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There are at least two artists called Corvus: 1) Australian black metal. 2) A solo artist from the Eastern States who has two songs available for listening at MySpace, "Arthur Radley" and "Well Might". "Denise austin once said "you got it!" and corvus now exists. I apologise for my shitty voice and recordings but you miss the point if you think for a second that it isn't all about SONGS AND IDEAS the same way that N*SYNC was more about dancing.

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Jerkstore were formed in 95 under the moniker Delhi Download. The initial line-up consisted of Stefan (drums) and Keld (vocals) along with a guitarist (Leif Mygind) and a bass player (Kasper Molin). They recorded a demotape and shortly after threw Molin out of the band.
In the autumn of '95 Leif convinced Lars (bass) to join. In the Spring of '96 the band recorded another demotape and a demo-cd followed in the fall. '97 saw a lot of changes.

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Eye of the Enemy

Spawned in the armpits of Melbourne, Eye of the Enemy ripped their way into the metal scene in 2006 with the debut release of their Demo. Show after show of unrelenting aggression and energy assured countless live performances with the best that the Melbourne metal scene had to offer. After a year of unleashing hell with a fast growing fan base after the release of the demo, Eye of the Enemy decided it was time to close the doors in late 2007 to write and record new material to unleash on the world.

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