kelly to contribute to the Kev Carmody tribute album and identified by John Butler who has funded Dan’s debut album through The JB Seed program.

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