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Murderdolls are a horror punk/glam metal band fronted by Wednesday 13, formerly of Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13. One of their primary influences is the Glam Metal genre. The band were originally promoted as the "other band" of Joey Jordison, the drummer of Slipknot, or a "collaboration" between Jordison and Tripp Eisen, created after the disbandment of The Rejects. The band are often described as "Mötley Crüe meets The Misfits" by critics and fans alike. Strangely, bassist Eric Griffin bears a considerable resemblance to the Motley Crue bassist; Nikki Sixx

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Cobweb is the most prominent and consistent rock band of Nepal. In 1993, this band from Patan released their first album “Anjaan” which showcased their heavy metal and classic rock influences. Their live shows have always been full of energy and true showmanship.

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Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot is an american heavy metal band, whose 1983 chart topping success helped pave the way for the glam metal scene's next decade of commercial prominence. They are best known for their Metal Health album, which displaced Michael Jackson’s Thriller album from the #1 chart spot. They were founded in 1975 by guitarist Randy Rhoads ( later with Ozzy Osbourne) with the original lineup featuring Kevin DuBrow (whose Steve Marriott influenced vocals powered most of their hits), as well as Kelly Garni (bass) and Drew Forsyth (drums).

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Staind is an alternative metal band formed on November 24, 1995 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. After meeting through friends and covering pop hits of the day in smalltime clubs for a year and a half, Staind self-released their debut album, Tormented, in November 1996, citing influences in brutal latin thrash metal. Until recently, the album was difficult to obtain, as only four thousand copies were originally sold. Since then, the band's official website has released the album to meet the demand from fans.

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Rachel Barton

Rachel Barton Pine (born October 11, 1974) is a violinist from Chicago. Considered a child prodigy at the violin, she started playing at the age of 3 and a half. She played at many renowned venues through her child and teen years. She currently resides in Chicago with her husband Greg (a computer entrepreneur and former minor league baseball pitcher), plays regularly with the Chicago Symphony and on her own, tours worldwide, and has an active recording career.

Emerald Vale

Emerald Vale is a 5-piece Australian Metalcore/Deathcore band. They where founded in 2009 on the gold coast by drummer Grady Hopkins and Guitarist Ryan Valois, soon they started to recruit new members with a second guitarist Cody Waldon, vocalist Zane Keating and finally Toby Adams on bass. In late February 2010 the band released a 5 song demo with which they have begun to build up a solid fan base around south east Queensland. Emerald Vale have gained much speed due their intense live sets and their unique blend of metalcore and deathcore

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Born Into Suffering

Born Into Suffering is a Vegan Beatdown/Hardcore/Metal band from Perth, Western Australia. Formed in mid-2007 as just a basic Beatdown band, however the members were all Vegetarian or Vegan, and felt the need to voice the concerns and frustrations of a world gone mad with greed and the soulless manipulation of animal kind. The message is simple, GO FUCKING VEGAN! Angry and heavy, but full of heart.

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Conceived in early 2006, Defamer are a five-piece Death Metal band based in Brisbane who draw influence from most facets of extreme metal, though mainly death and black. In March/April of 2007 they recorded a four song demo with MKH (Carbon, Astriaal), which was then mastered by Aphotic Mote (Portal) and are now looking forward to recording and releasing a full length album at some point in 2008. The new full length album is called chasm, and has already been recorded.

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There are at multiple artists with the name Rust
1) A Finnish alternative metal band
2) A British psychedelic rock band with an album released in 1969
3) A Greek heavy metal band formed in 1984
4) An Australian street punk band
5) A Norwegian rock band
6) A 90s San Diego, CA band
7) A 13 year old British Rapper with tunes on youtube
8) A Finnish grindcore/mincecore band 1)
These four Finns demonstrate an incredible amount of talent, dedication and versatility in their music best described as alternative metal.

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Arturo Chaos

Within the post-modern musical arena there are two musical entities. There are simple and catchy tunes, and there is wild, abstract, impulsive, and provocative music;
Arturo Chaos masters both spectrums. Perth is flourishing with young talent, and based on recent achievements Arturo are proving to be the one of the youngest, prominent and most promising Perth acts of 2009. Arturo Chaos are spontaneous with progressions, not seperating but combining all elements of the metal and hardcore genre, and even extend beyond these boundaries.

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