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Mom, Dad and the Kids

The band first started in 2008 as a creative release and refreshing change for lead vocalist Jayme van Keulen-Brain along with Alex Marsden, Mike Lynch and Joel Williamson. Starting out as 'Burning Ships' and playing a small amounts of shows, a realization that this was a great thing was made, the fat was trimmed and dedication was tested. As time progressed the band grew into something more than a side project.


Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the 9 piece Reggae, Dancehall, Electronic/Acoustic mash up and sound blasting festival favourite have honed the deep down, high energy sound that has become instantly recognisable and slated as a must see act on the live music calendar. Combining fat electronic and acoustic drum rhythms, horns, synths, guitars and the completely unique vocal gynmastics of indigenous superstar D- Kazman, Dubmarine have vibe by the bucketload.

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The Delta Lions

The Delta Lions are an Australian country/indy/blues influenced rock band based in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Comprising Michael Ferfoglia (guitar/vocals), Mat Taylor (drums/vocals), Ryan Wilson (bass) and Ben Leece (guitar/vocals), The Delta Lions punk rock roots and love for classic song writing, give the band a unique, soulful, sincere sound. Strong guitar driven riffs and sing along choruses with lyrics about the good old days help the band reach an audience young and old.

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