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The Genie

There are 2 bands with the name 'The Genie'. There are even more bands with just the name 'Genie'. 1. The Genie is a band from San Francisco, California which coined the term 'scratch guitar' as a genre of music. They released an album called "Rebel Music" in 2004. 2. The Genie is also a band formed in 2003 from Melbourne, Australia made up of three members of The Cat Empire - Ollie McGill, Ryan Monro and Will Hull-Brown.

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Weddings Parties Anything

Weddings Parties Anything, often known as WPA and Weddoes, is an Australian folk rock band formed by Mick Thomas in Melbourne in 1985 and continuing until 1998. Their name came from a Clash song ("Revolution Rock") and musicologist Billy Pinnell described their first album as the best Australian rock debut since Skyhooks' Living in the '70s. WPA initially gained a reputation as a hot new band through their constant touring in their early days, however they never really became a commercial success.

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Dixon Cider

Dixon Cider are a 4 piece Trashy CreepPunk band from Melbourne, Australia. They have been around since late 2009. Influenced by The Cramps, Anti-Nowhere League, and TISM. Their lyrical content gwenerally is about hookers, spew, anal, and other grossness.

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Kes Band

Kes Band is a trio from Melbourne: Karl E. Scullin (KES), (of Mum Smokes), and former member of Bird Blobs; Julian Paterson (Minimum Chips, Mum Smokes etc), and Lehmann B. Smith. Two Kes Band albums have been released to date, each features different musicians: Paddy Mann (Grand Salvo), Oliver Mann, Laura Jean, Biddy Connor (Sailor Days), and Nick Veneables (Jessica Says). Two albums - Kes Trio and Kes Band III - are to be released in 2010 following a Japanese tour with Tokyo band My Pal Foot Foot.

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Joe Camilleri

Joe Camilleri (born 1948 in Malta) is a legendary Australian singer, songwriter and saxophonist. He has also recorded under the pseudonums "Jo Jo Zep" and "Joey Vincent". He began his music career playing blues and R&B, and in the late 1960s he was a member of Adderly Smith Blues Band but according to Australian rock historian Ed Nimmervoll Camilleri was sacked for sounding too much like Mick Jagger and for upstaging the other band members.

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Legends Of Motorsport

Legends of Motorsport are one of Melbourne's finest loud, messy smash 'em up garage party bands. With great tunes about real life such as "Dinner And A Show" they are one of THE bands to see when visiting regular Melbourne venues such as The Tote or The Greyhound. Loud n' pukey.

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Hand Hell

Hand Hell are Kirsty Stegwazi (guitar/vocals), René Schaefer (guitar and bass) and Ricky French (Drums), an independent rock trio from Melbourne, Australia. Hand Hell released their debut album Phonography in 2007. After four years of playing under the moniker The Bites, with a variety of different line-ups, Melbourne songwriters Kirsty Stegwazi and René Schaefer decided it was time to make a fresh start to allow for an expanded musical palette and a fresh approach to writing and recording.

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The Peep Tempel

The Peep Tempel's live show, as a two-piece, had always been a blast of frenetic energy. Concise, authoritative and marked by percussive precision, angular riffs and raw power. In 2011 The Peep Tempel added bass player Matt Duffy who had recorded the band's first two 7" singles and headed into the studio to record their debut LP with Clinton Kraus. The result was an album described by The Australian as "very near to rock and roll perfection" and a band labelled by Rolling Stone as "frenetic rock, pointed lyrics and one of the best live shows in Melbourne."