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Jack Perry-Brown faked his death in 1980 under his stage name ‘John Bonham’, travelled to Australia and 28 years later joined Matt and Dougy’s quest in search of the sacred ‘jade monkey’, failing this, they recruited Maddii Corey and made a shitty Indie/Noise band.

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The Death Set

The Death Set (also spelled TheDeathSet or The DeathSet) is a music group formed in 2005 in Sydney, Australia by Johnny Siera and Beau Velasco. Six months after its inception the band moved to the East Coast of the United States, spending most of its time in Brooklyn, Baltimore and Philadelphia where the band found an audience for its style of spastic, cross genre punk rock. All members currently live in Brooklyn, where the band is based.

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Funeral Party

Funeral Party is a four-piece band that formed late one night in a park. Hardcore bands and metal bands dominated the local music scene at the time in Whittier, California, an East Los Angeles suburb comprised of mostly working-class enclaves. In the East Los Angeles neighborhoods adjacent to Whittier however, a post-punk dance-craze revival was emerging and Funeral Party began gigging every weekend. The band quickly developed a following and a D.I.Y.

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Neon Love

Neon Love originated from the dark depths of Ballarats sweet ass music community. Over the past two and a half years Neon Love have developed their repertoire of music through adapting different genres of music and various cliche'd teenage life experiences like girls, parties, no doze, cough meds, sneaking out late at night, holding hands, love and lust and all that lame stuff. They have trashed their equipment at various notable snobby private schools and copped a lot of sh*t from a certain w*nker named Toff (apparently a joy division fan, but cant take it when some one convulses on stage).

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The Loose Cannons

From the casino rooftops of Vegas to the New Year’s crowds of the Australian Festivals The Loose Cannons have come a long, long way from their humble beginnings in a bedsit in South London, to being amongst the UK’s most critically, media and industry acclaimed Artists, DJ/Producers and Radio Broadcasters. The Don-Daddas of DJ Duo-dom, Kaiser Saucy & Lord Fader have rocked the party across the world, from the E4 Skins house-party in London, to the Australian Music Awards in Sydney...