Mid Youth Crisis

Mid Youth Crisis from Melbourne, Australia formed in late 1993 initially under the name Downfall, before changing their name to One Inch Punch in October 94. The initial line-up was Steve (vocals), Dave (bass), Heath (guitar), Adrian (guitar), and Jay (drums). Steve had previously been in Steadfast, and Jay had previously been in Providence. Under the name Downfall, they released two demo tapes containing four songs. The second being recorded in April 1994.

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Rudely Interrupted

One of the most energetic and genuine band’s to emerge from Australian rock ‘n’ roll in recent times, Rudely Interrupted have enthralled worldwide audiences with infectious indie pop since 2007. With a sound like The Killers having a Gary Numan party while eating pitch perfect cookies, The Rudies have captured the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere from New York to Toronto and London to Sydney.

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Walter Gross and Bizzart form Screwtape. An experiment in lost and found sound and noises and samples of some of the weirdest and just most obscure shit I've ever heard. But one thing I've learned about Walter Gross and one thing I've trained myself to do, is to listen to the beats and melodies he hears in his head, and when you break down those walls that tell you what you're listening to is just noise, you'll hear it too.

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The Art

Hailing from NEWTOWN, Australia, The Art has busted down the doors of the rock scene by performing with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Sonic Youth, and NIN. After Touring America, their most current Aussie dates brought them home to Big Day Out and allowed them to share a stage with Them Crooked Vultures. Having recently completed recording their debut album in Austin, Texas with Chris "Frenchie" Smith (Jet, Trail Of The Dead, Dandy Warhols), they have returned home to join the Pixies on their Australian/New Zealand tour.

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Death's Head

Death's Head is a thrash metal group with ns-lyrical themes from Melbourne, Australia. The group formed in 1999. They have released five full length albums and one cd wich includes Live set from 2004 and early demo tape from 1999. Also they have released a Split cd with German death metal band Purification through v7 records in 2004 and another split in 2006 with the Australian RAC band <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Kilgore</a>. The full length albums are: Onslaught, 2001
Feast of the Jackals 2003
Iron Warmachine/ Onward To Victory (split with <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Purification</a>) 2004

Nancy Vandal

Nancy Vandal is a punk band from Sydney, Australia that performed from 1993 to 2001 and had a reunion performance in 2003 and have, as of December 2008, planned a reunion and new EP for 2009. The band was initially called Hard Axe To Follow, then Nancy Vandal and the Popgun Assassins, but the last part of the name was later dropped. Nancy Vandal was formed by Warrane College students Foxtrotsky/Fox Trotsky and JJ LaMoore as a strictly pretend band as neither of them could play an instrument. Eventually the pair formed a real band called Meataxe that played on campus.

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The Optionals

The Optionals are a rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band has played with acts such as The Porkers, Gazoonga Attack, Leatherface(UK), Frenzal Rhomb, Bouncing Souls(USA),Unpaid Debt, Zombie Ghost Train, and Stockholm Syndrome.

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Deep Street Soul

Deep Street Soul are funk DJ & drummer Sol Loco, bass player & soul aficionado Papa ‘J’ Hunter, Cropper lovin’ Matt ‘Guitars’ Green and queen of the keys, the very groovy Ms. Monique. Formed in early 06’ with then man of the 6 string Trev D, deepstreetsoul were all about recapturing some old skool southern flavors they’d all DJ’ed over the previous decade. Inspired by the breakout of nu funk throughout Europe & the States (not forgetting Osaka Monaurail and Melbourne’s own - The Bamboos) they hit the clubs.

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Assaulter are a METAL metal band from New South Wales, Australia. With the guard of S. Berserker on vocals and guitars, T. Hellfinder armed with the ripping of strings on lead and the out-and-out power and precision of P. Hunt (Razor of Occam) on the battering of the skins - Assaulter have just completed their sophomore LP »Boundless!«. Following up from 2008's »Salvation Like Destruction« Assaulter have honed in their sound and style to deliver 8 cuts of ripping metal ode to power, propaganda and proselytism.

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