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Double Entendre

Sounding like a pack of untamed gypsies singin', pickin', screamin' and skankin' with flailing limbs to a grinding Balkan barbershop-doof-quartet at a drunken barnyard rasta hoedown, Double Entendre's high-energy trademark style of "GypRock" shakes stirs and blends genres of world music, gypsy jazz and roots into their own intoxicatingly dancy original concoction. With unshakable vibe and a strong, healthy pulse, these vagabonds from WA's alternative capital of Fremantle jam-pack a double-bass, drums...

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The Necks

The Necks are an experimental jazz trio from Sydney, Australia, comprising Chris Abrahams on piano and Hammond organ, Tony Buck on drums and Lloyd Swanton on bass guitar and double bass. The band plays improvisational pieces of up to an hour in length that explore repeating musical figures. As well as jazz, they are strongly influenced by krautrock. Typically a live performance will begin very quietly with one of the musicians playing something very simple. One by one, the other two will join with their own melodies, all three independent yet intertwined.

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Miraq (Tibor Janzsó) was a sole production emerging after Miraque i Myro's release, that was deeper experimental work alone. Please go forward to Miraque i Myro's page for new productions and updates, as this name has been terminated.

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Paul Collins

Paul Collins was a founding member of The Nerves, a legendary underground rock group from 1974-77. (Other legendary rock groups formed in 1974, including Blondie, The Ramones, Radio Birdman and The Dictators). The Nerves were a 3-piece band featuring the talents of Jack Lee, Peter Case (The Plimsouls) and Paul Collins (The Beat). Aside from touring with The Ramones, The Nerves funded their own recordings without a record deal. The Nerves originally recorded the song Hanging On The Telephone, which was leter covered by Deborah Harry and Blondie on the chart topping "Parallel Lines" album.

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Where words fail, music speaks. Imagine flying in the clouds looking at creation from God's point of view. The sun setting, dipping into a beautiful blue ocean, the sky, so blue that it hurts to merely look at it, the image of all creation crying out in adoration of its Creator. instrumental music has the power to conjure such images in the minds of its listeners. Rivertribe combines instruments from around the world to create music that takes listeners on a journey to places only conceived in the imagination. It breaks down walls to go where songs with words can't go.

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Brisbane, Australia. Restream is a producer creating shoegaze lofi post-rock. Though there are ideas from laptop music, glitch and abstract hip hop, this album is about songs, epics more often than not, with a firm focus on harmonies and textures more than the intricacies of beat science. His debut release "Loopsforstereogram" corresponds to a computer artist wringing life out of computers, repeating the improvised, integrating the indie record collection with the electronic.

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Betray the Oracle

Betray The Oracle is a solo Funeral Death Doom project which started in Mount Compass, South Australia. Inspired by bands like Shape of Despair, Mournful Congregation and Evoken.
All instruments and vocals are done by "the philosopher" mixing and mastering of the tracks is done by NapalmDave (the main artist of Within the Torn Apart, and single artist of The Mourning Dimension).
Betray the Oracle has made it's first release through Iron Guardian Industries late 2010.

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Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance is a band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1981 by Brendan Perry (baritone) together with Simon Monroe and Paul Erikson later to be joined by Lisa Gerrard (contralto). They disbanded in 1998, and temporarily reunited to do a highly successful world tour in 2005 with a view to recording another studio album together. In order to concentrate on their solo careers and due to ongoing personal differences between Perry and Gerrard, the project was, however, put on hiatus.

Psychic Date
Psychic Date have an unique canvas of sound somewhere around the Post-Rock genre; anywhere from ethereal psychedelic ambience through passages of fully-cranked speed-jazz-noise-metal-improv of melodic and rhythmic mastery.
Peter Jones- guitar,bass,vocals,keyboard,samples,electronics,percussion.
Hiske Weijers-bass,vocals.

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Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend Project begins where Ziltoid the Omniscient left off, with Devin Townsend at the helm. The project is a planned four-album series. Rather than a specific line-up of musicians, as he utilized in The Devin Townsend Band, and rather than performing the entirety of the music himself, as in Ziltoid the Omniscient, the Devin Townsend Project will feature a number of different musicians for each album.

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