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Freestate is a band from Melbourne, Victoria that formed in 2002. The combination of raw power and melody make for a powerful beast and Melbourne's Freestate launched their debut album with enough raw power and melody to quickly scale the heights of the Australian heavy rock scene. With integrity and musical abilities akin to The Butterfly Effect and Karnivool and riffs that would make any Wolfmother proud, Freestate bring a presence which bridges the gap between the underground and the commercial, and pushes the boundaries of rock music genres.

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Voltera are a multi-faceted four piece currently residing in Melbourne Australia. Deep from the underground, their sound is a sophisticated, emotive and distinct manipulation of the darker genres. Voltera draw on their collective musical tastes to create an eclectic twist on metal and industrial sounds with a predominant female vocal ranging from dark and melodic, to a guttural bawl, thus delivering a powerful and intense live performance. All this, coupled with their unusual stage antics, gives them a dynamic approach to live music. This you have to see.

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Dommin - an infatuation with melody, the palpable taint of loss, and an enduring faith in the power of dark romance. The band is fronted by a voice from the past declaring its yearning for the future. Singer/songwriter and guitarist Kristofer Dommin is backed by Billy James on bass, Konstantine on keyboards and Cameron on drums.

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Dodge is a Swedish Alternative Metal/Melodic Metalcore band. It all originated back in ´98 when INHALE was formed. The music was then a mix between nu-metal and hard-core with Swedish lyrics. It didn’t take long before labels showed interest for the band, and in 1999 they where signed to a Swedish production label and the debut-album was recorded. Although many labels considered the album promising it was delayed and didn’t hit the stores until spring 2002. This resulted in a poor sale of the album and a departure of two members, in other words… INHALE split up.

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Full Scale

Full Scale was an alternative-metal band from Perth, Australia formed in 1998. The band moved to Melbourne in the year 2000 and released two EPs, "White Arrows" and "Black Arrows" they were released by Popstar Records and Full Scale toured the east coast extensively. Further down the track the band moved to Los Angeles and was signed to Columbia Records (Sony BMG) and released their full length self-titled debut in 2005. Full Scale was known to tour with other popular alternative-metal Australian bands such as The Butterfly Effect and their strong politically motivated lyrics.

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Jeffrey Nothing

Jeff Hatrix aka Jeffrey Nothing's Solo Project which features members of Mushroomhead Steve "Skinny" Felton and ex bassist Joe "Murdernickle" Kilcoyne also Ryan Farrell on guitar. For Live shows it has been said that both Steve and Joe will play select shows then JJ (Haaz) and drummer Doug Nickson will take over on tour.

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There are at least two artists called Corvus: 1) Australian black metal. 2) A solo artist from the Eastern States who has two songs available for listening at MySpace, "Arthur Radley" and "Well Might". "Denise austin once said "you got it!" and corvus now exists. I apologise for my shitty voice and recordings but you miss the point if you think for a second that it isn't all about SONGS AND IDEAS the same way that N*SYNC was more about dancing.

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There are currently 2 bands sharing the name Fallback Fallback was established in 2005 based out of Fargo, North Dakota. Fallback consist of 5 members with their own unique influences which cover every inch of the spectrum to create music that appeals on every level. Fallback’s sound is emotionally direct, raw, and captivating. Lead singer Jarrod Simek has a vocal range that can go hauntingly deep and melodic to infuriated growls in a matter of seconds.

Art of Wor

After 7 years as a monk, Fergus returned to his first love: METAL.
He promptly threw himself into writing, and within 2 months had an album’s worth of material, recruited band members Andrew Thomas (bass) and Dave Nygaard (drums) and later Tim Davies (guitar) signed a recording and management agreement with PLW. Art of Wor delivers a uniquely brutal yet melodic sound.
Currently just released Blood will have Blood on iTunes -

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Scar the Surface

Scar the Surface are a five piece melodic metal band hailing from Melbourne, Australia intent on delivering good times and good tunes to fans of the heavy side of music the world over.
Having shared stages with the best Australian metal has to offer, the band have forged and cemented their own name within the playing fields of Australia bringing forth their energetic and party-inducing stage show across the country numerous times in support of singles ‘The Art of Defeat’ and ‘Your Delusion, My Hatred’.

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