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Bridezilla are a young band from Sydney, Australia, signed to the Inertia Recordings label. The band has released a self titled EP, a split 7" single with Tren Brothers, and their debut album, titled 'The First Dance', was released on November 7th, 2009. Formed in 2005, the band members: Holiday Sidewinder (lead vocals, guitar), Pia May (guitar), Millie Hall (saxophone, keyboard), Daisy Tulley (violin) and Josh Bush (drums).

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Sunshine State

The band, Sunshine State, is based in Toronto, Canada. They started out more like a therapy session between the band’s core members: James Bryan and Aleza Coldevin. James is already an established artist even before Sunshine State was formed. He is one of Canada's best-respected young guitarists, producers and songwriters, having penned over a dozen top 40 hits for various artists including Nelly Furtado, Fefe Dobson, and Divine Brown. He is also a member of multi platinum bands: The Philosopher Kings and Prozzak.

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Abbie Cardwell

Imagine Bobby Gentry & JJ Cale had a love child and she was adopted by Rickie Lee Jones whilst dating Tom Waits and they all had summer vacations with Ryan Adams & Lucinda Williams......and then you've got somewhere closer to describing Abbie Cardwell's sound! This Aussie Triple J Unearthed winner is one helluva banjo pickn, guitar slingin, harmonica totin chick with the voice of a "homesick angel"

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The Ivys

Based on Sydneys Northern Beaches, 2009 saw the release of their massively fancied debut EP INSIDE OUT and their critically acclaimed national tour with UKs KEANE. 2010 brought some changes to the line up and a regeneration of an already unique sound bringing new songs, new directions and a massive lift in energy. Lead singer and songwriter Luke Hannaford has been working on new material for most of this year, tapping a raw and rich vein of ideas that leaves the band with tough choices about what they should take into the studio.

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Rachael Brady

Described as “sweet and heartfelt”, “inspired and inspiring”, this former Brisbane-ite who now calls The Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) home is joined by long time collaborator and guitarist Nigel Kerr, the two delivering an intimate and diverse collection of acoustic tunes that draw on the best of folk, blues, jazz and contemporary popular music. With a truly remarkable voice and a grab bag of charming songs that range in subject matter from the deeply personal to the reassuringly universal, Brady is, in a world of over-produced commercial music; honest, real, perceptive and engaging.

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Otouto is a Melbourne-based band that is centered on the music of singer and songwriter Hazel Brown . With the help of Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Seagull) on drums/pots and Martha Brown on vocals and keys, the trio's influence lies in salt of the earth folk tradition, the soul music of Motown and Philadelphia and those working at the edges of today's melting pot of pop, folk, electronica and hip-hop.

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