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Zond are a maximum volume, minimalist soundrock group based in Melbourne, Australia. They are named after a member of the group's childhood dog and/or a Hi-God People track and/or satellite of the USSR. Their live shows and recordings vary from screaming psych punk car crashes to ambient alloy radiation field hum: all that can be known in advance is the intensity of the performance. Zond includes members of past and present groups: Fong, Library Punks, On, Mum Smokes, Ned & the Meds, Wasted Truth.

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lyke giants

Emerging from the edge of the Rubicon River, Tasmania (AUS), Lyke Giants have quickly been making a name for themselves since the release of their first; self titled EP at the end of 2010, for which they collaborated with
Aria award-winning producer Paul McKercher (Sarah Blasko, Eskimo Joe, Pete Murray, The Living End, You am I).
Defining their music is challenging as they meld multiple genres and create their own brew of Indie Rock/Pop, intertwining semi-hectic rhythms, flowing vocals and layered atmospheric instrumentation.

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Geoffrey O'Connor

Geoffrey O'Connor, lead singer of Australian band The Crayon Fields, is currently finishing a follow up album to his debut 'Liquorice Night' (released in 2007 under the moniker 'Sly Hats'). He has been lucky enough to play with some favourites such as Little Wings (US), Calvin Johnson (US), Jens Lekman (Swe), Mt Eerie (US), Fleet Foxes (US), Kath Bloom (US), Camera Obscura (SCO) The Brunettes (NZ), Micah P. Hinson (US), New Buffalo and Dear Nora (US). GOC has also performed in America, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England and Germany.

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Troy Cassar-Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley is a multi award winning Maltese, Australian & Aboriginal country musician from Grafton, New South Wales. He has been a regular at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (where he first performed at the age of eleven), The Deadlys and visitor to Nashville, Tennessee. He performed in the Australian Country Music Showcase in Nashville. He released his first EP, "Dream Out Loud", and was nominated for his first Golden Guitar for Best Male Vocalist in 1994.

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xStrength Through Purityx

Strength Through Purityxxx are a straight edge mosh band from Brisbane, Australia.
Forming in 2008 with a solid foundation and drive to play fast, heavy, straight edge music.
xSTPx have shared the stage with such bands as Bury Your Dead (USA), Terror (USA) , The Acacia Strain (USA), Stick To Your Guns (USA) and Bishop (USA).
The sky is the limit for xSTPx with a full length cd due to be released at the end of 2010.

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The Art

Hailing from NEWTOWN, Australia, The Art has busted down the doors of the rock scene by performing with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Sonic Youth, and NIN. After Touring America, their most current Aussie dates brought them home to Big Day Out and allowed them to share a stage with Them Crooked Vultures. Having recently completed recording their debut album in Austin, Texas with Chris "Frenchie" Smith (Jet, Trail Of The Dead, Dandy Warhols), they have returned home to join the Pixies on their Australian/New Zealand tour.

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