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Chaingang is a group of three dudes and one dudette from Sydney, Australia. We've been making music together for two years and are currently finishing off some new tunes for our debut release coming out later this year. So far, we've played with some amazing bands, met a lot of fabulous people, recorded and played shows in the US, survived a real car crash as well as many metaphorical ones on our rocky road to international super-stardom. The only band all four of us love is Faith No More, but we can only dream of making music that majestic.

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Electric Jellyfish

Electric Jellyfish are a 3-piece collaboration from Melbourne, Australia. The band has extensively toured both Australia and the United States of America since 2007. Their 2008 EP The Woods was recorded entirely analogue by Head Gap studios in Melbourne, Australia, and pressed to cassette by American label Ecstatic Yod. Their 2010 self-titled LP was released in March on Twin Lakes Records.

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Yeah Wednesday

Gavin and Janette from Yeah Wednesday met while working together in an internationally touring band. After realising that life had become 'Groundhog Day', they unpacked their suitcases to concentrate on writing and recording ... and have secured publishing deals in both Australia and the US. Some of their music has been licenced to the fashion industry - and they've also written/ produced tracks for Comedians and other Indie artists .... 'Gravity Is Our Friend...' - a collection of 10 tracks ranging from Electro Dance Rock, to Blues, to Nu-Jazz, to Trip-Hop...

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Hyjak n Torcha

Hyjak and Torcha are two of Australias most respected and innovative MCs. They have toured extensively throughout Australia and many overseas spots from N.Z to Bali. They have collaborated musically with an array of diverse artists from Murs & Living Legends, Drapht, Tim Freedman (The Whitlams), Bobby Kim & Buga Kingz to Ozi Battler (The Herd), Mark 'Chopper' Read, Hilltop Hoods and even had a track 'The road is lost', together wit band A Broken Silence played live by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to sold out shows.

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The Black Sorrows

This australian band was very popular about 15 years ago... with their album Harley and Rose. The band's leader, Joe Camilleri, formerly of Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, is a fairly awesome older statesman of Australian music and the two ladies on vocals for the Sorrows, Vika and Linda Bull, wail.

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For Amusement Only

For Amusement Only was an Australian pop punk band from Melbourne, Victoria. They released an EP in 2002, titled Where Did We Go Wrong? and an album in 2003 titled One for the Team. Both were released by Below Par Records. They were influenced by Mest, Jimmy Eat World, Goldfinger and blink-182. Band Members:
Novo - Guitars/Vocals
Tim - Guitars/Vocals
Benno - Bass
Chuckles - Drums

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