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Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango may refer to:
1. Hardcore / Punk Rock band from Perth, Western Australia ( 1. Formed 2006 in Perth, Western Australia, Grim have finely crafted a unique sound that transcends their hardcore/punk roots. Characterized by intertwining jangling guitars, abrasive three-way vocal melodies and a tight driving rhythm section Grim Fandango write ferocious, discordant songs beaming with an undeniable presence of pop-sensibilty and optimism.

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Brisbane, Australia. Restream is a producer creating shoegaze lofi post-rock. Though there are ideas from laptop music, glitch and abstract hip hop, this album is about songs, epics more often than not, with a firm focus on harmonies and textures more than the intricacies of beat science. His debut release "Loopsforstereogram" corresponds to a computer artist wringing life out of computers, repeating the improvised, integrating the indie record collection with the electronic.

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from Cyclic Defrost: Melbourne’s MC Ivens first emerged from the hip-hop scene a few years back as a founding member of the Awakenings Crew. Ivens’ live performances resemble the intense atmosphere of a hardcore gig more than your usual hip-hop throwdown, with Ivens delivering his sharp-focused dystopian lyrical flow to audiences at point-blank range. Otherwise known as David Coen, Ivens founded Awakenings Crew alongside Hykoo, Nick Sweepah, Chasm, Aux-One, Osinaka and Grizzly Baddums.

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Fire Witch

Melbourne 3-piece experimental improvisational instrumental stoner rock/metal heavy jam type band. Occasionally collaborate with fellow Melbournians Spider Goat Canyon, to form Goatwitch.

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Portico Quartet

The Portico Quartet are a bunch of guys in their early twenties who play instrumental music. Formed four years ago from two sets of schoolfriends, they share a house in East London, make recordings, and play festivals and clubs. Yet what distinguishes them from dozens of other Hackney hopefuls is the way they sound – a fresh, unclichéd resynthesis and reinvention of music that’s both pleasingly familiar and thrillingly new, like World Music from the future.

Russian Circles

Russian Circles is a three piece instrumental post-rock/post-metal band from Chicago. The band plays epic, sprawling music which runs the gamut of heavy discordant metal to soft delicate passages. They are also known for their energetic live shows, which include tours with Tool, Red Sparowes, Minus the Bear and Daughters, as well as appearances at the 2006, 2007 & 2008 SXSW festivals. Formed in late 2004 by guitarist Mike Sullivan and bassist Colin DeKuiper (both formerly of another instrumental band Dakota/Dakota), they quickly recruited Dave Turncrantz, formerly of St.

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Formed February 2009 in Perth Western Australia by core writer Predrag Delibasich. SmRts (meaning 'deaths' in Serbian) could be best described as Balkan-inspired instrumental Surf and Garage Rock. SmRts debut album Sun Sets on a New Tomorrow was released in Australia by Heartless Robot in 2010. Tags: 


It’s not often that a young artist is happy or even keen to let people know how un-‘cool’ he is but that is precisely how Bullion willingly describes himself. Raised on ‘over-the-top Gangsta Rap’ he also confesses to having been a young fan of some distinctly shady Pop Music – boy-band Five to be precise! His first experience of making music was when he and a friend made a Rap tape ('it was terrible') before graduating to making 'rubbish Chill-Out' on a Playstation.

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There are 2 bands with the name 'Frames'. 1. A progressive rock band 2. A Progressive Doom metal band from Great Falls, Montana
Since fall of 2007 frames create songs that take the listener on a trip through landscapes of overwhelmingly epic, thrillingly gloomy, and refreshingly clear nature. Songs without words, using only what music is capable of.
Elements of Post-, Progressive-, Alternative-Rock and -Metal melt into a mixture described by german media as "something between Bombast-, Post- and New-Art-Rock".

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