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Zulu Winter
We’re all aware of the term ‘buzz band’, right? It’s something applied to emerging artists who are riding the (usually online) cultural chatter, the ‘band of the moment’ if you will. It’s obviously a horrific title to apply to any new band, as although it suggests excitement among the taste-makers, it’s likely to burn bright, but ultimately burn out as fast as it arrived. It’s temporary. It’s brief. It’s deadly and no bands want their hard work to be labelled as something that’s so instantly due for rapid decline.

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Bridge And Tunnel

There is more than one artist with this name: Bridge and Tunnel (NY) are an LI-based band with ex-members of Slingshot Dakota, Latterman, Regarding, I and a member of Fellow Project. Presently they have two EPs, a split with Young Livers, and a full length (East/West) out on No Idea records, as well as an EP on Yo Yo Records. Bridge and Tunnel (UK) are a London-based pair of electronic musicians specialising in drifting but melodic music, typically heavily laden with weird samples and abused instruments.

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San Salvador

Featuring former members of the retired Sounds Like Chicken, San Salvador combines dry and heavy reggae with rock and roll stretching the boundaries of genre stereotypes. Sure to make you kick on and dance, this live show will prove to groove.

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Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers are an alternative rock band from Blackwood, Wales, formed in 1986. Often referred to as "the Manics", they are James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitars), Nicky Wire (bass, occasional vocals) and Sean Moore (drums, backing vocals, occasional trumpet). The band were originally a quartet: lyricist and rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards mysteriously vanished on 1 February 1995. He was declared presumed deceased in November 2008.

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Cansei de Ser Sexy

Cansei de Ser Sexy (commonly known as CSS) is a band from São Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2003. The band name is Portuguese for “Tired of Being Sexy” (taken from something Beyoncé once commented to the press: “I am tired of being sexy”). The members are: Lovefoxxx (vocals), Adriano Cintra (drums, guitar, vocals and production), Luiza Sá (guitar, drums and keys), Ana Rezende (guitar and harmonica), Iracema Trevisan (bass) and Carolina Parra (guitar and drums).

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Steve Kilbey

Self-described genius and musical megalomaniac, committed blogger at The Time Being and compulsive music-maker. Multi-instrumental arch wit and vegan. His band the Church have survived for almost 30 years (since 1980) in spite of/because of him. A joker, a toker, a midnight sleeper with five incredible daughters in two hemispheres. Handle with extreme caution.

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After a couple of writing sessions together Edward and Michael realised that their strong individual styles blended into a seamless combination of jazz, folk and swing with hints of blues. This heralded the birth of Elbury. Ever since these early writing sessions Elbury has honed their composition skills to create smooth rounded edges to their sound. Through an intricate use of finger picking and harmonies that evoke goose bumps, in songs such as 'Seventh Age'. Many times over Elbury have been thanked by their listeners for the warm state that their wooded acoustic sound brought them to. Tags: 
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The Holidays

The Holidays is the name of more than one group.
(1): A Sydney, Australia based indie rock band, who recently toured nationally in support of Jamie-T and The View.
(2): A power pop band based in Seattle active in the early 90s.
(3): The Holidays were a Detroit group who are remembered for a record, "I'll Love You Forever," (1966) that their members didn't even appear on. Edwin Starr sang lead and J.J.

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Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit is a band from San Diego, California, United States, beginning in 2005. The raw spirit of indie rock. An amplified, rocking version of ’60s protest folk. The soulful passion of the Violent Femmes and the Waterboys. All of these comparisons have been made in attempts to describe Delta Spirit, the southern California five-piece who might just be one of the most important new bands of the decade.

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