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There are quite some bands with the name Moon: 1. MOON, from Morgantown, West Virginia is a rock band who has been taking their love for punk, pop and 60's garage to new levels for more than 20 years now. The group consists of Mark Poole on guitar and lead vocals, Billy Sheeder on drums, Todd Moser on bass and Clint Sutton on percussion. http://www.thebandmoon.com. 2. Moon is a German band, consisting of Verena Johann (Vocals), Oli Beier (Keyboard and Laptop), Martin Lowis (Guitar and Laptop), Marc Bierbaums (Bass), Gerph Niebur (Drums).

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Nadja refers to at least three different bands: 1- Nadja is a Canadian duo featuring multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist/vocalist Leah Buckareff. Originally formed in 2003 in Toronto, Canada as a Baker solo project, Buckareff joined in 2005 to bring the project out of the studio and into live settings. To date, Nadja has released over 10 full-length albums, in addition to various EPs, splits, and collaborations with such artists as Atavist, Black Boned Angel, Fear Falls Burning, A Storm of Light, OVO, and Pyramids.

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Moonbase Commander

Moonbase Commander is the alias of the 20 year-old electronic producer, Nicholas B. Luke from NSW, Australia. Producing and programming music from 2010, Moonbase Commander is known for his specific blend of electronic style, combining Beats, Hip-Hop, Bass, Footwork, and many other genres. Get a bunch of his beats for free from here: http://moonbasecommander.bandcamp.com/ http://soundcloud.com/mbc

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Jake Perrine (aka Spire) is a composer / producer / dj / performance artist currently resding in seattle washington. He performs dj / live laptop sets, as well as incorporating other media such as theatre, dance, voice and video. As well, Jake is a producer, remixer, masting engineer working with talented musicians to raise the bar on musicality, audio quality and sonic design. Remixing acts such as Sir Mix-a-Lot and Orbit Service, producing tracks with new artists, and mastering for several premiere west coast electronic labels, Spire truly is a Jake-of-all-trades at heart.

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Rev. Kriss Hades

Reverend Kriss Hades is an artist from Sydney, Australia who is proficient at painting, drawing, playing and composing guitar and multimedia. He has had an art show and has played numerous concerts that are bending the norms of what live music and art constitute. If his influences had to be chosen, one would say he stemmed from Black Metal. His live performances usually consist of him standing robed on stage furiously playing improvised guitar over basic backing music which changes with each performance.

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Sunn O)))

Sunn O))) is an American drone metal/experimental band based in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA and formed in 1998. The band’s core members consist of Stephen O’Malley (Khanate, Burning Witch, SARIN, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Lotus Eaters, Ginnungagap, Thorr’s Hammer, Fungal Hex, KTL, Æthenor, Gravetemple) and Greg Anderson (Goatsnake, Thorr’s Hammer, Burning Witch, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Brotherhood, Engine Kid, False Liberty, Burial Chamber Trio, Ascend). The band was formed as a tribute of sorts to Earth, another very heavy band noted as the pioneers of drone metal.

Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker (born 1974) is a musician and writer currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Classically trained in flute, he is self-taught on guitar, drums, and various other instruments. A regular performer in and around Toronto, he has also performed in New York, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, and such festivals as The Om Festival, Mutek, SXSW, and The Distillery Jazz Festival. He has released numerous CDs on independent labels from around the world.

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Betray the Oracle

Betray The Oracle is a solo Funeral Death Doom project which started in Mount Compass, South Australia. Inspired by bands like Shape of Despair, Mournful Congregation and Evoken.
All instruments and vocals are done by "the philosopher" mixing and mastering of the tracks is done by NapalmDave (the main artist of Within the Torn Apart, and single artist of The Mourning Dimension).
Betray the Oracle has made it's first release through Iron Guardian Industries late 2010.

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