Prepared Like A Bride

Prepared Like A Bride is a Gold Coast based post-hardcore band. The 5-piece outfit appeared on the local scene in August 2009 but their experiences as band members dates back much further. With a strong Christian message behind their music, Prepared Like A Bride’s soul purpose is to see people’s lives changed through the friendships they make and the music they produce. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Where words fail, music speaks. Imagine flying in the clouds looking at creation from God's point of view. The sun setting, dipping into a beautiful blue ocean, the sky, so blue that it hurts to merely look at it, the image of all creation crying out in adoration of its Creator. instrumental music has the power to conjure such images in the minds of its listeners. Rivertribe combines instruments from around the world to create music that takes listeners on a journey to places only conceived in the imagination. It breaks down walls to go where songs with words can't go.

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Ups & Downs

This can refer to two different bands: 1. Brisbane band Ups and Downs
2. Norwegian downsrock band Ups & Downs from Molde 1. Brisbane band Ups and Downs played a brand of ethereal, well-crafted, jangly guitar pop that called to mind Australian post-punk icons The Church. The bands influences also extended to overseas groups like Cocteau Twins, R.E.M., and Flamin' Groovies.
Indeed, the name Ups and Downs was derived from a track on the Flamin' Groovies 1978 album, Now.

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The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is an American metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2005. They are currently signed to Warner Music Group. The Devil Wears Prada is a Christian band, consisting of members Mike Hranica (vocals), Chris Rubey (lead guitar), Jeremy DePoyster (rhythm guitar, vocals), Andy Trick (bass), Daniel Williams (drums) and James Baney (keyboards), all of whom are Christians. To date the band has released three full-length albums, one DVD, and five music videos.

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Relient K

Relient K is an American rock band formed in 1998 in Canton, Ohio by Matt Thiessen, Brian Pittman, and Matt Hoopes during the band's junior year in high school and their time at Malone College. The group is associated with the Contemporary Christian Music culture, most notably the Christian rock and Christian punk scene. Despite being a Christian band the group has performed alongside secular artists. The band has reached critical success with mainstream pop punk and alternative rock.

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MxPx is a punk rock band that was formed in 1992 in Bremerton, Washington, United States. MxPx started as three 15-year-old kids calling themselves Magnified Plaid pounding out music inspired by and similar to The Descendents and other Southern California pop-punk bands. They didn’t really love their band name, however, which was a tribute to the original guitarist’s penchant for wearing one particularly loud plaid shirt. Consequently, the name was abbreviated to M.P.

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Family Force 5

Soul Glow Activatur - Vocals, Guitar
Fatty - Bass, Vocals
Crouton - Drums, Vocals
Nadaddy - Keyboards, Vocals
Chap Stique - Guitar "There's a delicate balance between the intertwining worlds of artistry, entertainment and humor, but for dance-derived rockers Family Force 5, it's an ecstatic equilibrium that remarkably illustrates all three elements. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the Atlanta-based five-some are just as likely to get the party started as they are to escort audiences into an alternate reality.


There are a few bands with the name Ekklesia. 1: Ekklesia is a music band from Bistrita, Romania. They are the worhip band in their church and they are well known amoung the yoths in Romania. I like their style very much. I recomand all romanian youngs to buy the album.
The Ekklesia group numbers almost 25 people, boys and girls, all young(18-22 years)and they serve the Lord in a penticostal church that numbers more than 800 members. 2: Ekklesia are a Hardcore band from Australia.

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Grave Forsaken

Grave Forsaken is Vaughan Gregory, Elias Salmela, Matt Skipworth and TIm Steadman. These four guys all met each other through playing in various amatuer Christian metal bands. The band was formed in September 2004 when circumstances led the four guys to play a few songs at an event called "Fusion Idol" at Hillside Church in Western Australia. The performance was so much fun, and the guys worked so well together, that they decided to make a go of it as a proper band.

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