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Dixon Cider

Dixon Cider are a 4 piece Trashy CreepPunk band from Melbourne, Australia. They have been around since late 2009. Influenced by The Cramps, Anti-Nowhere League, and TISM. Their lyrical content gwenerally is about hookers, spew, anal, and other grossness.

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Sean Quinn

With a career spanning well over a decade, Sean Quinn can lay claim to being one of Australia's hardest working and more diverse Dj's. Always holding down a minimum of four and as many as seven weekly residencies has meant that being versatile and reliable go hand in hand. Starting Dj'ing at age nineteen, Sean has witnessed and been a part of the meteoric rise of dance music, firstly in his hometown of Melbourne and later in his career, all over the world.

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Summer Cats

Summer Cats are two girls and three boys from Melbourne, Australia. Like most people from Melbourne, they spend their time either: a) enjoying summer or b) waiting for summer to arrive. They play crash pop in an attempt to make you dance, so if you feel the urge...go right ahead! Musically they are somewhat of a cross between Stereolab and The Go-Betweens....or is that Talulah Gosh and The Left Banke?

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Jane Clifton

Jane Clifton was a familiar face in the old Aussie soap, Prisoner. Cell Block H in other countries. She released music from a stage play she was involved in after Prisoner.

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Belle Haven

Good day dear sir/madam, We hope this letter finds you well. Unfortunately, if you are reading this then all six members of Melbourne metalcore band Belle Haven are dead; mercilessly cut down by rogue cybernetic robots while playing a brutal set at an awesome venue. Please be advised that the zombie Belle Haven will still be performing shows in Melbourne and abroad. Check out the band page for upcoming events, songs, videos or to volunteer your brains to be consumed so that we may continue our rampage of undead destruction.

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The Peep Tempel

The Peep Tempel's live show, as a two-piece, had always been a blast of frenetic energy. Concise, authoritative and marked by percussive precision, angular riffs and raw power. In 2011 The Peep Tempel added bass player Matt Duffy who had recorded the band's first two 7" singles and headed into the studio to record their debut LP with Clinton Kraus. The result was an album described by The Australian as "very near to rock and roll perfection" and a band labelled by Rolling Stone as "frenetic rock, pointed lyrics and one of the best live shows in Melbourne."


Otouto is a Melbourne-based band that is centered on the music of singer and songwriter Hazel Brown . With the help of Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Seagull) on drums/pots and Martha Brown on vocals and keys, the trio's influence lies in salt of the earth folk tradition, the soul music of Motown and Philadelphia and those working at the edges of today's melting pot of pop, folk, electronica and hip-hop.

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