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There are several artists with the name Elder: 1) Elder is 3 piece stoner doom band from Boston. They have a self-titled full-length album released in 2008, a second full-length album titled "Dead Roots Stirring", released 2011, both on MeteorCity records, and a split CD with Hong Kong's Queen Elephantine on Concrete Lo-Fi Records. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 2) Elder is a Screamo band from Philadelphia who combine soft/hard and quiet/loud dynamics to build epic Screamo songs. They feature members from <a href="">Towers</a> and <a href="">Balboa</a> and have a 10" record and CD out on Forge Again Records.


There are 3 bands with the name Frail. 1) Frail was a highly influential early emotional hardcore band from Pennsylvania. They existed in the 90's, but have since broken up. 2) Frail is a five member band from Jyväskylä, Finland. Formed in autumn 2002 by singer-guitarist Tarmo and keyboard player Jukka, the band has already had many great achievements, including a sold out self-titled EP released in 2003.

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Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are a four-piece post-hardcore band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England formed in 2003. Inspired by hardcore (in both punk-rock and dance genres) they create a sound that cannot be described other than a cross-over of rock and powerful synths. The band is well-known for their powerful live performances and energetic breaks and interludes during sets. Despite being offered several major label record deals...

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Raein is a screamo band from Forlì, Italy. The band features members of La Quiete and Neil on Impression. They formed in 2000 and split up in 2005.
They reformed for a show in Bologna, in September 2007. Andrea joined La Quiete for a Japanese tour 2007. Releases/Appearances:
2002 - Raein
2003 - il n'y a pas de orchestre
2004 - Döden Marscherar Åt Väst 7"
2004 - Split 7" With Phoenix Bodies
2004 - Split 7" with Funeral Diner
2004 - Daïtro + Raein 10"

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Previously named This City Sunrise. A discography of previously released but not commercially made available material is now available at all online digital music retailers Once from Wellington but now relocated to Melbourne. Gatherer is a familiar feeling, delivered with unfamiliar sound. Beautifully haunting melodies, complex rhythms and a wall of sound so huge it's hard to comprehend how only three people can make it. Gatherer dares to be different. Gatherer is your dream girl’s music collection, listening to Converge during the day and Jeff Buckley at night.

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Burning Brooklyn

Striking hard and always pushing forward, BURNING BROOKLYN have no plans of losing momentum any time soon. In fact their plans are quite the opposite. Taking a complete hold upon every audience and keeping full attention of
listeners is something the band have achieved. Now armed with a mission and an unstoppable
determination, BURNING BROOKLYN are pushing their own personal boundaries and aspiring to make connections with people all across the globe.

Loma Prieta

Loma Prieta is a hardcore band, featuring members of Archeopteryx, Punch, Sailboats, Beau Navire and us, haunted bodies, that formed in San Francisco in 2005. Since formation, they have released four 12 inch records, and two 7 inch records (mostly on their own label), however their newest lp, "IV" is being released on Deathwish Records, home of bands such as Converge, Trap Them, and Touche Amore. From their Facebook page,

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