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Holliava are an Australian 4-piece group hailing from Melbourne, Victoria. The sound they have made is a great mixture of pop and melodic rock. (2009-2011) Line-Up: Michael Soltys (Vocals, Rythym Guitar)
Ryan Lapthorne (Lead Guitar)
Luke Soltys (Bass)
Tyson Hoop (Drums) After a couple years of extensive touring a writing, Holliava has had a slight change of style, leaning a little more on the hard rock, that has seen a change in line-up. The guitar duo remains as it is to this day... (2011 - Present) Line-Up:

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Even are an Australian indie rock three-piece fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ashley Naylor, with Matthew Cotter on drums and Wally Kempton (also known as Wally Meanie) on bass and backing vocals. Even formed in Melbourne, Australia in March 1994. History Naylor and Cotter played music together at high school and in indie band The Swarm, before being joined by Kempton on bass . Even played their first gig in 1994 at the Empress of India Hotel in Fitzroy, Victoria and after a number of EP's, the band released their first studio album, "Less is More" in 1996.

The Genie

There are 2 bands with the name 'The Genie'. There are even more bands with just the name 'Genie'. 1. The Genie is a band from San Francisco, California which coined the term 'scratch guitar' as a genre of music. They released an album called "Rebel Music" in 2004. 2. The Genie is also a band formed in 2003 from Melbourne, Australia made up of three members of The Cat Empire - Ollie McGill, Ryan Monro and Will Hull-Brown.

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Formed in late 2008, Aronora has created a unique, uncategorized sound, fusing heavy progressive ideas with an ambient soundscape. Following the release of two separate home recorded demos in early 2009, the band emerged on the Melbourne live music scene captivating strong audiences at venues including The Pony, The Tote & The Espy. With the release of their debut self-titled EP in June 2009, an ever-growing fan base and a strong dedication to exploring new musical concepts, Aronora has become a must-see act making a strong impression on the prog rock scene.

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Belle Haven

Good day dear sir/madam, We hope this letter finds you well. Unfortunately, if you are reading this then all six members of Melbourne metalcore band Belle Haven are dead; mercilessly cut down by rogue cybernetic robots while playing a brutal set at an awesome venue. Please be advised that the zombie Belle Haven will still be performing shows in Melbourne and abroad. Check out the band page for upcoming events, songs, videos or to volunteer your brains to be consumed so that we may continue our rampage of undead destruction.

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Legends Of Motorsport

Legends of Motorsport are one of Melbourne's finest loud, messy smash 'em up garage party bands. With great tunes about real life such as "Dinner And A Show" they are one of THE bands to see when visiting regular Melbourne venues such as The Tote or The Greyhound. Loud n' pukey.

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