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SEEKAE is a three piece experimental electronica outfit formed in Sydney, Australia, by high school friends George Nicholas, John Hassell and Alex Cameron in 2006. Collectively, the band uses a number of instruments including drum machines, synths, samplers, melodicas, guitars, glockenspiels and even spoons. The band's style sifts through ambient electronica and glitchy hip hop, expanding on the sounds of Xela, Boards of Canada and Telefon Tel Aviv, via the pop affability of Hot Chip or Hudson Mohawke.

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Amaya Laucirica

Amaya Laucirica is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter. She has so far released two albums, "Sugar Lights" and "Early Summer". Amaya's band was originally formed in Sydney, Australia and currently consists of members in both Sydney and Melbourne. Effortlessly beautiful and unapologetically abstract, Amaya's music speaks directly to the heart and soul, transcending the ordinary rhythm of the everyday.

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Terminal Sound System

The terminal sound system is electronic & acoustic sound production and found-video resynthesis by s.klein and an army of robots, keeping time for armageddon. The tss lives in melbourne, australia, and loves old jazz, nasty drum'n'bass, epic doom riffs, 90s shoegaze, dogs & science fiction.

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Fourcolor is Keiichi Sugimoto's solo project founded in 1998. Keiichi is one half of the electronica duo Fonica, one quarter of the electro-acoustic group Minamo, and also releases under the alias Filfla. He is the mastermind behind the Tokyo-based label Cubic Music and a producer of soundtracks for the Japanese experimental filmmaker Jun Miyazaki. In his solo project Fourcolor, Keiichi uses computers, field recordings and laptop processed guitars...

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There are at least seven artists/band that go by the name Astro. The first is a 'space-noise' project by Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astromero, Astral Travelling Unity, Senssurround Orchestra, YBO²). Hiroshi's myspace page for Astro can be found here, and his official site containing info on his many different projects here.
The second is a new Korean R&B group formed in early August, 2009, consisting of 1 male vocal, 1 female vocal, and 2 rappers.

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There is at least couple band by Grist name: 1)Grist is a no instruments_ no composition_ project of dark ritual drone ambient, from Australia/
2)Genre: Visual kei/rock GRiST is japanese visula kei rock band. They have just released just on maxi single called "「new born」" 3)Genre: Glam rock/Emo/Punk/light rock Line up:
Marco - Vocals & Guitar
PenPen - Guitar
Jonathan - Bass & Backing Vocals
Xarper - Drums
Sammeli - Keyboard

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Lydia was a three-piece (formerly six) indie rock group from Gilbert, Arizona. Whether expressing the vicissitudes of a romance run off course or finding one's soul deep inside his or her thoughts, Lydia crafts its sound with cadence approach that creates the equal allegiance to thunder and quiet found in Antleman's words, and further solidifies its place as the voice of today's indie rock generation.

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The Downgoing

The Downgoing is an experimental project by Asadullah of Semideus with some post-rock, ambient and new-age tendencies. Tags: 
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