Breaking Orbit

Progressive hard-rock band Breaking Orbit formed in Sydney, New South Wales, in August 2005. Known then under the name "Nucleus", the band released two EP's - 2006's "9 Months in Solitary" and 2008's "Circumvolution" - and played hundreds of shows around the country, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with within the Australian independent music scene. After changing their name to "Breaking Orbit" in late 2009...

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Foxy Shazam

Deep in the vast midwest Cincinnati's Foxy Shazam has spent the past year prior to their 2005 independent release (The Flamingo Trigger) writing, recording and carving their groove into the regional music scene with their loud atchable musical nonsense backed up by thier tideflunkty and marzegatie stage show. Foxy Shazam has strived to become a band that can take a non-directional sound and make it directional; utilizing blasphermizized piano and sloppy oof bass and guitar licks to create very organized noise which collides doosledly with a tastefully skewed pop sensibility.

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Fun Machine

Double the fun! 1.Fun Machine is a progressive rock band from New Jersey. They are on BNS Sessions. 2. Under the same moniker are a band of cheeksters from Australia who sweep lewd themes into tasteful funk-munched pop zest. More antics than yo' gran's garage.

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SoulTremor originated in early-2007 as an unnamed, unknown idea brewing in the mind of guitarist / vocalist Matt Graham, who wished to form a metal band with its roots in old-school thrash music, but with a technical and progressive edge that was uncommon in the live scene. He found a kinship in lead guitarist Rohan Macdonald, and together they started honing and crafting the music style that ran deep within them.


There are two known artists sharing the same name. 1. An instrumental progressive group from the United States 2. An underground black metal project from the United States
1. Caverns are an instrumental progressive/math rock trio from Washington D.C. with a prominent piano sound. The line-up consists of Patrick Taylor (piano), Kevin Hillard (guitar) and Ross Hurt (drums). They only have a myspace:

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Adrian - Vocals
Simon - Bass
Jonny - Guitar
Josh - Guitar
Nic - Drums Strong new metalcore band from western Sydney. On the rise very fast and becoming well known for their great live performances. Currently writing their followup to "Hollow Existence", a full-length album called "Discoveries"

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Dali's Angels

Dali's Angels are a young band from the east coast of Australia. They have been together for over three years. The lineup is Luke Costelloe guitar and lead vocals Fletcher Charlton drums and vocals Nick Lee lead guitar and Taylor Molnar bass and vocals. When the Dali's Angels originally formed they were inspired by groups like. The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Radiohead, Talking Heads and their mutual love of tight, narrative / riff driven pop still continues to this day in their own work. Three years on they have aquired their own sound and a unique voice.


There is more than one artist with this name. 1. A 5piece Metal, Rock, Progressive outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Their debut cd 'Prelude' is available now from or Circles are currently unleashing powerful live shows around Australia with plans to hit overseas in 2011 with a full length album. 2. A one man band created by Ryan Dixon of San Diego, CA.

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Driven by a passion for the music that defines them, Amberain have been stunning crowds with their unique brand of modern heavy rock. After working with Sonny Truelove of STL Studios (Before Their Eyes, Sienna Skies, Angelas Dish), their debut EP “Empires” has received phenomenal support with locals, and a variety of online social sources. Their energetic live show has earned them a strong reputation within their local scene with impressive attendance records and a steadily growing fanbase.

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