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Motionless In White

Chris 'Motionless' Cerulli - Vocals
Angelo Parente - Drums
Josh Balz - Keyboards
Ryan Sitkowski - Guitar
Ricky 'Horror' Olson - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Devin 'Ghost' Sola - Bass The tale of Motionless In White’s conception begins in 2005. Forming in Scranton, Penn. while still in high school, six friends – singer Chris “Motionless” Cerulli, guitarist/vocalist TJ Bell, guitarist Ryan Sitkowski, bassist Frank Polumbo, keyboardist Josh Balz, and drummer Angelo Parente - joined forces and got their start playing popular rock cover songs.

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Silverstein is a 5-piece rock band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada; formed in 2000. The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein. After several lineup changes, the band acquired Billy Hamilton, a local fan who learned of the band's need for a bassist on the Internet message board "The 905 Board" (an Ontario area outreach board which used to be for local musicians). In Christmas of 2001, he joined the band after Shane Told helped him learn the music for the songs. Following a rehearsal on Boxing Day (December 26) in 2001, he officially debuted with Silverstein.

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Cabin Fever

NOTE: If you are looking for the Screamo Post-Hardcore German band, please readjust your tags to Cabinfever. Cabin Fever is the 12-inch series by Matt Edwards (Radio Slave) and James Masters released on their 'unofficial' label RKDS. A few Cabin Fever 12-inches have come out every year since 2009. They're always on colored vinyl and always by an anonymous artist, though the producer can often be presumed to be someone from the Rekids stable who may or may not include Radio Slave, DJ Duke, Alexkid, Lee Van Dowski, Boola & Negru, Toby Tobias, Mr.

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New Skinn

NEW SKINN are a Melbourne based hard rock band who were formed by drummer Anthony (Xman) and ex guitarist Leigh in 2002. NEW SKINN was later joined by ex ‘Against the grain’ bassist/b.vocalist Chris aka ‘Greekman’ and ex ‘Next of Kinn’ lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Phil G. And now recently, Joe Greco takes the reins on lead guitar! NEW SKINN have been categorised with bands such as Butterfly Effect, Karnivool, Pearl Jam and many others, however the four piece say that they just sound like NEW SKINN.

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We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans, is a post-hardcore/metalcore band from Troy, Michigan. Driven by the passion to not go unnoticed they put all their effort and talent into their live shows and the release of Demonstrations. Their latest EP "Dreams" shows just how far the band is willing to push themselves. Signed to Equal Vision Records (announced April 16th) after being named Alternative Press' "Best Unsigned Band" early 2009.

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Comadre is a band from Redwood City (a suburb of San Francisco), California, comprising of former members of Heartcrosslove, One's Own Ruin, and Light This City. Their sound is an off-shoot of hardcore and punk played fast and chaotic with an abundance of energy, but also a large focus on melody and tunefulness. Their influences can perhaps best be shown by the covers the band has performed live, by groups such as Rites of Spring, Refused, Kid Dynamite, and Suicide File.

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New Medicine

"WOW, such an uproar over the name people!! Perhaps this resistance to change is bred from a place of genuine curiosity (because the unknown is our greatest fear, right?!?). So.... it’s my job in the next few paragraphs to alleviate your panic, here it goooooooes. First of all, stop freaking out. You’re being ridiculous. Thank you. Secondly, this name change was born because of some transitions in the members of this band.

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Mara Jade

Screamo band from the Czech Republic playing melodic HC. They call their style as screamo-heartcore, because the roots of this music are based on the HC scene, which was the matter of the heart for many musicians, who wanted to go their own way, create your own unique style. Mara Jade are 5 personalities, 4 instruments, 1 scream and a lot of emotions.. nothing more.. Members:
Martin Galansky - guitar
Ondrej Sima - guitar
Stenly Markup - bass
Jiri Bendl - drums


Conation were a hardcore band from Newcastle, Australia. They Started around 1997/98 and broke up early 2006. Mid-2008 they will release a post-humous album and a tour of some sort has been confirmed. At the time of the break up conation was:
Jamie Hay / vocals, guitar
Dale Townsend / bass, vocals
Murray Ruse / drums, cymbals
Genna Pyewacket / violin, vocals Ex members include:
Heath Rowley / guitar, vocals
Nick Fletcher / guitar
Ryan MacDonald / guitar

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Dream on Dreamer

was formed from a collaboration of local band members
who all share the same passion for music
and a desire for a new beginning.
The band released their debut EP in October 2009 ,
They've made a video for the song Ambitions.
And released new EP, Hope, in 2010. • Marcel Gadacz – Vocals
• Callan Orr – Guitar
• Luke Domic – Guitar
• Micheal McLeod – Bass/ Vocals
• Daniel Jungwirth – Keys
• Aaron Fiocca – Drums

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