Mad Sin

Mad Sin is a psychobilly band that has been around since 1987. It is based in Berlin. The band was founded by Köfte DeVille, who has stayed with the band the entire time while the band itself has gone through several lineup changes. Elements of punk metal with unique growls and screams are heard throughout the band's music. DeVille joined guitarist Stein and bassist Holly, they struggled around with the help of some friends, who organized gigs in several shady bars of Berlin.

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Social Distortion

Social Distortion (often known as Social D) are an American punk rock band, formed in 1978 in Fullerton, Orange County, California by frontman Mike Ness. They are, along with many others, often credited as one of the leading bands of the 1980s punk revival. The band has remained silent three times and once broke up in 1985, due to seperate interests. However, they reformed around 1987 and have continued being active today, especially after longtime guitarist Dennis Danell passed away from an apparent brain aneurysm in 2000.

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Band founders Patricia Day and Kim Nekroman first met when Day's now-defunct band, the punk rock group Peanut Pump Gun, opened for Nekroman's psychobilly band, Nekromantix, at a festival in Cologne, Germany in 1996. Despite both belonging to the subculture scene of Copenhagen, Denmark, the two had never met before, but they became friends over their mutual interest in alternative music. The two would eventually marry.

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Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer (born April 10, 1959 in New York) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. In the 1980s, Setzer fronted the popular rockabilly band, Stray Cats. Stray Cats caught America's attention with the 1982 album Built For Speed, which included the two Top Ten hits, Rock This Town (#9) and Stray Cat Strut (#3), as well as with the follow-up 1983 album Rant n Rave, which included the two successful singles (She's) Sexy + 17 (#5), and I Won't Stand In Your Way (#35).

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The Rechords

*from the band's FB page*
Formed in Aug 2009, this traditional trio, sans drums, perform their brand of Rockin' Hillbilly, Western Swing, Early R&B, Rock-a-billy with 2 & 3 part harmonies influenced by some of the early Bluegrass and R&B acts from the 30's through to the 60's.
Tyron Shaw ::: Double Bass & Vocals
Leo Francis ::: Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Felix Potier ::: Electric Guitar & Vocals Tags: 
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The Bullet Holes

The Bullet Holes are Owen Hopwood (Guitar & Vocals), Sean Bass (Bass & Backing Vocals), Brad Stevens (Drums & Backing Vocals.) Sounds Like: Jimmy Eat World, The Living End
Artist Website: The Bullet Holes are an explosive three-piece band outta Perth, Australia. Over the past year, they've taken the Perth local scene by storm, playing over 40 gigs, taking out first place in both "Gozzy Rock" (headlined by "I Killed the Prom Queen") and "Ampfest", received high rotation radio play (Nova...

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Nekromantix are a <a href="" class="bbcode_tag" rel="tag">psychobilly</a> band that formed in <a href="">Copenhagen</a>, Denmark in 1989. The Nekromantix were formed in 1989 in Copenhagen by Kim Nekroman after he left the Danish Navy, in which he had been a submarine radio operator. Deciding to launch a new career in music, he initially played drums in a rockabilly band prior to the foundation of Nekromantix. Learning to play the double bass and to sing, Nekroman set about forming a horror-themed psychobilly band with himself as the frontman. The band lineup is currently rounded out by Franc (guitar) and Lux (drums).