Wet Hair

Wet Hair is Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes, the two remaining members of Raccoo-oo-oon that stayed in Iowa City after the bands end. Reed also runs Night-People Records, which Garbes often contributes to. Wet Hair began as a solo outing for Reed in late 2007 during the final months of Raccoo-oo-oon, and after the release of a 12" EP and the Irifi Cassette Garbes was added on organ and live drums. Wet Hair has evolved over time shifting the bands sound steadily towards a more refined pop sensibility.

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Paul Heslin

Paul Heslin was raised in the capital city of Australia in a dark well of hyper-christian homeschooling, before peeling the layers off and beginning to grapple with the world of electronic sound. In 2008, after completing a university degree in digital sound and composition, he vanished overseas to England and France for an extensive period of musical development, returning to Australia in late 2010 with a spiky melange of facial hair and the transformative rubbernecker ep.

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Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus is the endeavor of a solitary girl named Nika Roza Danilova to simultaneously combat and invoke the approaching apocalypse using the only weapon/offering she has: her voice. After a decade of opera study and a musical awakening involving such varied inspiration as Billboard bubblegum, classical arias, no wave, avant industrial, she was able to thread her influences into a sound uniquely her own.


1) Mashcore/noise producer from Sydney, Australia has been releasing since 2001.
2) Power Violence band formed in Leicester UK in December 2008
3) Australian Metal/Thrash band formed in 2000 by guitarist Mark Woolley Melbourne Australia . Woolley was the long time guitarist for Hobbs Angel of Death. Following the demise of his own project Hatred, Woolley formed Toecutter : and released the 'Lost Culture' album. Band reformed in 2009, to work on new material and a return to live gigging.

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Morten J. Olsen -­ drums & SuperCollider3
Anders Hana -­ guitar & keyboard. MoHa! play somewhat loud music influenced by incredibly varied sources. Some say the duo deal in sonic splatter, in a brew of improvisation, noise, computer music and probably some more. Others say it is reminiscent of the conversation your mate has at you on the weekend in a club when he’s had too much to drink and is telling you how great everything is at 100mph. Only instead of your mate it is actually R2D2, which leads you to believe maybe that someone did put something in your drink.

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There are 2 bands with the name Cults: 1. Cults is an indie pop duo based in New York City, consisting of Madeline Follin (vocals) and Brian Oblivion (guitar and vocals). The film-students-turned-musicians from San Diego create a nostalgic buzz with their 1960s-sounding tunes about love and loneliness.
At the age of twelve, Madeline Follin was offered a record deal with Recess Records after hanging out in the studio with her stepfather, Paul Kostabi's band Youth Gone Mad.

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There are 7 bands under the name of SATORI: 1) UK based industrial / power electronics act. 2) USA based act providing a fresh mix of reggae, bluebeat, rocksteady and ska. 3) Shaman / ethno haos orchestra from Moldova. 4) HC/Death band from Vyškov, Czech republic. 5) Goa Trance producer 6) Hard Rock/Metal band based in the West Midlands, England. 7) Melbourne Psychedelic/Stoner rock band.

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Radio People

From the salty tear-infected circuit boards of Cleveland, Ohio, comes 'Radio People', Sam Goldberg's synthwave commission for the ever-excellent Digitalis imprint. For the latter half of the '00s he's been a part of the same underground noise scene as Emeralds, running his Pizza Night cassette imprint and releasing a handful of rare tapes on Gneiss Things, Wagon and Weird Forest, among others. Radio People is a relatively recent handle he's been using for a trio of now out-of-print cassettes on Pizza Night, and this is the first vinyl product of that chemically imbalanced sound.

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals Eat Guitars are an indie rock band from Staten Island, New York, United States, who formed in 2005. They consist of Joseph Ferocious (vocals, guitar), Matthew Whipple (bass, vocals), Brian Hamilton (keyboards, vocals) and Matthew Miller (drums). They have released one album, "Why There Are Mountains", which has received glowing reviews since its January 2009 release.