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Kate Martin

As the daughter of working jazz musician parents, Kate Martin was always into music. At age 3, she taught herself how to play piano, mimicking the music she heard on TV; theme songs and advertising jingles. After this discovery, she then set about teaching herself any other instrument she could get her hands on and singing everything she heard. At 12, Kate was performing regularly in her father’s band, singing jazz standards in smoky bars.

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The April Maze

April Maze are an Alternative Folk duo. Sivan (aka April) plays cello and sings (at the same time) - her voice is soulful and bluesy. Todd accompanies her on guitars, banjo, vocals and stomp box. Their music is primarily cello, and stomp box driven, coloured with strong vocal harmonies, and occasional samples and loops. Now with over 300 shows, multiple tours, three self-produced EP’s, TV sync on ABC2 and Channel 10, and over 1500 Cd’s sold independently, April Maze are set to release their debut full-length Album (due out in July 2010). Tags: 
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There is more than one artist by this name. 1) Splinta is UK Unsigned artist.
Coming to you from Southside, London; with the lyrical ability to be here today. With Artists in "Splinta's Productions"; Collida & Pilla Pane, He and them presents to you, with the tracks which rock the speakers. As he's still unsigned, he works hard with the rest of the team to produce tracks from southside & north-west (manchester).

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Unpaid Debt

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Unpaid Debt play an energetic rock / punk sound. The band has toured Australia multiple times, played with bands like Lagwagon, The Bouncing Souls, Frenzal Rhomb, Goldfinger, New Found Glory, Guttermouth, Mxpx, Midtown and many more. 'Verity' earned the band the crown of the Sydney 'Unearthed' winners on the national radio station Triple J.

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The Finishing School

What has become The Finishing School today began as a humble acoustic trio in 2001, under the guise of EmcTrio. This soon grew to include a cello and drum kit. Armed with this array of strings and percussion the EmCQuintet began to flirt with audiences all over Adelaide. As the seasons passed things changed, as they do. An electric bass was found, and then later a cello was lost, and various musicians found their way in or out of the band.

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Grassroots Street Orchestra

Grassroots Street Orchestra began as a jam band to fill a set at a small Gold Coast hinterland folk festival in early 2005. In just two rehearsals they formed their unique sound blending Australian hip-hop with live original organic blues, roots, folk-rock and reggae. After a few months wondering what to do with their music they re-formed as a five piece at first then quickly grew to six. With members spread between Brisbane and the Gold Coast they began doing supports for Australian roots music artists such as Carus & The True Believers...

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Chaingang is a group of three dudes and one dudette from Sydney, Australia. We've been making music together for two years and are currently finishing off some new tunes for our debut release coming out later this year. So far, we've played with some amazing bands, met a lot of fabulous people, recorded and played shows in the US, survived a real car crash as well as many metaphorical ones on our rocky road to international super-stardom. The only band all four of us love is Faith No More, but we can only dream of making music that majestic.

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The Killgirls

The Killgirls are a 5 piece dance/rock band from Adelaide, SA consisting of Tony Irish (drums/percussion), Adam Hood (synthesizers), Nick O'Connor (bass/backing vocals), Rusty Hutchinson (guitars/backing vocals) and Mario Spate (vocals/synthesizers). The band formed in 2007 and after a few line up changes, they have been molding their sound and building a loyal fan base.
They have played all of Adelaide’s indie haunts, supported UK International’s...

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