2 artists with this name: 1) Heavy hardcore from Marshall, Missouri. Canyons is Four Guys Loud Amps and Oooh that Smell. Though they smoke alot of Pot, they stay busy putting out releases left and right.. Playing a dirty type of Hardcore they could easily be transplants to the Louisville area. Preferring to rock floors rather than stages. DIY is the Ethic. They take nothing for granted. Be on the look out for a slew of releases in 2010. 7" split with Mons Wolff out now on Mayfly Records, The Rufus EP is a Free Download, Rufus 2 was recently released on www.

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Feenixpawl is a house music duo, who are DJs, remixers and producers from Melbourne, Australia. The duo consists of Aden Forte and Josh Soon. They spent most of their early years, signed with Onelove Music and released the singles 'Calypso' and 'Seasons'. In 2011 they signed with Neon Records and released their EP 'Clockwerk'. In early 2012, they released 'In My Mind' on Axtone Records. The track was a collaboration with Ivan Gough from TV Rock and Perth based singer/songwriter Georgi Kay. Tags: 
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Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx is a critically acclaimed English house music duo comprised of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe that rose to popularity in the late 1990s. Basement Jaxx started in Brixton, South London, UK in 1994, where they held a regular club night called Rooty, which would later become the name of their second artist album (Rooty). In addition to Rooty, their other albums include Kish Kash, Remedy, The Singles, Crazy Itch Radio and Scars.

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Fedde le Grand

Fedde le Grand stands on the edge of global superstardom. Behind him lies a glittering career that includes worldwide number ones, packed arenas, throbbing dance floors, A-list collaborations and a raft of international awards. Just ahead – his first studio album called ‘Output’, setting the pace for what is already shaping up to be a fast track 2009. It could be said that Fedde came out of nowhere, riding off the success of a hit record.


Myles MacInnes, born 1978 on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, has a trajectory that takes in a childhood on the Isle of Skye, low life in London and Paris and academia in Oxford and Los Angeles. In 2001, he returned to Scotland with one purpose – to submerge himself in music. Now, 5 years later, with his debut album unleashed on the world and numerous hit singles and sell-out tours under his belt, he has been hailed 'the saviour of dance music'.


There is more than one artist with this name.
(1) 2011, starting the year with a bang. Aged 20, Gemini 'Thomas Slinger' will make his mark on the dubstep scene with his debut EP 'Blue' on Inspected Recordings. Hitting dancefloors worldwide the 'Blue' EP is a blend of new and original material set to be a part of a unique driving force empowering electronic music to a new level. Currently in his final year at the University of Leeds with only months to go, Gemini is already working on his second EP entitled 'Graduation' set to drop Summer 2011.

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Denzal Park

Looking at their list of achievements, it's hard to believe that Kam Denny and Paul Zala have only worked together for just over a year!
The Australian duo met in a club, Kam approached by Paul with a CD of demos he'd been working on. Impressed, to say the least, Kam envisioned the idea of joining up in the studio: thus Denzal Park came to life! Their combined influences range broadly from early electronic pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Jean Michelle Jarre through to rock icons like The Beatles, Radiohead and David Bowie.

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Daniel Portman

Daniel Portman was born and raised in the suburbs of Zurich, Switzerland. He fell in love with electronic music at a very young age. It was the late 90s, with all its ups and downs, when young Daniel started to test his musical abilities on an Akai2000 sampler and an old sequencer.
After a long ride of experimenting, he ended up with a bunch of tracks. Daniel went back to his small bedroom studio, made another bunch of tracks and along the way he stumbled into the porn industry.

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