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Fading Hour

Fading Hour is emerging as one of the most promising young bands to hit the Australian music scene. Their sound is dynamic, distinct and lucid, showing influences by everyone from Incubus, Tool, Dredg and Porcupine Tree to likes of Chevelle, Disturbed and The Deftones. Their music is an amalgamation of genres which can best be described as progressive melodic and heavy rock. The Melbourne four piece originally formed back in 2005, when guitarist Peter and drummer Shannon teamed up with Michael on vocals and Jono on bass.

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From the South American shores of Chile emerges MANATARMS carrying the flag of a very particular form of Alternative Rock, were the energy of motion and rhythm itself (due to their Latin inheritance) is completely entwined with the obscurity of dense and soulful moods.
MANATARMS have already established themselves as one of the best rock acts in their home land with major shows alongside TESTAMENT and OPETH, accomplishing a national tour across Chile, coverage in the most relevant radio stations of Argentina and Chile, and special TV appearances.


There is more than one artist with this name:
1) An Australian heavy metal group (1994-present).
2) A U.S. based experimental rock trio (1996-present).
1) Since their inception more than 15 years ago Dreadnaught have established themselves as a cornerstone for Australian heavy rock audiences. The city Dreadnaught call home, Melbourne Australia, has spawned several “next big things” over the last decade.

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The Tea Party

The Tea Party is a Canadian rock band from Windsor, Ontario, with blues, progressive rock and Middle Eastern influences who formed in 1990 and disbanded in October 2005. They reformed in 2011 to play some shows in Canada. They have released seven albums commercially during their time together. Guitarist and vocalist Jeff Martin, who has perfect pitch, was also producer for almost all of their albums.

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There are four different bands called Crucible - one prog rock, one christian rock, one folk and one metal. The first Crucible is a blistering metal band with releases on No Idea records. The band contains vocals by popular illustrator Stenvik Mostrom. Band members were also in Anthem Eighty Eight, As Friends Rust, Assuck, Kumite, Salem, Tired From Now On and White Dove Frisbee Team. The second Crucible has 5 members and the band had it's debut in 1998 with "Tall Tales".

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Tracks by Me currently do not appear to scroble due the name containing square brackets. or Me are a band from Melbourne, Australia, who play theatrical rock with piano and lots of vocal harmonies. Based in Melbourne, the band is currently comprised of Luke Ferris, Damian Tapley, Michael Godde and Mike Rogers.
Being notoriously difficult to Google, their official website can be found at, which also serves as a central location for the MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages. To purchase tracks through iTunes, follow the links below:

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Darth Vegas

Australian avant-garde or experimental band whose music evokes 50s B-grade horror film and deranged circus mayhem, somewhat in the same vein of Mr. Bungle. Darth Vegas is lead by Michael Lira, formally from Vicious Hairy Mary.. Thus far the band has only released one official studio album but still tour locally with a 7-piece-band. Many of the members are currently working on The Tango Saloon on Mike Patton's label.

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Rincon are a 5 piece alternative rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. In March 2008, Rincon released their much anticipated debut album, "Evolution". This is the first full length album to have come out of the Bigger Music Productions workshop with Stuart Biggins at the helm. "Evolution" was mixed by Justin Thomas (USA). "Evolution" has been successfully received throughout both Australia and overseas, gaining various placements with Red Bull Europe/USA, their music featuring on Red Bull Air Race & Motorcross DVD's.

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