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There are at least seven different outfits who are currently recording or have recorded under the name of Cassette. 1. A band from Gainesvilla, Florida, fronted by Samantha Jones. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2005 on Bakery Outlet Records. 2. A South African 5-piece. Their debut album "Welcome Back To Earth" was released in 2007 and their second album "Who Do You Trust" early 2009.

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There are at least 2 bands called Teargas.
1) Hardcore/Crust Punk band from Brisbane, Australia. 2) A melodic rock / glam outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Broke up in 2008.

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There is more than one artist under the name of 'Shinobi'. Shinobi [1]: South African rap artist? Shinobi [2]: A hard rock band from Sydney, Australia. Forged out of family and mateship, the sound is delivered from brothers Eric (vocals/guitar) and Daniel Grothe (bass), Wayne Langfield (drums) and Darren Stapleton (guitar) and whilst the quartet have jammed together for years it was the definitve natural sound they were forging that led to the almost automatic progression of forming a band and playing regular gigs.

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PUCK are a five piece indie-rock band from Hertford/London. Fronted by AmyJay, the band are well known on the unsigned circuit. Releasing their debut EP in May 2007, PUCK have had an amazing response to their music from press and fans alike. With catchy, rockin’ tunes, exceptional talent and energetic, exciting shows, this band has been tipped for sure success. But don’t take their word for it…

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